Texans grind down Bills for 21-9 victory

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There wasn’t all that much spectacular about the Texans’ 21-9 win over the Bills on Sunday, but there wasn’t too much to dislike about it either.

The Texans rode a balanced offensive attack to an early lead and their defense never let the Bills capitalize on any chances to swing things back into their direction. The Texans were able to take advantage of their biggest chance to put the game firmly in their pocket, however. With the score 14-9 late in the third quarter, Matt Schaub directed a 6:30 drive that saw him complete all six of his passes on the way to a touchdown pass to Garrett Graham. Schaub had great success all day throwing to Andre Johnson and Arian Foster wound up with 111 yards and a touchdown in a 10th straight game.

Defensive end J.J. Watt had a sack, giving him 10.5 on the season. He’s the 11th player in history with 10+ sacks and 10+ passes defended in the same season. The Texans came up with their usual parade of batted and altered passes behind a pass rush that never let up until the game was in their pocket.

The Bills had plenty of opportunities to stop the Houston win from happening, but their offense was never able to complete a drive against the Texans defense. Whether you think the issue is Ryan Fitzpatrick or Chan Gailey or some other combination of things, the team doesn’t have the ability to take control of a game through the air and the Texans kept the running game from leading Buffalo into the lead.

With the win, the Texans set up quite a battle with the 7-1 Bears on NBC next Sunday night. They can’t be slugginsh out of the gate for that win and expect to find their way to a relatively stress-free victory.

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  1. “Whether you think the issue is Ryan Fitzpatrick or Chan Gailey or some other combination of things, the team doesn’t have the ability to take control of a game through the air and the Texans kept the running game from leading Buffalo into the lead.”

    They can against average to below average defenses.

    I can’t even fault Fitzpatrick. There were several crucial drops on third downs.

    Regardless, an upgrade on Donald Jones is long overdue. I’d like to see TJ Graham pick up some more snaps, he’s mighty impressive with the ball in his hands.

  2. All I know is when CJ Spiller touches the ball good things continue to happen. Loss next week to patriots will be the beginning of the end for Nix and his regime. New coach, another “rebuilding”, it never ends. Don’t know how you turn around a franchise when it’s accustomed to losing for so long. Over pay a Defensive end just to get him there? I give Nix credit for getting Ralph Wilson to pay up, but I’d rather see Ralph over pay a head coach, just to get him there, than any one player. Texans have a solid team/ great defensive coach. Sure bills fans remember Phillips’ defensive when he coached there.

  3. Fire Chan Gailey!!!! He has 2 RBs who are game breakers.. Run the Ball, the D wasn’t that bad today, but Gailey did everything he could to make them lose, hand the ball off, eat some clock, why is Fitzpatrick throwing the ball 38 times. The more I watch this team the more I realize Gailey is the biggest issue. He wants to run a spread offense with one good WR!!! What’s the plan when it’s 25 mph winds and snow?! Hand the ball off!!!

  4. I cant figure out why the Bills don’t use Spiller more. When Jackson was out he was averaging 9 yes a carry I remember. He so electric and underused. Throw out the loyalty Chan and give it to ur playmaker or u don’t deserve the job

  5. I agree man. Run the ball: two great backs. He insists on asking Fitzpatrick to sling it like Marino (when he just does not have the arm strength). It’s frustrating

  6. The Bills offense has the personnel to be a power run system but our coach insists on running a spread offense.

    They do not have the QB or the receivers necessary to run the spread effectively.

    The D actually played a decent game (color me shocked) but the offense was just awful. They couldnt even get into the red zone. So frustrating.

  7. The texans beat the bills dispite kubiack’s play calling. Absolutely awful in the first half. The guy has a good plan generally, but he has no idea how to call plays during the game generally. Thank god we have Wade.

  8. @hetowntexan
    Dude, Texans are 7-1 and on the way to winning out. Get a grip. Kubiak is a good head coach. Wanna change something, get obama bin lauden out of office.

  9. Holy CRAP do the Bills coaches SUCK!!!!! They ran it, I think, about 4 times in the ENTIRE second half!!!! They have the 3rd or 4th best running offense in the league, and they make Fitz throw it that much!?!?! Fitz isn’t the worst QB, but he’s not a ‘carry the team’ type. But I still can’t wrap my head around how bad those coaches are! 4th and 1 or 2 in the first half, and they kick a (missed) field goal? Worst case if they dont make it is the Texans are pinned back against the end zone! Oh did I mention they ran it 4 times in the 2nd half???? RUN IT ALL THE TIME!!!!!!

  10. T.J. Grahem was on the field for more plays than Spiller. Fred Jackson is a nice story and a good player but not playing a guy whose clearly better than him is ridiculous.

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