Steelers win won’t result in more same-day travel

Getty Images

The NFL is the ultimate copycat sports league.  Thus, with the hotel-less Steelers treating Sunday’s game at MetLife Stadium like a home game and staying at their usual hotel in Pittsburgh before flying on Sunday morning to New Jersey and beating the defending Super Bowl champions, other teams will consider same-day travel, right?


The league will strongly discourage it, as one source explained it to PFT earlier today.  When it comes to same-day travel, inconvenience to the road team pales in comparison to the risk that, due to travel delays from plane issues or weather, the visiting team won’t get to the game in time for kickoff.

So look for same-day travel to continue to happen in only the rarest of circumstances.  And look for teams that have to do it in the future to do exactly what the Steelers did today.