Panthers snap five-game losing streak, beat Redskins 21-13

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Most of the name players the Panthers have left are on offense.

But it was their defense that helped them snap a five-game losing streak, impressively shutting down Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III in a 21-13 road win.

The Panthers held the Redskins to a pair of field goals for the first 58 minutes, and played exceptional red zone defense to get their first win in Washington in franchise history. They also recorded four sacks, keeping RG3 in front of them effectively.

Cam Newton led a pair of 90-plus yard touchdown drives, with the big play an 82-yard pass to Armanti Edwards which set up Newton’s touchdown run. He also found Steve Smith for the veteran wideout’s first touchdown of the year, and the Panthers got a 30-yard touchdown run from DeAngelo Williams.

The loss drops the Redskins to 3-6 heading into their bye, and raises serious questions about their ability to help RG3. They were playing without a full deck, and the receivers out there dropped a number of passes.

Their defense also gave up plays downfield to a team that hadn’t made many, leaving a lot of questions to be answered in the next two weeks.

The Redskins talked about this being a must-win, and they didn’t.

16 responses to “Panthers snap five-game losing streak, beat Redskins 21-13

  1. The Panthers played well, they had alot of help from the refs.

    Then the Redskins imploded with drops, allowing of long plays, dropping passes, and players not knowing the game situation.

    I feel sorry for Griffin, he is playing well but not getting help.

  2. At the end of the day Washington is once again heading toward another double digit loss season. The defense is a disgrace.

  3. I loved how Thomas Davis rocked RGIII and sent him flying. It was a legal hit that was flagged by the officials.

  4. mancave001 says: Nov 4, 2012 4:29 PM

    Redskins lose on Sunday before election, so does incumbent President. Look it up. Bye Obama!

    Don’t hold your breathe on that, the Redskins had three TD that got called back. But anyway this is Football not politics !!!!

  5. The price they paid for Griffin grows by the loss as well. As it sits, it looks like a safe bet to be another top 10 pick. Enormous price. He has already cost the Skins more in draft chart value than either Luck or Newton cost their respective teams, with more to pay down the road.

  6. as the season wears on, the Skins continue to suffer on defense… but RG3 didn’t manage to put up the points…

    everyone that was squawking that RG3 is the best thing since sliced bread should take a step back and look around… cause Luck is smoking him….

  7. I don’t usually read posts related to the Redskins. But, reading this, man there are some delusional Washington fans out there.

  8. I was critical of the Panthers D coming into the year, but our front 7, especially the d line, have been playing lights out the past few weeks. While yes, they do make bone head plays (a little too much for my liking), I admire the effort and passion the line plays with. Hope they keep up the hard work moving forward.

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