Mike Shanahan: Rest of this season to “evaluate players”

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Given that Redskins coach Mike Shanahan called it a “must-win,” earlier in the week, the fact his team lost to the Panthers will cause much consternation over a long bye week.

It will also bring an eye toward 2013 and beyond.

Shanahan admitted in his post-game press conference that the Redskins’ goals are in the future, not this season.

“Now you’re playing to see who obviously is going to be on your football team for years to come,” Shanahan said, via the Washington Post. “Now we get a chance to evaluate players and see where we’re at.

“Obviously, we’re not out of it statistically, but now we find out what type of character we’ve got and how guys keep on fighting through the rest of the season.”

Of course, it might also be time to evaluate the coaching too. Shanahan’s a disappointing 14-27 in his third year in charge, a .341 winning percentage that’s lower than the ridiculous Jim Zorn and Steve Spurrier eras (both 12-20, .375).

The fact they just drafted a franchise quarterback probably means Shanahan will have time to continue to work with Robert Griffin III, and his track record indicates that he probably should.

But he works for Daniel Snyder, who hasn’t demonstrated himself to be dedicated to planning for the future.

47 responses to “Mike Shanahan: Rest of this season to “evaluate players”

  1. Shanahan absolutely needs a GM who can take over personell decisions and work synergisticly with Coach Teflon instead of letting him perform all his own personell stunts.

    He knows enough to get teams on the cusp, but doesn’t have what it takes to get over the edge.

  2. So a third year of being out of it early, & getting into “evaluating players” mode. Most coaches wouldn’t get a 4th year in this circumstance.

  3. How do you expect to win when you don’t run the ball once in the 4th quarter? When you barely run the ball in the third despite having a quite capable RB in Morris? You need to take pressure off RGIII.

  4. Firing Shanahan would be a terrible decision. Their offense is perfect for RG3. Match made in heaven.

    Defense, mainly the secondary needs an overhaul. Major overhaul.

  5. It can’t get much worse on D and has gotten gradually worse from year to year since the 3-4 was installed. There’s nothing to lose by cutting Jim Haslett loose and nothing to gain by keeping him. Fire Haslett NOW!!

  6. I think..since that seems to be the theme of this thread… Consistency is what the Redskins have lacked over the years. The last thing RG3 needs is a new coach and off. cordinator every year (A. Smith). Not a huge fan of ratface, but inconsistency would be detrimental to your hopeful franchise guy. Can’t win in NFL today without one.

  7. That’s the worst excuse a coach can give to his boss. It’s now or never Shanahan. Getting your ass fired will happen this season and you might not be in Redskins future.

  8. They just don’t have the players. This has been an on going occurrence for 17 years. They are ungodly slow. You build with the draft acquiring multiple picks in multiple drafts. Maybe, this will start to happen in 2015.

  9. I am a Fletcher supporter but he is losing a step. D. Hall did ok today but Josh Wilson??? He is TERRIBLE !!!! I like Kerigan but he does not dominate one on one like Orackpo. Jenkins is just not the same as he was before the injury. Defense is a mess. Without Garcon and especially Davis RG3 passes will continue to be dropped. Kyle Shannahan calls the same plays out of the same packages. Nothing is ever disguised. He is the worst….HTTR

  10. too bad the skins top 5 pick next draft will go to the rams, and 2014 , cause each year will be a top 5 pick, skins n rg3 are gar-bage

  11. Unless Shanahan evaluates Jim Haslett and his defense, we aren’t going anywhere. I am not even angered by a blunder by the secondary any more.

  12. You don’t need any more time nor games to determine that pretty much everything regarding the defense needs to be replaced. Coaches and players. From line to linebackers to secondary. We can’t scheme, get pressure, cover tight ends or receivers, stay on our feet, or refrain from taking horrendous penalties.

  13. Where do I start? Firstly, the secondary always gets burned. Secondly, there is hardly an effective pass rush! So why use the 3-4 scheme? Well as far as I know it was created to generate more “turn overs.” That do not seen to be working furthermore, we do not have the personnel for that. Okay, common sense would dictate that if one scheme is not working, why not try another type of defense, hence the 4-3. Correct me if I am wrong, but pre –Haslett we ran that defense with efficiency and we were numbered in the top ten defenses in the NFL. So why not try the 4-3 with what we have until we get what we need? (the return of our key players) It’s like trying the same old thing over and over again and expects a different result. So what if 4-3 does not work? What do we have to lose now? The season as almost done for us with today’s loss. What about our offensive line? That’s another story, either we allow the QB to get sacked or we create costly
    penalties at the most inopportune times. So I guess the rest of the season can be dedicated to experimenting with what we can use for next year that might work for us.

  14. This team is at least another two years away from being a contender… They need to completely overhaul their secondary (corners and safeties) as well as get some receivers who don’t actually drop the ball… If RG3 had the offense of Tampa Bay, with Mike Williams and Vincent Jackson, every bomb he threw up might actually get caught instead of dropped… This is not a coaching issue as much as it is a personnel issue… Trading up for RG3 was the right move, but it will take a few years to get the other pieces they really need

  15. wait I thought Griffin was your savior skins fans? and you were going to the playoffs and even superbowl this year? where’s everybody that was ripping on the Colts for taking Luck after week one? (crickets) That’s what I thought. Luck>Griffin and always will be.

  16. No reason to panic. RGIII is solid as are several OL players. Losing our #1 wideout and TE has been greatly noticed. Biggest needs on offense:

    Pass blocking RT and a back up running back.

    On defense the front seven are actually pretty good against the run. Need pass rushers and there should be wholsale changes to be DB’s.

    There will be money to spend and considering that there are there are about 12 – 15 players on the current roster that, if gone, would not be noticed. Several making very good money.

  17. I just do not get the fascination with Shanahan. The man has really won squat without Elway who has been retired now for what-almost 15 years?

    Must be nice to get paid millions to win one of every three games and still have a job. Most coaches get one year to build the foundation and have to show marked improvement in the second year. This is now the third year of “evaluating” and between being now hurting for draft picks and hamstrung by the NFL cutting their salary cap going to be hard to add key players for a while.

  18. Lack of defensive depth has sunk their season. Free agency and sharp mid-to-late round drafting is going to be key to the Redskins returning to the playoffs next season.

    Smart free agency. Not throwing money at the biggest names necessarily, but finding guys that fit the scheme.

  19. Given that Shanahan has earned $7 million a year, has coached for two and a half years and has totalled 14 wins, this means Shanny has earned $1.25 million per win. Not exactly money well spent.

  20. He should be fired too. Why can new coaches go into Indy, Miami, St. Louis, etc. and have success immediately but now, three years later, with a franchise QB, we still suck as bad as we did under Zorn. I have been a Shannahan supporter but now, when you can’t even get the team up for what you called a “must win”, maybe you have lost the team….maybe you don’t know what it takes to win anymore. Let RG3 learn from a coach who is hungry to win rather than one who is hungry to collect his $7 million.

  21. He at least needs to fire haslett during the bye week and promote morris to DC. He can’t be nearly as bad as haslett has been!

  22. too bad the skins sold their souls to get IRG3, cause u will still be and always be in the nfc basement

  23. How about evaluating the coach’s end game strategy? He used a TO inside the 5 saving roughly 10 seconds or so, that makes no sense. If they get the onside kick they will have another similar play to save that amount, but without the onside kick they save a full playclock. They had NOTHING possible to gain by using a TO with possession of the ball and very likely something to gain by waiting.

    Although most teams haven’t figured out the optimal way to manage TOs at the end of a half, even though it’s very simple to never make a mistake. Where’s the strategy manager at?

  24. Nobody ripped the colts for taking Luck. It was Colts fans who for some reason dissed RGIII. For what reason I don’t know why. Does no one remember all the Akili Smith 2.0, RGLeaf, comments that still persist?

  25. Peyton’s neck. Go troll your own stories you loser ik you went to a skins game and got humiliated by a fan but you gotta get over it lil buddy!

  26. the redskins … live on the sunset strip ….
    we should have our own comedy special …
    we are truly a joke …
    well theres alwayz next season .. or wait the season after that .. no draft picks… and -18 mil in the whole on salary cap money ..

    I’ll alwayz be a skins fan .. just going in remission for a few seasons.. no sense int tormenting myself ..
    and scene

  27. Regarding the Redskins defense.. their defensive backfield is not good but not even the best defensive backfield in the league can play decent defense when there’s no pressure on the QB. The secondary would be better if the DL could pressure the opposing QB.

  28. Defense is the problem, and injuries. When your starting safties haven’t played a game its bad. Plus Orakpo takes any pressure on opposing qbs away and then on offense your top wr and te go out. The offense has shown greatness, and with time together and maturing it can be great. But the D, mainly the secondary needs an overhaul. I don’t see anybody getting fired off the coaching staff, and I don’t think they should fire anyone. Also they had 18 mill less to spend in free agency, so we will never know where the Skins would be if that hadn’t happened. Maybe Carr as a cb, or maybe RG3 throwing to Vincent Jackson? They draft defense and get some free agents and get healthy and the Redskins can be a really good team.

  29. Hey guys don’t pick on peytonsneck18. I am a Colts fan and I just wanted people to know that he can’t help it when he spews hatred. When he doesn’t take his meds like he his supposed to, he becomes unbearable in school. My advise is to ignore him and maybe he will find something useful to do when he gets out of 8th grade.

  30. Shanny is 105 and 95 with only 4 playoff appearances and 1 playoff win in 13 seasons since Elway retired.

    So who exactly was the reason for those BroncoSBs again?

    This guy is a putz. Almost no coach, outside of Jeff Fisher, gets that many chances to prove how mediocre he really is.

  31. Sticking with with my team, but fans deserve better than this from a head coach. Need to evaluate staff as well, including your son.

    Shanahan hasn’t done very much to separate himself from any of the previous HC’s over the past 20 years (includes Gibbs 2.0)

    Really hope to see some defensive and o-line upgrades. Would say if the Redskins are in a similar position this time next year, it may be time to assess an upgrade at HC.

  32. Need to stay the course. And the last two Super Bowl winners were 9 an 7 going into postseason so idk about the whole givin up thing Highly highly unlikely but still don’t just quit the fans drive your paycheck don’t alienate them

  33. No reason to get hysterical. We knew the team was thin on both sides of the ball. On offense, nobody thought we’d be counting on Josh Morgan and Logan Paulsen as our #1 and #2 receiving threats at this point, but here we are. On D, nobody thought we’d lose our best player (Rak) in week 2, that our secondary still wouldn’t be healthy or together by week 9 and that Fletch would so clearly lose a step (sorry, I love the guy, but if you deny it you aren’t watching closely). I’m not making excuses, just pointing out the obvious. This team was mismanaged for 7 years by the Snyder-Cerrato duo and it’s going to be another 5 before we have the depth to withstand serious injuries and challenge on a consistent basis. I have no love for the Shanahaclan, in fact, I think jr is out of his league, but I think they (with Allen) are as good as anyone at rebuilding a broken team.

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