Vitt evades questions about Sproles’ absence

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Saints running back Darren Sproles reportedly will miss up to 4-6 weeks with a broken hand.  Saints interim coach Joe Vitt wasn’t inclined on Saturday to say much about Sproles’ status.

Or anything else relating to Sproles.

Asked which bone Sproles broke, Vitt told reporters, “I am not a doctor.  He is not playing, he hurt his hand.”

Asked whether it happened in the game against the Broncos, Vitt said, “Yes.  This is like the Warren commission.”

Asked if Sproles could miss only one game, Vitt said, “I am not a doctor.  He is not playing in this game and this is the only game we’re playing this week.”

Asked if Sproles could miss only one game, Vitt once again reminded reporters of his educational credentials.  “I am going to tell you, I am not a doctor,” Vitt said.  “He is out this week, he’s got a bad hand.  The only game we can play this week is Monday night and he is not playing.”

Yes, Vitt was evasive.  But he was fully within his rights under the injury-reporting rules.  Teams are required to say nothing about the duration of an injury; teams are required only to identify each week, on three occasions, whether and to what extent an injured player practiced.  Then, each week, the team must apply one of the various labels — out, doubtful, questionable, or probable.

So if Sproles is going to miss the Saints’ Week 10 game, we’ll find out in the days preceding the game.  And so on.

18 responses to “Vitt evades questions about Sproles’ absence

  1. He should have said, “I’m not a head coach. I’m just here because our scumbag coach condoned his players paying each other to injure opponents.” hahahahahahahahaha.

  2. How does this even remotely relate to the Warren commission? Is this part of some anti-government conspiracy? Like if sproles is out multiple games Obama will lose his fantasy league then the election or something?

  3. I can’t for the life of me figure out why anyone NEEDS to know if Sproles will play NEXT week. Why is this even a story?

  4. That’s the way you do it Joe Vitt they don’t care about the New Orleans Saints so why ask all these ?. Joe Vitt has done his suspension time so he don’t want to hear this mess you guys are talking. He has more to think about than you guys asking him about a Saints player all you guys need to know He’s not playing Monday Night.

  5. ncbengalmike says:
    Nov 4, 2012 12:12 AM
    Good to know the Taints are up to the same ole’ same ole’
    sorry they didn’t live up to the lofty standards set by the Bengals.

    God knows they’re the model for human decency and righteousness.

  6. ncbengalmike says:
    Nov 4, 2012 12:12 AM
    Good to know the Taints are up to the same ole’ same ole’

    Good to see single brain cell mentalities are up to the same ole’ same ole’.

  7. Deny, deny, deny what? As long as Vitt meets the required disclosures per the rules he doesn’t have to say anything additional. Since there have been instances with the NO media reporting false injuries, the saints have been candid as possible pertaining to injuries.

  8. this is just another example of the fine staff the saints have put together. i am sure that the medical staff will tell people that they are not the coach so go ask him for answers. classy org.

  9. The entire saints* organization has become so dysfunctional, players, assistantant coaches, interim coaches, head coach, etc. and their fans are no better. I find it very interesting that Tom Benson has remained very quiet and out of the limelight throughout this bountygate issue and combined with his desire to move the saints* a few years ago that maybe, just maybe Benson and the NFL are quietly preparing to move this dysfunctional franchise to L.A. or somewhere else? You don’t have to be an Einstein to figure out that the crazy saints* fans are going to hold bountygate against Goodell and the NFL for decades to come, and the powers that be might be thinking “we don’t need this chit” and pull an Art Modell. I just find it very interesting that we haven’t heard a word from Tom Benson and let’s remember, Benson makes his money “selling cars”, not the most scrupulous business of truth-tellers.

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