As Michael Vick struggles, Marcus Vick rips the Eagles


Marcus Vick is watching Monday Night Football. And he doesn’t like what he’s seeing from his brother’s team.

Marcus, the former Miami Dolphin and younger brother of Eagles quarterback Michael Vick, has spent the first quarter of the Eagles-Saints game ripping the Eagles on Twitter for, in Marcus’s view, failing to protect Michael.

“Please trade my brother. We requesting out of Philly!!!! Please please please,” Marcus Vick wrote early in the first quarter, as the Saints’ defense repeatedly blitzed and battered Michael. “F–king line sh–ty!!! I never seen a Qb get pressured so fast. This not even an NFL type of O-line. What happen to the hogs the Eagles had last year and year before? Call Winston Justice back n Jamal J.”

Marcus used the expletives on his Twitter account; the hyphens are mine. Although Marcus Vick doesn’t have a verified Twitter account, Michael Vick (whose Twitter account is verified) has confirmed in the past that the @MVFive account belongs to his brother. Here’s a tweet from Michael Vick mentioning Marcus’s Twitter account while tweeting a picture of Marcus’s daughter.

Marcus has a fair point that the Eagles’ line was doing a lousy job of protecting Michael, although Vick’s interception that Saints cornerback Patrick Robinson returned for a 99-yard touchdown wasn’t the offensive line’s fault. But Marcus would be wise to keep such opinions private. Michael’s 2012 season is going badly enough already that he doesn’t need Marcus adding fuel to the fire.

89 responses to “As Michael Vick struggles, Marcus Vick rips the Eagles

  1. Oh, Marcus’s Twitter feed is great! A must follow, he’s going to give Chuck Grasserly a run for his money.

  2. This punk is an idiot (further proof there is, in fact, a stupidity gene). I “get” wanting to stick up for your brother, but only a fool would attack your brother’s employer and co-worker’s. And only the biggest fool would use Twitter to do so.
    This family is something else.

  3. There isn’t a team on the earth today that will trade for that contract. hes going to have his choice of a few bottom feeders. Maybe the seahawks!?

  4. Marcus has a fair point that the Eagles’ line was doing a lousy job of protecting Michael, although Vick’s interception that Saints cornerback Patrick Robinson returned for a 99-yard touchdown wasn’t the offensive line’s fault.
    You’re right. That was Brent Celek’s fault.

  5. Blame the O-Line for interceptions and fumbles… makes sense. It’s almost like Vick sucks. And is and always has been vastly overrated as a quaterback.

  6. Besides…who cares about the opinion of someone who couldn’t hack it in the NFL? The ONLY reason we’re talking about this guy is because of his last name. Without his brother, Marcus would be just another moron in between jail sentences.

  7. Does Marcus realize that the “hogs” from last year are all injured? At this point we have one starter left on the O-Line.

  8. We have to have the worst O Line ever in football. I can fine some middle school kids that can block better then this

  9. Hope they both enjoy the Arizona sunshine next year – Marcus may be crying to go back to Philly.

  10. wow this eagles team is just like the redskins team only with way better wr’s!!! With teams have no heart and are jokes of the nfc!!!!
    both players on the redskins and eagles are embarrassments to their cities!!!!! the eagles have quit already just like the redskins players did in the 1st yesterday!!!!

    does the idiot that mentioned mike vick to the bottom feeder seahawks realize that the seahawks have one of the best rookie qbs in football along with luck and RG3!!!! and the seahawks have a winning record!!!!

    that guy must not follow football outside the eagles what a joke!!!!!

  11. Vick and Romo should go on the all-overhype team. Eagles, Boys, and Skins are all in disarray. Giants have a gimme to the east.

    I say Jerry will try and hire Reid after he is $h1t-canned!

  12. He’s obviously not very well educated. But he’s absolutely right. Vick doesn’t have a chance behind this line. No qb would have a prayer.

    Oh, and the writer is right, that pick 6 isn’t on the line… It’s on Celek for the alley oop assist.

  13. Nnandi who ever said you was anything as good as revis you are garbage. This Defense is OMG the worst i ever seen from the eagles. I feel sorry for them i dont even have words that. Boykins who is he, 42 what ever you name none of these guys should be in the NFL. I wonder can you change all 52 players. This defense dont cause any turnovers they get know sacks can’t tackle so yeah blame vick

  14. I can’t believe how durable he’s been through all these hits. He’s getting killed. And he’s killing the team. If they’re not gonna run it every other play, they may as well just put Foles in and get him used to the punishment. Was never a big fan of Vick’s, but wanted to see him truly redeem himself both on the field and off. I feel he owed that to the people he let down. But at this point, I wouldn’t blame him if he did quit.

  15. Of course Vick is struggling, he has no time to throw the ball. Philly’s offensive line is getting blown up by this garbage defense. Both Celek and Jackson need to learn how to catch the ball.

  16. If he wants a trade he needs to give back some of that money.. Otherwise he will be riding pine until the end of the season

  17. who wants to bet after game reid says ” I got to do a better job. It starts with me” blah,blah,blah. then first question from a reporter is about Marcus Vick?

  18. Wow 21-3 vs the hopeless saints!!!!! almost as bad as the embarrassment redskins players being blown out by the one win panthers in the 80th annerversy homecoming game in front of the all time redskins greats !!!

    the eagles players are jokes just like the redskins players!!!
    both teams have no heart!!!!!!!!!
    Both are embarrassments to their cities!!!!!!

    The eagles corners are leaps and bounds better than the jokes playing db’s on the redskins!!!! both teams players are jokes and embarrassments to the nfl !!!
    only the redskins coaches are actually good so thats all on the players, the eagles coaching is horrid!!! Reid and co need to be bored for this embarrassment!!!!!!!

    except the eagles have wr’s that can catch and don’t play scared like the bum wideouts the redskins have!!!
    the eagles secondary is better than the redskins embarrassment of nfc east players also!!!

  19. Of course. Vick has been bad his whole career, and its always someone elses fault. The Eagles backups are better than some teams starters. Thats what happens when you spend draft picks and create competition every year….unlike at QB.
    Maybe if Vick could identify a blitz or read a defense he would do better.
    And as for the ball “going of Celeks hands”, if it happened once or twice, it would be a fluke. But that happens alot with Vick. Its a trend. He pouts the ball in places where the receivers have to either flail at it or just let it go straight to a defender.
    The end.

  20. Somewhere, Juan Castillo, Sean McDermott and Donovan McNabb are having a circle jerk to the results of this game.

  21. OK, prepare for itemized criticisms, you were a dirty player in college, you played off your brothers name, you sucked at it, chances are you were involved in the dogfighting ring. Why should we care what you think?

  22. I can see Marcus tweeting his life away about how bad the o line is and then Vick throws that 99 yard pick six:

    Yea we’ll…that’s just cuz he wadnt wantin ta git hit ageeeeen G.

  23. Marcus, Michael, Plaxico, DeAngelo….. Those classy Tidewater boys. Must be something in the water down there.

  24. Looks like Marcus got the most of that VT education. Sounds like he passed English with flying colors. Can’t even say this dude is a hasbeen. Just some no talent punk trying to squeeze whatever he can out of his brothers fame and fortune. Go wave some more guns in peoples faces at McDonalds you loser.

  25. Its now over for Andy Reid,and Vick,they both will be gone,next year,bringing Vick in was Reid’s biggest mistake.The melt down has started and it will be UGLY.

  26. Marcus is a recipient of Obama’s free cell phone plan.

    No Marcus, the Eagles won’t be trading Mike….they’ll be cutting him.

  27. You Philly fans are a bunch of whiners. Try having Ponder as your QB. I would love Vick as the Vikings QB. I wish you had to deal with a truly poor QB for one quarter. You all would be jumping off bridges the way you react to Vick. After watching tonights game, you have many more problems than Vick. Your o-line is terrible, he has one second before pressure gets to him. Your dbacks constantly are getting burned. Your offensive skill players are making stupid mistakes. Its easy for you simple people to come up with a scapegoat as you historically have though. Good luck with that.

  28. The Vick family has always been the epitome of class, haven’t they?

    The O-line is terrible, however there are things a QB can do, example Drew Brees using a hard count that almost drew the Eagles offsides, then snapped the ball while they were trying to get reset.

    Vick has always been a mediocre QB at best, even behind a good offensive line. He is an aging QB whose best asset was his speed, and he can no longer run away from defensive players. And he always blames someone else, I heard Satruday night he was blaming the medial. This whole team is gutless and filled with players who are me-first players. We need to clean house, starting with GM Howie Roseman, Andy Reid, the entire coaching staff, and a good portion of the roster including Pick 6 Vick. This season can not end fast enough for me. 99 days til Phillies report.

  29. Any Reid is most likely gone at the end of this season, if not before. Vick might not be an Philisdelphia Eagle in 2013 either.

    I personally think Vick would be a better QB for the Jets and Sanchez would be a better fit for the Eagles Andy Reid offense (which doesn’t look like a Bill Walsh style west coast offense in any way). Just my opinion.

  30. as each day passes, it is plainly obvious what wonderful contributions to society this family is.

  31. Vick is an exciting player but average to below avg QB. He cant read defenses, set up pass protection or handle blitzes and its been so many yrs in the league its embarrassing. If it werent for his running prowess no one would consider him as a QB . He makes that line look worse.

  32. They really shouldn’t give inmates the privilege of social media. Also, while the line didn’t play all that well, Vick holds the ball too long, and alot of the time he goes down early just anticipating the sack.

  33. wewantmoretebowandfavrearticles says:
    Nov 5, 2012 9:57 PM
    He’s not saying anything false. The Eagles offensive line really is awful without Peters.
    Wether it’s true or not is missing the point.

    You don’t do what he did, you just DON’T do it.

    Vick has fooled a lot of people for a long time, excuse after excuse. If It’s not this, it’s that.

    The guy can’t read a defense to save his life and hasn’t even learned how to slide yet.

    He’s as dumb as they come, plain and simple.

  34. The Eagles didnt quit they got beat by a better team, they lost cause of calls, bad plays on defense and offense and no offensive line to act like they eve can play… They didnt quit, you dont drive the field and be in position to put up points on many occasions and then say they quit… When people stop putting them in high regards as non Philly fans then you will see it is alot easier just to write them off then to speak on how bad they look… The decisions made on the field and by Reid and Morningweg are utterly disgusting and there needs to be a change and then maybe we can talk about this team even competing with the middle of pack teams… but dont say they quit, this team did not and will not quit.. they just cant win the way they are constructed

  35. To paraphrase Stephen A. Smith…

    I would trade Michael Vick for a bag of cheez doodles and HE AIN’T EVEN WORTH THAT

  36. mike83ri says:
    Nov 6, 2012 6:56 AM
    That pick wasn’t Vick’s fault either. Don’t mislead to sensationalize.


    Mike Vick had an open man on the play & he never looked anywhere else. He started down Celek & then made an inaccurate throw.

    Second time in the red zone he took a sack & fumbled out of scoring range.

    Third time inside the 20, he took two sacks on two consecutive plays.

    I understand the line sucks BUT, he has no hot reads?? No one running a slant to check down to? He HAS to hold the ball soooo long?

    Many QB’s have suspect O lines; they check down, read the blitz & get the ball to an outlet. Mike Vick gets sacked & usually fumbles. Mike Vick is treated like a god, people stick up for this guy like he’s been Joe Montana on the field. He’s never been any good in the NFL & now we are seeing that his signature leg/knee bent spin slip move to buy himself time has left him due to age.

    He could never read a defense, never read a blitz. He relied on his speed to buy him time as he’s always held the ball too long because he doesn’t know how to read what he see’s. Defend him as you must but he’s always been an over rated player & now he’s an old never delivered on the hype over rated player. BYE Mikey, he has to GO!

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