Cardinals have nothing but praise for Aaron Rodgers

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When the Packers lost to the Giants in the NFC playoffs last season, linebacker Clay Matthews said that he felt the Packers beat themselves.

The Cardinals were on the wrong side of a 31-17 score in Sunday’s game against those same Packers, but they were a bit more willing to admit that the winning team was the one that did the beating on Sunday. Members of the Cardinals defense were particularly happy to credit Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers for getting the job done in the victory.

The Packers came into the game with a slew of injuries, including one that kept wide receiver Greg Jennings. Once the game got underway, they lost wide receiver Jordy Nelson, tackle Bryan Bulaga and Matthews to more injuries. According to Cardinals defensive end Darnell Dockett, none of that mattered because Rodgers was healthy.

“At the end of the day, as long as you got No. 12, you don’t have to give a (expletive) who else you got out there,” Dockett said, via Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. “They didn’t do nothing dramatic that we didn’t know he was going to do. He’s been doing it all year.”

Rodgers only completed 14-of-30 passes on Sunday, part of the reason he was less complimentary about his performance than the opposition. Four of those 14 completions went for touchdowns, the biggest of those coming on a 72-yard play to tight end Tom Crabtree in the third quarter after the Cardinals had scored 10 straight points to pull within a touchdown. That makes 22 touchdowns for Rodgers over the last six games, five of which were Packers wins that have put their shaky 1-2 start well into the rearview mirror.

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  1. Best player in the game right now, no question. He won’t win the MVP but he is the best. Peyton’s Broncos went to the playoffs with Tim fricken Tebow at QB last year.

  2. and i guess if for some reason Rodgers doesn’t win another superbowl, he’ll be thrown under the bus like Favre by Packer fans as well…

  3. dcviking says:Nov 5, 2012 12:49 PM

    and i guess if for some reason Rodgers doesn’t win another superbowl, he’ll be thrown under the bus like Favre by Packer fans as well…


    Aren’t you too busy jumping off the viking bandwagon to be criticizing Packer fans?

  4. Carl Gerbschmidt says: Nov 5, 2012 1:01 PM

    dcviking says:Nov 5, 2012 12:49 PM

    and i guess if for some reason Rodgers doesn’t win another superbowl, he’ll be thrown under the bus like Favre by Packer fans as well…


    Aren’t you too busy jumping off the viking bandwagon to be criticizing Packer fans?


    Nope, not jumping from anything…and I notice you didn’t say I was wrong.

  5. We threw Favre under the bus ONLY after he turned into a vindictive narcissistic little you know what. Going to play for the Vikings was only the last straw. We saw how he conducted himself after he retired and his true colors as a person showed. It wasnt pretty. We are grateful for what he did but his legacy is forever tarnished.

  6. He went 14 for 30 with what, 5 or 6 drops? The Packers are second in the league in dropped balls or something.

  7. No doubt Packer Fans threw Favre under the bus when he pulled his shenanigans. However, the bus driver goes by the name of Aaron Rodgers.

  8. Favre played 1 of the worst NFC championship games by a QB on their own home field in recent memory when Packers lost to the Giants. That offseason feeling unwanted and looking at the Packers roster he decided he wanted out so he fake retired, than came back right before training camp to try to pressure the Packers into releasing him so he could play with a veteran stacked Vikings team with a HOF caliber RB.

    Than he did the same thing to the Jets so they would draft Sanchez and he could weasel his way to Minnesota. Than he turned it into a huge payday not once but twice for himself. How is that a guy to respect & admire beyond being grateful for the good seasons he provided the Packers?

  9. Rodgers is the best in the game right now and I am a huge cardinals fan and right now we suck our offense is horrible our defense is playing decent we just can’t stop anyone right our schedule the rest of the season isn’t very forgiving I don’t see the cardinals winning another game this season

  10. @jhein23

    It absolutely isn’t.

    My point is that while he was in his prime, Green Bay fans were willing to overlook his drug use, alcohol use, womanizing, and everything else because he was winning games for the Packers.

    The moment that stopped or his skill set started to deteriorate, now his actions mattered — and yes, I some of I get with his retire/unretire/trade me/let me go.

  11. Favre wore thin due to the constant talk of retirement moreso than his play. When he “retired” the first time, it was already his 4th or 5th season talking retirement.

    There was talk after the 4th and 26th loss in 2003, and again after the Moss “moon game” in 2004. Then in 2005 the team was riddled with injuries where Brett was throwing to guys off the street. 2006 seemed to be the real “Favre retirement tour”, but they won some games down the stretch with young guys and he decided to stay for 1 more year. Then after the 2007 season he actually sort of retired, but then felt miffed at how the Packers actually moved on after several tries to talk him out of retirement.

  12. You reading this, Clay? This is an example on how to be a gracious loser. Please take extensive notes. Thank you.

  13. Like it or not the packers are one of the hottest teams in football despite being one of the most injured.

    Rodgers will probably win three or four more SBs before he’s done.

    Every team would be happy to have him, and people who are saying they don’t like him are–quite frankly–terrified of him and his team.

  14. That green and gold bus that just passed the leaky longship wasn’t dragging anyone underneath. But it seems that the “faithful” in East Dakota are about to keelhaul Cap’n Ponder, who they were ready to promote to Admiral a few weeks ago. Mutiny on the Minnow!

  15. And Cardinals fans have nothing but contempt for the refereeing and their Green Bay home cooking. Even the TV announcers were pointing out missed calls by the refs: offensive pass interference on touchdown pass play, etc. “Ghost” first down calls.
    I have never seen a game in which no offensive holding was called.
    It seems that certain things are legal in Green Bay that are penalties anywhere else.
    The replacement refs may have made mistakes, but at least they were not trying to influence the outcome of games.
    I’d rather have an incompetent ref than a dishonest one.

  16. dcviking says:
    Nov 5, 2012 12:49 PM
    and i guess if for some reason Rodgers doesn’t win another superbowl, he’ll be thrown under the bus like Favre by Packer fans as well…


    If Rodgers purposefully orchestrates his own departure out of Green Bay, abandons his teammates in the guise of “retiring”, and seeks an unconditional release (hummmm..that’s curious,) in order to play for a team that he feels would enable him to win a SuperBowl before finally retiring, then yes, I will be first in line to throw him under a bus. But you’re talking about a 100 Year Idiot Storm…..that kind of storm is not likely to come here again.

    No, in fact, Rodgers will end up with a 25’0″ tall bronze statue alongside Lambeau and Lombardi at the North Entrance to Lambeau Field….the spot that Favre could have had if he weren’t so stupid.

  17. Hey Viking fans! I wish Favre would have gotten you a Super Bowl. I would have been happy for him and you. Too bad the bounty hunters took it away. Packer fans have been blessed with 2 fabulous QB’s and many years of success. Why begrudge Viking fans a little something?

  18. Another Packers’ SuperBowl will put Brett Favre in the rearview mirror, too…

    Hang in there wayne1693 – The NFL is doing its best to make that happen.

  19. Because of the scab refs and the Fail Mary fiasco in Seattle, the Packers deserve each and every win more than any other team. Including the SB.
    Go Pack Go!!

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