Cardinals aren’t afraid to make changes during bye week

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The Cardinals lost their fifth straight game on Sunday afternoon in Green Bay, sending them into their bye week with only distant memories of their 4-0 start to the season.

Coach Ken Whisenhunt said that the bye will give them a chance to evaluate what’s gone wrong over the last five weeks with schemes, players and everything else. Without a game to prepare for, Whisenhunt will take the extra time to take a look back at everything that’s happened this season before coming to conclusions about any changes that need to be made before the team gets back on the field.

“I think we’re going to look at what we’re doing and who we’re doing it with, but I think the one thing that I want to be very clear about is we’re not going to be afraid to make a change,” Whisenhunt said, via the team’s website. “That’s what you have to look at. If it gives us an opportunity to get better and not stay the same, then that’s what you have to do.”

The team made one change during the loss to the Packers when Nate Potter replaced D’Anthony Batiste at left tackle. Whisenhunt wouldn’t commit to making the move permanent, although there wouldn’t seem to be anything to gain from a longer look at Batiste based on how he’s played thus far this season. There aren’t too many big changes the Cardinals can make at this point, but there will be some as the team tries to halt its slide on the other side of the bye.

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  1. I gotta say, I’m very impressed with the way they played. They really did play 4 quarter football against a tough Packers team.

    Hats off to Ken Whisenhunt for great play calling, and all around making the best of a bad situation.

    IMO he should win coach of the year.

  2. The biggest problem for the Cards is John Skelton. He makes Mark Sanchez look like Tom Brady. They need a better QB. That is their main problem.

  3. The OL is shaky on a good day but then so was (still is) the NYG OL and they won it all.

    Fairly obvious: They have two 2nd and one 3rd string QB’s.

    I’d be a bit perturbed if I was on the D. They will get worn down and look average when it’s all said and done and they are a lot better than that.

  4. I have no clue how the didn’t go after any offensive tackles after they lost their starters when they already had a bad o-line. The have a strong defense but its all wasted with an inept offense and line that no HB can run behind and is even worse at protecting the QB. The comment about the Giants o-line, they at least started being able to run the ball and protect Manning going into the playoffs. The Cards line is regressing

  5. It’s a shame; Kolb was performing very well this season (by my expectations) and it was sad to see him go down. Now the Cards will be lucky to even make the playoffs, even if they do get Kolb back.

  6. The one to blame is Rod Graves. He has done a poor job of assessing talent for the draft and in free agency. He has depleted the talent pool that Denny Green built up and he has not given Wisenhunt enough resources (cheddar) to choose the right coaching staff. It would be nice to have an offensive coordinator that has experience calling the X’s and O’s, instead of what we have had the last 2 years.

    Sadly, Wisenhunt will be thrown under the bus here real soon and we will be back to where we were before with no real coaching candidate wanting to work for the Bidwells as the Cabinet will be bare.

  7. simple. john skelton sucks. he made alot of throws. just none of the ones that were needed for them to win the game.

  8. I like the Denny Green Comment. It does come down to coaching, Whis took Greens team to the Super Bowl and done nothing but made them worse. A quality coach would have planned around the team available, rather than try to force the wrong personnel to try to continue to follow their old game plan.

  9. I think that the offensive line in the second half of the GB game looked very promising. Massie, Orhberger (or whatever), Sendline (I need help on spelling these names), Colledge, and Potter. Lots of potential there.
    Can we get a new O-line coach to develop these guys right?

  10. I am a huge cardinals fan and this years cardinals are done we won’t win another game. Our offense is worst offense in the league. Our defense was elite now they suck. The cards schedule is not an easy schedule the rest of the way so I don’t see us winning another game this year

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