No Romo talks are occurring


During Sunday night’s interview with NBC’s Bob Costas, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones gave a vague and confusing answer regarding the status of talks with quarterback Tony Romo.

Asked whether Jones intends to ensure that Romo will be the quarterback of the Cowboys for the duration of his career, even though his contract expires after the 2013 season, Jones said, “Now [are] we negotiating for him right now?  I probably have let the cat out of the bag, but that’s — I know that I haven’t. But yes, I do.”

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram recently has reported that talks have started.  A source close to Romo tells PFT that’s not the case.

“No talks have been happening,” the source said, adding that there were casual talks before the season but nothing lately.

Earlier this year, reports emerged of possible talks between the Cowboys and Romo.  We reported that Romo wasn’t interested at this point, and Jones eventually admitted that the negotiations had been tabled.

Despite Jones’ vague comments, it’s our understanding that they remain tabled.

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  1. This team will have already given up on this guy if they had successfully found a legitimate heir-apparent. Romo is essentially another McNabb that will give you good numbers on a consistent basis while never giving you a ring.

    Sound appealing to you?

  2. Of course not, why sould they? In this DISASTROUS 2012 season, this is the smartest thing Cowboy management has done.

  3. Romo will be back with the Cowboys with little to no drama involved. Face it, large majority of teams already have “their guy” or will be drafting him this coming April as there are going to be a few perceived “high grade” QB’s coming out this year.

    For a guy on the wrong side of 30, he will find his options limited. How many teams would be willing to bet their future for the next 4 years on someone who is that age and named Tony Romo? Peyton Manning he is not as a large percentage of Romo’s “game” is escaping a little bit of pocket pressure and trying to make a play and not dissecting defenses like they were a frog in biology class.

    Only way I could see anything happening is if the Cowboys packaged Romo in some package to trade up in the draft for one of the top QB’s as they will most likely be slotted in the middle of the draft anyway (like always it seems). The Cowboys could then concievably start Orton for a few games while the rookie was getting up to speed if needed, but anymore the top rookie QB’s are stepping in immediately.

  4. I dont want to hear anything else about the cowboys cornerbacks when one of our recievers has 129 yrds & the othe 118. see what happens when you go up against real recievers? carr & claiborne are overrated!!!

  5. I’m not sure which Jerrah I prefer–the one who’s vague and confusing, or the one who’s definite and almost always wrong.

  6. As an Eagles fan, I totally get the McNabb comparison. But at least McNabb made 5 championship games and 1 Super Bowl. With that being said, I think Jones should give Romo a 6 or 7 year deal.

  7. Cowboy’s let this one get away, 100% failure to execute a consistent offense…. with FULL CAPABILITY to do so.

    The decimated D kept them in the game.

    And… the coaching is in almost impossible spot.

    Aren’t running great… and putting the ball in Romo’s hands is like Russian Roulette.

    Brain dead drops… horrible offensive calls… it’s time to change things up in a major way… oh wait… they’ve been doing that constantly for 24 years.

  8. I was there last night and Romo wasn’t the problem. Their OL is really leaky. He couldn’t get anyone open until he had to direct Ogletree to the side so he could zip that TD pass in there. Romo made some throws that were in impossible spots, had a couple drops (Witten had a bad one early) and don’t forget, they’re without their #1 RB. Dez was gimpy, forever trying to loosen up on the sideline.

    Cowboys D? They got tired of tackling Michael Turner. It got old watching him plow into the line for anywhere from -2 to 4 yards in the first half, but it was a good plan–wore the Cowboys down. Popped a couple long throws to 11/84 and those were the difference.

  9. I think that I speak for all giants fan when I say !!!!! PAY DA MAN!!! Please Jerry do the right thing here and please don’t demote yourself as GM while your at it …

  10. Romo has had his chances, time and time again, to show that he can be a leader, a field general. The last few seasons, if you pay attention to the games, every and I mean EVERY time he throws a pick or gets sacked an fumbles the ball, it’s always someone else’s fault, acting like he’s infallible. Whatever talent or semblance of talent he had is gone for good.

    I still don’t understand why Dallas let Stephen McGee go, while keeping yet another old and beat up back-up in Orton. Look at McGee’s numbers, not just in the preseason but in the few games he was called on to play. Yeah, he needs some work, but so does every other QB who only gets to play in the preseason his first few years. With the new emphasis on mobile QBs in the NFL, a guy who is 6’2″ and 225lbs that runs a 4.6 forty is nothing to pass on. Yet the eternal idiocy of Jones and his joke of a staff continually let players go that could have made a significant contribution to the team.

    Romo’s only consistent talent is to play ‘just well enough’ so Dallas wins just enough games to get NO decent draft picks, year after year. Romo isn’t worth the money, IMO wasn’t worth the money they gave him last time. Package him up somehow to get some decent draft picks. And sign McGee!

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