Witten senses “tremendous amount of urgency” for Cowboys


The Cowboys looked Super Bowl-ready in Week One, disrupting the Giants’ celebration of their most recent championship.  Since then, the Cowboys have lost four of six games.

The guy who has been with the team longer than anyone else knows that, despite the mostly positive comments from owner/G.M. Jerry Jones, Jones is running out of patience with his underachieving team.

“There’s no question there’s a tremendous amount of urgency,” Jones tells Mike Garafolo of USA Today.  “But that’s good when you have that type of urgency.  It flows downhill and guys need that.”

Yes, but if the team doesn’t deliver and the season goes downhill, Jones could be delivering some pink slips come January.

Witten surely wouldn’t get one of them.  He has provided plenty of inspiration for the Cowboys this season, from catching 18 passes in the close loss to the Giants to catching only two but playing with an injured spleen in the Week One win in New York.  He’s now only four catches away from Michael Irvin’s franchise record for a career.

Though 53 guys with Witten’s mindset would easily satisfy the owner’s sense of urgency, one Witten can only do so much.  We’ll see tonight if that’s enough both to avoid falling to 3-5 and to knock off the 7-0 Falcons on Sunday Night Football.

13 responses to “Witten senses “tremendous amount of urgency” for Cowboys

  1. Cowboys lose again this week. Finish 8-8 dont make the play offs. Jerry buys out Sean Paytons contract and he makes Tony Romo in 2013 exactly what he made Drew Brees. Book it Dallas.

  2. “Tremendous Urgency?” Like in A Few Good Men, “”I STRENUOUSLY object” .

    Oh, your urgency is tremendous? Okay, in that case I’ll reconsider.

  3. Witten is one tough hombre. Does a lot of good on and off the field. Hope he breaks the franchise receiving record tonight.

  4. I’ll bet that Christine and Al spend as much time talking about Witten’s impending breaking of a team record as they do about the whole undefeated Atlanta team. The on-air graphic may as well say “Dallas” and “Whoever Dallas Is Playing” or “Opponent”.

  5. Urgency? As a long-time Cowboys fan, I should hope so.

    This team has been threatening to be good for 4 or 5 years now, but despite apparently having the talent to make a run into the playoffs, the only thing they’re good at is finding new and interesting ways to lose important games.

    Stupid penalties? Yes! Dropped passes? You bet! Poor clock management? We’ve got that, too!

    I appreciate Jason Witten’s talent and attitude, but the time for urgency was 2 or 3 years ago; you don’t get 10 or 12 years to build a Super Bowl winning team.

  6. NEWS FLASH. Jerry Jones unexpectedly is losing patience. This most mild mannered, likable fellow is showing abnormal behavior.
    His wife will buy more art work for his mausoleum to help cure him.

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