Steelers rally from 10 down to beat Giants

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The Steelers had to deal with obstacles provided by the weather, the officials and their own coach, but, in the end, they wound up winning anyway.

Isaac Redman ran in a touchdown from a yard out with four minutes to play and Eli Manning couldn’t shake off a bad day of work in time to save the day in the fourth quarter, leading to a 24-20 Giants loss. The Steelers leave New Jersey less than 24 hours after they arrived with a victory that seemed unlikely in the third quarter.

That was when the Steelers wasted great field position provided by kick returner Chris Rainey and watched Ben Roethlisberger throw an interception to help the Giants extend their lead to 20-10 by the time the quarter was out. After a first half that saw them get some bad turns from the officials, the Steelers offense hurt the team in the third and threatened to let the game get out of reach. It didn’t, thanks to a strong defensive effort and an uncharacteristically poor outing from Manning. The Giants quarterback completed just 10-of-24 passes for 125 yards and an interception on a day when he never really seemed comfortable against the Pittsburgh defense.

Roethlisberger got the team back on track in the fourth quarter, hitting Mike Wallace on a short pass that turned into a 51-yard touchdown thanks to a missed tackle by Giants safety Antrel Rolle and a big run by Wallace. The momentum continued when Emmanuel Sanders took a punt back to the 13, but the Steelers got no points on the possession when a fake field goal try on third-and-one failed miserably. The defense forced another three-and-out, though, and Sanders had another good return to set up the winning drive, which was helped by an offside penalty by Giants corner Jayron Hosley on third-and-eight from the Giants’ 14-yard line. Redman converted for a first and then scored a touchdown.

The Giants would go three-and-out one more time and Roethlisberger hit Sanders for a first down on third-and-nine to force the Giants to use their last timeout. Redman put the cherry on top of a 147-yard day — the third straight game with a Steelers back cracking that threshold — when he rumbled for 28 yards to send the game to the two minute warning and the Steelers had a close win in a game they probably could have won by more.

It’s the win that matters, though, and the Steelers are now 5-3 and a game back of the Ravens with two games against their division rivals still on the slate. The Giants, meanwhile, are now 6-3 (and 1-8 in their ninth game of the season in the Coughlin years) and, depending on the results for the Cowboys and Eagles, could give up some of their division lead heading into Week 10.

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  1. Whooped em. 3 horrific calls that led to 14 points. Your offense worked all night for 6 points. Steelers were better in every aspect of the game.

    By the way, this old and slow defense easily took care of 3 of the youngest, most prolific players in the league, RG3, Cruz and Nicks back to back. Bring it on Ratbirds. We’re just getting started…..B Roth MVP

  2. Giants had no business winning this game as it is.

    Special teams was abysmal and the Giants offense has fizzled for the last 8 quarters of football they’ve played.

  3. Take away the refs and the Steelers dominated…could have easily been a 24 point victory.

    Too bad the Steelers screwed up against the Raiders and Titans….they easily could be 7-1….

  4. Good game Giants, it could have been a less interesting distraction. As for Goodell… I hope you enjoyed every second. >:-)

  5. lol, nice game by BIG BLUE… they got steamrolled for the 3rd straight week…Goodell and the refs even tried to give you the game with the atrocious calls in the first half. 14 free points on the board.

    13 first downs and 182 yards. Dynasty!!

    Giants were handed the game by the refs vs. Skins, Cowboys it took SIX turnovers and Dez’ pinky. Goodell’s gonna be angry the refs didn’t give the Giants enough points today…

  6. Talk about your signature wins, I didn’t think the Steelers had a prayer of winning this game. Same day travel, defending SB champions, awful calls in the 1st half that gave the Giants 14 points, and Bens int early in the 3rd. This team perservered and won convincingly. Old and slow defense, ya right

  7. Eli Manning has been bad this season, but I doubt the media or Giants fans will ever acknowledge it.

    I’ve always thought Roethlisberger is a better quarterback and today just reaffirms that. Contrary to what ESPN preaches 4th quarter comebacks are not all that matters when it comes to being a quarterback. Eli rarely plays well in quarters 1-3 but since he is so “clutch” in the 4th people forget how mediocre he is for most of the game.

    Elite indeed.

  8. Now lets listen to all the “Giants were playing with distractions because a bunch of people they dont know were effected by the storm” excuses. Save it people. The refs did everything they could to hand a W to NY but couldn’t. Take away the horrendous pass interference and helmet to helmet penalties and Ben’s phantom fumble and u have a blowout folks. Here we come AFC

  9. Gee, there goes that one-trick pony again, this time with a trick or two after the catch. It is just amazing that so many of the folks who dominate this blog don’t know a thing about talent. But, keep it up, Mike has a family to support.

  10. Congrats Steelers. You guys beat us fair & square. It wouldn’t have been close without Boleys questionable TD as well. Nice game. Hope to see you guys one more time…turnabout is fair play.

  11. Hey Justin Tuck. You guys got away with murder, but the better team KICKED YOUR BUTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Despite the ref’s best efforts to hand the game to the Giants, the Steelers still came out on top.

    Were those the replacement refs standing in since the other guys had no power?????

  13. Great game NYG! Glad to beat a strong opponent on the road. Refs were awful but they weren’t working for a hidden cause or anything so dramatic. They were just screwing up like refs do on occasion.

  14. Steeler fans all pumped up over a week 9 regular season win? Now that is comical. And I’m quite sure after the refs gave you that joke of a Super Bowl against Seattle you weren’t whining and complaining about the officiating

  15. LOVE THOSE GUYS!!!!! Thank you, Steelers!!! Woo-hoooooo!!!! It’s been a great weekend for football at my house!!!

  16. To all my fellow giant fans:
    We will be there at the end and when it matters we will be playing our best so good game steelers and hope to see you in the Super Bowl if your lucky enough to see us there !!!!! Good night

  17. The “old and slow” Steelers defense ranked #2 in the league had a lot to do with the “uncharacteristically poor outing from Manning”

  18. Two great organizations showed their class today. Giants had to overcome emotions and family distractions, while Steelers got off the plane, had breakfast and donned their uniforms. Neither Coach Coughlin nor Coach Tomlin offered excuses. With that said, Steelers overcame horrendous calls early and hung tough, so their second flight of the day will be nice. They’re still only game behind Baltimore, who have to be nervously looking over their shoulder.

  19. As a Giants fan, hats off to the Steelers. They straight up won the game. Running game dominated, Special Teams was fantastic. Eli has been abysmal for the last 3 weeks, and Bradshaw has done nothing. Again, the Giants D kept them in this one.

    But after reading most of the douche-y comments above, I never want to hear about how the Giants fans can’t “win with class”. Hats off to the Steelers…not to their fans.

  20. Congrats to the Steelers. They were the better team and deserved the win

    To the chest thumping, front running Squealer “fans” above who think they played a part in the game, shut your pie holes, and pick up some class on your way to the 7-11 for another carton of cigarettes and a bottle of Boones farm “wine”

  21. Was it just me or did the giants WRs look at the refs everytime the steeler DBs got close or put a hand on em? Then they had the balls to try2 cheat us in our face? Wow…giants WRs are the softest in the leage!

  22. Coming from a bitter fan in SD, I am so happy Ella lost. He is genuine crappy q who has always relied on other players. He sucks so bad he will be gone in a few years. At leAst he has a spot in the oreo league to fall back on.

  23. Bigblue you’re a moron. Every game matters. Sounds like a bitter fan just pissed off his team lost. Man up

  24. Best team in the afc! ladies and gentlemen the afc champions and your afc representative in this years super bowl -the Pittsburgh Steelers!

    All Hail the Pittsburgh Steelers!!!!

  25. Good game by the Steelers, no excuses, just a W for Pittsburgh. Wonder where all the mouthy ass Steelers fans (Not all but some) who only come on when they win, hide when they lose? Too the classy Steel fans, congrats and good game. To the rest, you must be ex Eagles fans who jumped ship..

  26. Seattle whines for 7 years about Leavy’s refereeing in that SB. Only one call in that SB was the wrong one – the call on Hasselback which didnt affect the game. The other calls were techincally correct, but unfair in terms of distribution to one team. But Seattle lost that game by 11 points. If Steeelers lost this game by 11 points, I would complain about the refs, but get over it at some point. Not only did the Steelers keep it close, they WON. So Seattle sstop the freaking whining. If your team was good enough, they would have at least kept that game close at the end inspite of some iffy calls which were not as bad as the calls Steelers got today.

  27. pgh15212 says: Nov 4, 2012 8:00 PM

    The giants jumping on rainey was just disgusting.

    Agreed. Speared by a helmet after he was down. Intent to injure. Should have been a flag.

  28. Now that was a football game. One team dominating and thn the under dog came a live. Fun to watch!!!!

  29. Fabulous win, and a total team win. This was one of the best wins this year. The Giants are a really good team with talented players, and the Steelers won and closed it out at the end. All phases did well. Forget the controversial officials calls, the Steelers prevailed. The running game continues to shine with a fired up OL. The Steelers have 4 talented RBs. With the exception of one bad pass for an interception, Ben was masterful under the Giants pass rush. Tough defense. Great special team returns. Just a wonderful team win.

  30. after this game, no one can say the Steelers get favorable calls…

    but you can say that the Steelers are tough enough to overcome repeated balls calls… unlike some other teams.

  31. Where were you since last weeks game, cstrange? No comment when Ben has a completely superb game like last week. And you apparently didn’t watch the game today based on your biased comment today.

  32. As a Steelers fans, I must agree with a couple of Giants fans who complained on here. I mean, why all the venom Steeler nation? After all, they are the Giants, not the Ravens.

    It was a great win over a great team.

    I actually got on here to just see if any Ravens fans were still calling the defense old and done and the Steelers a 6-10 team. But all I hear are crickets. LOL. Can’t wait for the two big games coming up!

  33. As a Giants fan, hats off to the Steelers. They straight up won the game. Running game dominated, Special Teams was fantastic. Eli has been abysmal for the last 3 weeks, and Bradshaw has done nothing. Again, the Giants D kept them in this one.

    But after reading most of the douche-y comments above, I never want to hear about how the Giants fans can’t “win with class”. Hats off to the Steelers…not to their fans.

    Couldn’t agree more! Before tonight I really thought Steelers fans had class. Now I see a lot of them are no better than Philly. Yes, you guys were the better team tonight, but remeber it’s who peaks in January/February that matters. So have fun with your 1 WIN, and let’s see if you are still running your pie wholes in January!

  34. bigblue5611 says:Nov 4, 2012 8:11 PM

    Steeler fans all pumped up over a week 9 regular season win? Now that is comical. And I’m quite sure after the refs gave you that joke of a Super Bowl against Seattle you weren’t whining and complaining about the officiating


    Hey bigblue5611, My God this Seattle Super Bowl argument is so, so, so old. From a Ravens fan and football fan. Just get over it. The Steelers have the trophy! If Seattle had the perserverence to overcome the bad calls just like the Steelers did today, then maybe they could have also won. But obviously they didn’t. Again, get over it.

    Can’t wait for the AFC North war in two weeks!

  35. Giants offense has become completely predictable. Pass on 1st down. Run on 2nd down (for almost no gain. Ever. ) Pass on 3rd down. It doesn’t take a D’Angelo Hall or any other rocket scientist to figure out the game plan. And when Eli has a bad game, its dreadful. Teams are figuring out how to slow down the passing attack, and The Walrus doesn’t want to switch up and use Andre Brown more. Good win for the Steelers, they came into MetLife and took the Giants lunch money. I don’t think any reasonable Giant fan (myself included) would say otherwise.

  36. Joke of the day is Steeler fans acting like they won the Super Bowl in week 9. Big deal you played a good game and won a regular season game and are 5-3 I’m so impressed

  37. Was it just me or did the giants WRs look at the refs everytime the steeler DBs got close or put a hand on em?

    Right now, every receiver or defensive back is giving flag motions to the refs after every pass play in every game, it seems.

    I’m eager for this fad to go away.

  38. Another bad game from Eli.
    Crappy play calling as well.
    Officials could have been better.
    Hats off to the Steelers
    Lets go, Texans

  39. Seattle, get over it. Steelers overcame an overturned interception onreplay of Troy Polamalu inthe Indy playoff game(which many thought was the real SB that year) and won that game. you couldnt overcome ticky tacky calls for the most part and lost by 11. End of story. Lose by a FG , then you can complain about some ticky tacky calls for a few months.l But seven years later??? Still whining about it? I can name 10 worse ref calls inthe playoffs inthe last 7 years.

  40. All the super bowl XL stuff 7 years later is pathetic. Yes the Seahawks got screwed out of TD…so they lose by 4 instead of 11 get over it

  41. Glad to see the old Steelers back again – they can beat you with just one quarter of good football. Got to give a lot of credit to Haley for turning them back into a tough-nosed offense.

  42. Last time I checked, Ravens were still winning the division. Reality hurts, enjoy steeler fans. Another sweep coming up.

  43. One thing no one is talking about. The Steelers played great, but look at who was out of the game. How good are they going to be with everyone healthy, and second string players getting a lot of game time.

  44. So happy that my Steelers won. They beat a good Giants team despite the refs being against them & not having Troy polomalu. The future looks promising for the Steelers and I’m looking forward to Ravens/Steelers games in the upcoming weeks. Go steelers!

  45. The steelers beat the giants and the refs. Can’t wait to see the steelers smash up the ratbirds in two weeks so the rest of the nfl can see how overrated the ravens really are.

  46. Many Steelers fans are livid because we are so tired of all of the crap about how we always get the calls. I think many of us were at the boiling point with it, and the Oakland and NYG games this year have caused some of us to boil over.

    The series of terrible calls against us in the 2nd Qtr today would have caused most teams to lose this game. We somehow hung in there and pulled out a HUGE win.

    I really can’t remember a series of bad, game-changing calls in a short time span against one team like we saw today – phantom PI against Lewis, incorrect PF against Clark*, incorrect ruling on (Jason?) Tuck Rule*, missed block-in the-back on Miller.
    * Mike Pereira and others have tweeted/opined that both calls were blatantly incorrect.

    4-4, with 3 AFC losses would have been hard to overcome. 5-3 with KC and BAL on deck puts 1st place in the AFC North within reach in two weeks.

    So cut us some slack. This game was HUGE and had the NFL/refs succeeded in handing the NYG a W, trust that the comments would have been a lot uglier.

  47. I can’t believe there’s all these Giants fans on here trashing Steeler fans because they are excited they won.

    Isn’t that why we have football? For the excitement and love of the game each and every week?

  48. Gotta hand it to the Steelers they played a good game, but their coach Tomlin just had to inject his stupidity once again. it seems he’s guaranteed to do that at least once per game.

  49. Great game! I was really nervous about this game for a number of reasons, and once we went down by two scores I figured it was over. Glad to the Gold and Black come back and pull it out.

    Giants, no shame in that loss – you played well and beat the crap out of Ben. The game was an exciting nail-biter throughout. Eli was definitely off for whatever reason but I’m glad to get out of there with a “W” and who knows but that we might be facing each other again in February!!

  50. The Giants, when they have a position that is hot they Overuse it. Cruz is hot But teams are bearing on him and the Giants run game does not wear opposing Defenses. Opposing offenses uses quick throws to get the ball out and into our secondary which is considered the weak link to the Defense. We need a shutdown corner out there who doesnt allow Heath Miller to stay open after a 5 yard catch. Steelers also got Smashmouth Backs instead of the finesse backs the Giants have. Cruz cant get open throw a 5 Yard Pass and let him get Yac, dnt try and throw a 20 yard pass when U playing a Defense that likes to get after the QB. Killdrive O should be fired!!!!!!

  51. All one has to do is read this thread and realize – Steelers fans are the closest to Cowboy fans in the NFL.

    The Steelers won a game. You played your best football last night. The Giants didnt.
    Both teams have wins in their record that they shouldnt, and both have losses in the record that they shouldnt. It’s November.

    Stop talking about the officials Steelers fans, you won a Superbowl against Seattle that is referred to as the worst officiated game in Superbowl history – you weren’t crying then?

  52. refs tried to fix the game to make new york feel better.mother nature hates you and now i do officially are above the ravens in the hate department.that superbowl against seattle,seattle did nothing,all these calls i dont remember ever seeing in the game i been hearing about for 7 years,heres the deal.the minute they reversed troys int against peyton manning,all bets are off.we should get every call for the next 100 years .yet still goodell is at the game,ny has floods,we get screwed with fixed calls even reviewed and still wrong on about the td for the giants where the rb is laying on his back at the 1 and gets a td?that game was shamefull and as far as im concerned fire the refs and ny/new jersey can drown.also the tuck rule may as well be the brady rule cuz he’s the only person that ever benefitted from it .goodell stop the grudge against us you jealous cant even fix a game correctly or suspend players based on bs correctly.and inform the refs to call what actually happens,not what they think happens.

  53. Ike Taylor does not drop the Int in the end zone, he runs 100 yards for a TD, 14-0 Steelers at that point, changes the entire game. Manning…got…punked !!!

  54. Steeler fans acting like they won the Super Bowl after a win in week 9 when the Giants were dealing with a hurricane all week and had zero focus. Plus Steelers have losses to Oakland and Tennessee the 2 worst teams in football so shut up you’re going nowhere

  55. Steeler fans love to cry about refs but hate it when you bring up the worst officiated game in NFL history that gave them a cheap Super Bowl- huge call changed entire momentum of game

    Also Steeler fans aren’t complaining that they were lucky when Big Ben fumbled after JPP sack and refs didn’t challenge inside 2 minutes of half

    Quit crying and bragging you’re not that good and have losses to Oakland and Titans- 2 of the worst

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