Saints insist Sean Payton will be back in 2013


ESPN’s Adam Schefter arguably had the Sunday pregame car wash story of the year today, reporting that Saints coach Sean Payton’s contract extension, signed in September 2011, was rejected by the league office at some point within the past year.

Schefter also reported that Payton will become a free agent in 2013, notwithstanding the possibility that the last year of Payton’s contract (i.e., this year) arguably has tolled due to his suspension.

Regardless of the contractual niceties, a league source tells PFT that the Saints are adamant that Payton will return as the head coach in 2013, after Payton’s suspension ends.

Whether that happens because Payton’s current contract tolls or his new contract is tweaked and approved or a separate new contract is negotiated or he becomes a free agent and re-signs while on the market, the Saints believe he will be back when his suspension ends.