Lynch, Peterson put on a show as Seahawks top Vikings

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Two of the NFL’s toughest runners dueled in Seattle on Sunday, with the Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch and the Vikings’ Adrian Peterson both making life miserable for the opposing defenses. But only one man’s team could win, and when it was over it was Seattle, powered by Lynch’s big day, that came away on top.

Lynch had 26 carries for 124 yards and a touchdown, plus another two catches for 26 yards, and he was his usual powerful, physically imposing self: Lynch broke tackles, ran people over and generally looked like a beast. He powered the Seahawks to a 30-20 win.

But Peterson had an even better day in defeat: Peterson ran 17 times for 182 yards and two touchdowns, and he also burst into the open for a 74-yard run that showed as clearly as anything he’s done this season that he’s all the way back from the torn ACL that ended his 2011 season.

Unfortunately for Peterson, the Vikings got absolutely nothing from quarterback Christian Ponder, who completed 11 of 22 passes for 63 yards and had a fourth-quarter interception that pretty much sealed Minnesota’s fate. Ponder has shown promise this year, but he laid an egg today in Seattle.

Seahawks rookie quarterback Russell Wilson, however, had a very efficient and effective game, completing 16 of 24 passes for 173 yards with three touchdowns and no interceptions. Wilson continues to show that he’s capable of playing well in big games, something the Seahawks are going to need him to do a lot in the next two months.

Seattle’s win leaves both the Vikings and the Seahawks at 5-4 and smack dab in the middle of the NFC postseason race. With seven games to go, both of these teams will want to ride their running backs toward the playoffs.

62 responses to “Lynch, Peterson put on a show as Seahawks top Vikings

  1. Ponder is not giving this team a fighting chance. He needs to be benched in favor of Webb, and the Vikings are going to have to take a hard look at qb in the off season….again

  2. I am so sick and tired of Christian Ponder now. I tried to defend him his first year and partway through this season, but I can’t any longer. I realize he has almost no one to throw to outside of Percy Harvin, but he misses targets 5 yards in front of him without any pressure in his face. He doesn’t see completely open targets that do come up once in a while. When he does see them he underthrows or overthrows them completely. And his decision making is still terrible, whether he decides to scramble or forcing throws. He has no confidence and we need someone else at the position. Joe Webb is not a NFL starting QB but at least he can do more, and why not give Bethel-Thompson a shot at QB? Why is it so hard for the Vikings to find a QB…

  3. Ponder blows, AP is a monster, Musgrave sucks at playcalling, no WRs can get open, defense looking more like last year every week.

    It’s getting hard to watch, and something must be done at the QB position.

    2 of the last 3 weeks Ponder has thrown for less than 100 yds…really?

  4. There is no way, none, that every eligible WR and TE we have in every passing play can’t get even remotely open.

    If it’s 1st and 10, 2nd and 8, 3rd and etc… Ponder only always looks to dump it off for a 2 yard gain – And even sometimes he can’t throw the ball accurately enough to get a completion!

    The guy is just regressing more and more each week. He really needs to take a seat if the Vikings are serious about winning games this year.


  5. We could of won! But see,you need a player that can play QB,,Ponder is a bust,you Ponder apologists who cry the great qbs took time are clueless,,he is scared and don’t have an ARM! Frazier is an idiot too, needed to put in Webb,,,

  6. Great game by both RB’s. For a rookie QB Russell Wilson is VERY exciting to watch, and actually got some help today from WR Golden Tate for a change.

    Seahawks are STILL UNDEFEATED at home…….GO HAWKS!

  7. I watched a little bit of Joe Webb when the Vikes played the Bears in the season finale, and he looked a LOT better than what I see of Ponder on RedZone. C’mon, Vikes! Sort out your QB situation! Would make things a lot more interesting if the Vikings could also complete in the NFC North.

  8. Once, just once, I’d like to have a great QB locked up for years in my lifetime, on the Vikings. This merry go round of “will he perform down the stretch?” we as fans face every year is just getting to be too much.

    The only way he can redeem himself at this point is to play at the level of the division competition that starts next week, and I just don’t see that happening.

  9. canadianvikingfaniii says: Nov 4, 2012 7:14 PM

    Why is it so hard for the Vikings to find a QB…


    Wow. Consider yourself fortunate you’re not a fan of a team that has actually had long term problems at the position, like Miami or Cleveland. Miami hadn’t had a legitimate QB since before Culpepper even threw a pass for you guys.

  10. Seahawks are STILL UNDEFEATED at home…….GO HAWKS!
    Undefeated only on the stat sheet which I know is the only thing that counts.

    The Packers beat them.

  11. Dont worry Vikes fan, next week the Vikings will be back where they belong, and thats at the bottom of the NFC North.

  12. percy limping and they expect him to save the team? putting all the offense on a.p’s shoulders? pathetic! simpson, devin, rudolph non existent. Musgrave will be fired at season’s end. Ponder looks terrible, he doesn’t even try to run anymore. I wish webb was put in last game at the half just to see what would happen. Defenses have figured ponder out and he doesn’t have a clue. It is a shame to know percy and a.p. will not win a super bowl in mn. sad, sad, sad. Stick a fork in them, they’re done!

  13. Like some of us said last week the Seahawks at home are a whole different monster. I love Lynch and he carries our team and is truly a beast but Peterson was unreal. He gutted our team after Wright got hurt, made everyone look like they were on skates (Even Earl Thomas once) and we’re generally a good tackling team. Golden Tate and Rice have been coming together and Miller has been catching some huge conversions which is good going into the 2nd half of the season. Ponder looked like the rookie and Wilson looked like the vet. Go Hawks.

  14. I happen to remember a bunch of talk about Sidney Rice being washed up because of all the injuries… sure looked good today… maybe he was worth the money we paid him???? LOL!!!

  15. I’m not gonna say cut Ponder, but on a day like today why can’t they go to the bullpen? This idea that the starting QB always has to play the whole game is crap. Ponder was doing nothing. Part of it was his porous offensive line and lousy WR’s, but a change had to be made, if only for just this one game.

  16. beedubyatoo says: Nov 4, 2012 7:37 PM

    Seahawks are STILL UNDEFEATED at home…….GO HAWKS!
    Undefeated only on the stat sheet which I know is the only thing that counts.

    The Packers beat them.


    Not true, if you take away Tate’s TD and the PHANTOM P.I. call on Seattle…..the Hawks were still ahead on points in that game.

    Nice try bud.

  17. 19lions57 says:
    Nov 4, 2012 7:38 PM
    Dont worry Vikes fan, next week the Vikings will be back where they belong, and thats at the bottom of the NFC North.
    Of course you would know what the bottom of the NFC north looks like. Heck, the lions mail is forwarded there.

  18. If I were the GM of the Vikings, I would resort to drastic measures.and trade a couple of first round picks for a proven QB with an upside. That is the only way to reverse the past 25 years of futility at QB, and I would do it before AP’s best years are all wasted. That organization owes him that much

  19. fumblenuts says:
    Nov 4, 2012 7:50 PM
    beedubyatoo says: Nov 4, 2012 7:37 PM

    Seahawks are STILL UNDEFEATED at home…….GO HAWKS!
    Undefeated only on the stat sheet which I know is the only thing that counts.

    The Packers beat them.


    Not true, if you take away Tate’s TD and the PHANTOM P.I. call on Seattle…..the Hawks were still ahead on points in that game.

    Nice try bud.

    Nice try, bud.

    But calls were going both ways. Only one play decided the game, and it was the last one. I’m not complaining, but everyone outside of Seattle knows that the Packers really won that game.

  20. I am just amazed at Ponder’s play. He seems to have regressed from the beginning of the season. His footwork in the pocket is indecisive and he simply seems to panic under pressure. I would be disappointed if I was a Viking’s fan.

  21. Bring in Mcloud Bethel-Thompson. Let’s see what talent he has… Nothing can be worse than Ponder at this point.

  22. 2 weeks in a row the Vikings are the only team in the NFC North to lose. 2 weeks in a row that go perfectly.

  23. How bout you Viking fans just admit that your team isn’t very good? Dont’ take it out on Ponder, get him a legit #1 wr. Joe Webb has a noodle arm, he’s a running back.

  24. I’m a Packer fan but I love tough Norris division matchups. Seeing the Vikings stick with Ponder as he is completely losing games on his own is an embarrassment and insult to the rest of the division. I’m not sure he can even be a backup in the NFL. Yes, it’s only his second year but he looks far worse than five rookies this year and all QBs drafted last year. Trade for Matt Flynn in offseason.

  25. purplengold says:
    Nov 4, 2012 7:48 PM
    we’re done

    You were done before the season started. Maybe you should’ve drafted Russell. Ha.

  26. What I don’t get is that last year, fans of the Vikes were so ready to jettison Donovan McNabb for Ponder and he has YET to play as NEAR as good as McNabb did.


  27. Orhawk….

    Rice didn’t do anything today to make me second guess the vikings not signing him. So what, he had a couple of catches and a touchdown because he was wide open. It we a very average performance. Not worth the money he was paid.

    Are you going to tell me Tavares Jackson was a good sign too?

  28. Unfortunately I think Ponder may have had the best game of his life on a sleeping 49ers team and it wasn’t exactly Favre-esque. AP tore it up though.

  29. The Vikes are moving up the draft board…..separating ourselves from the pack…..playing Chi, GB twice (four losses) and the Cryons of Detroit…..Houston…..all I look forward to is the draft. Someday the Wilfs will understand you need a coaching staff that knows what they’re doing.If they don’t get into the Sean Payton sweepstakes at seasons end I know they really aren’t serious about titles!

  30. I blame the coaching. You cant have a run game that good and a pass game that bad and not have it obvious to somebody (Besides the fans). Its because they cant think through.

  31. @glenne81 says:

    You hit the nail right on the head. The best play action in football (AP) and your coordinator can’t get receivers open all over the field. When Ponder finally does get a man open he panics. It’s all on Musgrave!

  32. It’s just going to get worse Minnesota. Vikings won’t win another game this season, Packers won’t lose another game this season while going on to win another Super Bowl. And on Tuesday, all the elected officials who voted for the Stadium will be voted out & that Stadium bill will be repealed in the next Legislative Session forcing the team to move to Los Angeles.

  33. The difference lately is we lost a starting corner, Ponder lost his confidence, and teams figured out you just need to take out Harvin and we can’t throw. On defense the Vikings don’t have lane discipline and can’t get off blocks up front. Get ahead of MN and its game over. This team clearly needs another stud corner, 2 better LBers, and an NFL QB!

  34. McNabb wasn’t his best with the Vikings, honestly he was just average yet at the end of the day people were using that as an excuse to sweep Musgrave’s play calling under the rug. One QB who is playing basically game manager, isn’t the reason you go 21 up first half, then lose. Deciding you’re going to go pass happy with a lead, when you got the lead by running the ball..has you lose like that.

    In short there’s nothing to hide Musgrave’s poor play calling now.

  35. Vikes passing woes are getting very hard to watch. Can’t imagine what it would look like without the threat of Peterson running. Ponder will be locked in as starter for a few more years unless hurt. Last 7 games Musgrave will be on hot seat to get short passing game back or he will be replaced. Re-sign Percy, Simpson. Dump the chaff. Burn the #1 pick on the best available WR. Sign a WR in Free Agency, and for the love of our God, suit up and give Jarius Wright some game experience. Like it’s going to hurt? Draft the biggest DT available in the 2nd, or sign one. Rebuilding takes time. Love those Packer trolls…

  36. People forgwt that the Vikings had their worst season in franchise history last year and that Ponder is essentially a rookie this year, having had no offseason or contact with coaches prior to the start of last year. The team has talent, lots of young talent, but they lack a legit number one WR and the ones they have (with the exception of Harvin) don’t get seperation, forcing Ponder to have to thread the needle with every pass. Vikings fans seem to expect him to play like Tom Brady or Peyton Manning ir Aaron Rogers, but the reality is yhis is his first full season, and those other QB’s have a lot more experience and a lot more talent surrounding them. He needs more time before anyone will know for aure how good or bad he is.

  37. everyones pissed about the vikings not cause what we expected this year before the year started, its the fact that if we could throw for 120 yds we could have won 2 more games! thats not a lot to ask of your QB. thats not expecting your QB to be Tom Brady or Aaron rodgers. pull your head out of your ass if you think otherwise.

  38. To Vikes fans.. Matt Flynn is available, for the right price 😉

    PS- I sat next to two very classy Vikes fans, who had been to triple digit games consecutively (now that is loyalty and patience). As long as it’s not at the Hawks’ expense, I wish you guys and AP the best this season and on!

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