Payton “absolutely plans” on staying with Saints


Amid a report that Saints coach Sean Payton could/will be a free agent after the season, Payton has spoken.

Via Jay Glazer of FOX, Payton says he “absolutely plans” on returning to the Saints in 2013, despite his contractual status.

Of course, the key word is “plans.”  Plans have a way of changing, especially if the Saints don’t offer Payton what he thinks he’s worth — and if Payton decides to let the market set his value.

In the end, that’s what this could be all about:  Leverage.  If Payton can walk away, he can get more money to stay.  Especially since the team is 2-5 without him.

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  1. Via Jay Glazer of Fox, Payton has tattooted “SAINTS FOR LIFE” on his upper buttocks, despite his contratual status.

    Of course, they key here is that tattoos can be removed by laser. And let’s not forget LaDanian Tomlinson’s Jets tattoo added to his chargers tattoo. Basically, what we’re saying is, there is nothing he could say/do to prevent us from making this relative nonstory into a story.

  2. Say what you want, this guy is a Top 5 Head Coach in the NFL.

    Tom Benson has the money to keep Payton happy.

    He stays in New Orleans.

  3. Its not about money. The Saints can match or beat any offer, but it may not be enough. Jerry Jones and Payton are friends. Payton’s ex and his kids live in Dallas. He owns a home in Dallas. Before Brees was available, Payton went after Romo, which means he thinks he can win with him. After all the bounty crap & having already won a SB with the Saints, he may perceive it as a “fresh start”. This is about being closer to his family and coaching for a high profile organization.

    My bets have been Payton to Dallas for months. But Goodell has made it easier. I’d be more shocked if he stayed in New Orleans. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. And the feint rise of smoke has been happening all off season.

  4. If Goodell can deem Payton’s contract invalid a year after it was signed, the NFLPA can deem the CBA invalid after it was signed and demand a new commish. The new commish can then deem Goodell’s contract extension invalid and make Goodell a free agent.

  5. Btw, I don’t want this to happen, but to all my Saints bros & sisters, don’t be blind-sided. Just pray our top brass sees this ahead of time and has the right proposal, or a great short-list ready.

  6. Sean Payton would have rocks in his head to want to work for Jerry Jones. How much more is it worth to win in New Orleans than to put up with a delusional, meddling, distraction of an owner in Jerry Jones?

  7. This comment box isn’t big enough to fit the number of reasons Payton isn’t going anywhere.

  8. “4thqtrsaint” is right in my opinion.

    I’ve been saying for many months on this very site that Payton will be the next head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, and I always get tons of “thumbs down.” But I’m not changing my opinion. When he “moved” to Dallas the writing was on the wall. He has such self-confidence ( winning a SB can do that for a guy ) that he believes he can turn Romo into Brees and Jones into Kraft.

    The golden era of Saints football is over, sad to say.

  9. Tony Romo or Drew Brees? A front office that leaves him alone and lets him run things his way or some dried up, moldy egomaniac who has, in the past, required the HC to submit the playbook for his approval? A fan base that has rabidly supported him throughout this ordeal, or a fan base that shows up to be seen at the game?

    If he does go to Dallas, I’m not sure I’d watch much NFL anymore. I know it’s a business, but it’s a business that peddles passion. Don’t do that and then break people’s hearts.

  10. Dont get me wrong bro, I like you have great respect for him and what he has done for that organization…We will see at year end though. There will be major decisions to be made and even tho the fans love and support him, it will be up to him to decide if he wants a fresh start or rebuild with the pressures of the bolder he will have to carry of the scandal.. I believe a fresh start will be the latter road je will take as well as a great potential qb and a 100 million dollar stadium and huge contract can change all..just saying….

  11. If Payton leaves New Orleans (which I doubt) and the Saints start to suck again, will you fans bring back the paper bags?

  12. i believe payton’s passion for new orleans is as great as the city has for him. he doesnt seem to have an ago requiring him to have the biggest or best of life. i just dont see him leaving before having the opportunity to turn the ship around .

  13. if he says he plans to stay i belive him. he hasnt shown any previous romney-like qualities .

  14. Leverage? He’s been suspended for the year (!) and the mess they’re in can ultimately be blamed on him. He should get his job back but if tries to squeeze them for more money shame on him.

  15. Again, I truly hope I’m wrong… I’d love for him to spend the next 20 years coaching the Saints. But no coach stays forever. The situation is right.

    As far as thinking the “mettlesome owner” theory… Well, Payton most likely will garner the same kind of leeway Parcells got. The reason being that he’s a Parcell’s guy and a proven winner. And the truth is, Payton could squeeze more out of that Dallas team than anyone. If it happens, their window gets wide open.

    I know Saints fans are probably mad at me, but I’m just being realistic. As fans, we sometimes don’t understand how players and coaches can turn their back on our teams. That goes for every franchise. Truth is, its a job, its an opportunity. Players and coaches will never show the loyalty that fans do. It just doesn’t work that way.

  16. Let’s get the story straight, Payton used to work for the cowboys and still left, he is at home with Brees. Do you really think he will leave Brees for Romo, come on please

  17. What I’d like to know how can Goodell void a contract that was only in it’s first of seven years? For what reason? He suspends him for a year, takes him away from the team and fans, and now he’s got the power to give him his walking papers? This commish has got to go, and the league has to make some changes with regards to the power bestowed on the commissioner…

  18. Payton left the Cowboys to be head coach while Parcells was still there. Payton also wanted the Green Bay job more than the New Orleans job. He has said so himself.

    You people can bury your head in the sand on this, but until Payton actually signs an extension with the Saints, it is a very real possibilty. And I hate it as much as anybody.

  19. If you don’t believe this guy will walk away from the Saints if someone else offers him more money you’re just fooling yourself. Payton is a great coach but thinks he’s a rock star and is as arrogant as they come. And if the whole bounty deal taught you anything it’s that the last thing he is is honorable.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Jerry Jones tries to lure him and back and offers him a pile of money.

  20. Its a win now league and the saints have the personnel to “win now” (build by sean and Mickey) when SP returns. He has record setting offensive talent and the defensive coordinator that Sean wants. The only missing piece of the puzzle is Payton himself. Once he returns to the team the saints are an instant Super Bowl contender by way of SPs play calling and his high expectations of coach spags. He’d be a fool to leave and rebuild from the ground up and you’d be one too to think he would leave

  21. As a Saints fan, I hope Sean Payton stays, but if we can get Nick Saban from Alabama~who knows how to coach DEFENSE~I’d go for the change.

    With the current offense, and Saban’s discipline, leadership and a new D~that learns how to tackle, that could be bad news for the NFL!

    Saban wanted Drew Brees in Miami, but the Dolphins’s ownership chose Daunte Culpepper. Keep an eye on that situation~whether Saban wins the NCAA championship again or not. Let’s geaux Saints! Earn your pay!

  22. Of course, Payton will stay in the Big Easy. In “Nawlins” he has complete authority and control. In Dallas, he would have the Grand Meddler (Jerry) looking over his shoulder constantly. Who would you rather coach and lead you to another Super Bowl, Brees or Romo? Ha. That should be a no-brainer for anyone! Geaux Payton! Geaux Saints!

  23. Well, if he does leave it’s been great!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Cowboys would be getting a great coach. But, I promise you the sun will rise either way it goes. But, SP might want to remember who he’ll be working for Jimmy Johnson was suppose to be Jerry Jones friend and look what happen at the end of that marriage

  24. 4thqtrsaint or should I say 4thqtrcowboy, you aren’t fooling anybody. Your reasoning and speculation is flawed. Nobody in their right mind trades a record breaking QB in Brees for the likes of Tony Romo. It doesn’t matter what he THOUGHT he saw in Romo years ago, Romo never became THAT QB and not even Payton can help that. He left Dallas for a reason. You really think he’s going back to Dallas and getting the Parcells treatment? Absolutely not. Not only would Jones not give him that treatment given the problems Payton is having with the NFL, but he’s gotten a few strong allies in Mickey Loomis and Tom Benson. He isn’t going anywhere and Jones himself said this is the first he’s heard of these rumors. Grow up.

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