Calvin Johnson expects to play in pain all year

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That Calvin Johnson played well wasn’t surprising.

That Calvin Johnson played at all might be the impressive part.

After not practicing last week because of knee problems, the Lions receiver put up 129 yards in a convincing win over the Jaguars.

Johnson admitted they had to call plays with his sore left knee in mind, and that it’s something they’ll have to do the rest of the year.

It’s probably something I’m going to have to deal with,” Johnson said, via Anwar Richardson of “As much running as we do, especially in this game, it’s stuff that really could take the whole season to get over with. It would be great if it can get over it before.

“It’s something that I expect to linger. You just got to stay on top of it with treatments.”

Johnson’s dealt with a number of problems this year, a finger here, an ankle there, a concussion. But the left knee is a persistent issue, and one they’ll have to work around.

Johnson met with quarterback Matt Stafford, offensive coordinator Scott Linehan, and position coaches prior to Sunday’s game, and told them he didn’t have a full range of motion.

“It’s tough to cut off a certain leg,” Johnson said. “He [Linehan] called the game plan around that, for the most part. It’s successful the way he did.”

The plan including a pain-killing shot before the game, and he had six catches and 111 yards at halftime

“He’s a tough guy and found a way to contribute,” Lions coach Jim Schwartz said. “He’s a tough guy out there; made a lot of plays for us.

“We had a feeling he would be able to do something. Just how much he’d be able to do and how long he could go was really the question.”

Consider it answered for this week, but very much up in the air for the rest of the season.