Panthers get early lead behind DeAngelo Williams


DeAngelo Williams was not traded last week, and now he’s a part of things again.

Even after being demoted behind Jonathan Stewart, Williams is still contributing. He just ran for a 30-yard touchdown, as the Panthers took a 7-3 lead in the first over the Redskins.

He got around the corner and streaked untouched to the end zone, showing the kind of big-play ability he still has.

The Panthers took calls, and would have moved him if they got the right offer. They didn’t, and are now glad to have him.

If the Panthers coaches are smart, they’ll continue to lean on both backs, as they represent the best chance at any consistent movement. That has not been a consistent approach this season, however.

9 responses to “Panthers get early lead behind DeAngelo Williams

  1. One of the most unbelievable calls I’ve ever seen in a football game. The line judge CLEARLY blows his whistle (can see and hear it on replay), indicating Williams stepped out of bounds.

    Perry Riley lets up after the whistle, believing he stepped out of bounds as the refs blow it dead.

    Refs then convene and change the call. How the hell is that remotely kosher? What a farce.

  2. Also if these were replacement refs there would have been a post that focused on the rules change, not the trade availability of a low 2nd tier rb

  3. This should’ve never been a touchdown. Once a play is blown dead, the play is dead.

    Then again, there have been alot of really interesting calls this game against the Redskins.

    This crew is as bad as the replacements ever were.

  4. Not sure why the sensors didn’t allow my previous post but see rule #7 section 2 part N. The officials clearly changed the rules on the fly and that TD should not have counted. The ball should have been placed at the spot when the whistle blew. Period.

  5. Pass interference call and the London Fletcher blow to the head too! Just imaginary. Man I was a huge detractor of the replacement refs, but if one is a conspiracy theorist this game is for you.

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