Sproles may only miss one game


On Saturday, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported that Saints running back Darren Sproles could miss 4-6 weeks with a broken hand.

On Sunday, Mort added that team sources say Sproles could miss only one game.

We’ve confirmed the latter.  Indeed, as one team source explained it, Sproles laughed at the report that he could miss six weeks.  The Saints, we’re told, will be shocked if Sproles doesn’t play in the next week or so.

The only thing we know for sure is that he’s not playing Monday night.  Based on interim coach Joe Vitt’s comments from Saturday, don’t expect Vitt to say anything more than what the injury report requires as Week 10 approaches.

8 responses to “Sproles may only miss one game

  1. I agree that they might as well give up and rest for next year. But this story directly refutes the previous story which stated that Vitt was being evasive about the status of Sproles… # journalism

  2. saints* fans believe that Goodell paid someone from the broncos to break Sproles hand, LOL ….it would be utter stupidity for the saints* to rush Sproles back but history has proven that stupid is as stupid does when it comes to the saints*.

  3. Sproles could use the rest time also.
    Seeing how fired up Mark Ingram was on that ‘Bama sideline last night should carry over into a monster performance on Monday night.
    Who Dat!

  4. No, dummy. Saints fans don’t think Goodell paid the Broncos to break Sproles’ hand. That’s just an asinine comment. Injuries just happen, and some people feel the need to explain all the losses and injuries by linking it to ‘bounty’ and karma. Crap happens… any injuries are just part of the game, and in no way related to their legal battles. And in response to the first commenter… I’m guessing you’re Cowboys, Falcons, or Vikings fan. Get over it.

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