Conflicting reports on whether Saints can negotiate with Payton


The question of whether Saints coach Sean Payton will become a free agent after the season morphed on Monday into the reality that, if he’s a free agent, he can’t accept a job with a new team until his suspension ends after the Super Bowl.  Which, in turn, has expanded into the question of whether the Saints can negotiate with Payton before his suspension ends.

Larry Holder of the New Orleans Times-Picayune reported on Monday afternoon that the Saints can work out a new contract with Payton, giving them an exclusive three-month window for negotiating a contract once the suspension of G.M. Mickey Loomis ends after Monday night’s game against the Eagles.

Now, Adam Schefter of ESPN (who pulled the pin on this particular grenade) reports that the Saints can’t negotiate with Payton while he’s suspended.

“There is a comprehensive ban on communication between Sean Payton and the Saints,” Schefter reports.  “Until there is specific written authorization from the NFL for such a business discussion to occur — and there has not been to date — then it’s expected that that the Saints and Payton’s representative Don Yee will not be in conducting any conversations because they do not want to to run afoul of any suspension guidelines.”

As we understand it, however, the NFL will allow the communications aimed at fixing the flaws in the contract that was rejected.

And it would be wise for the league to do so.  If Payton leaves the Saints upon becoming a free agent in February, the league will become even less popular in New Orleans.  You know, the place where the Super Bowl will be played.

Maybe Payton is hell bent on leaving the Saints.  If that’s the case, and if it happens after three failed months of negotiations on a contract to replace the one the league rejected, it will be much harder for Saints fans to blame the NFL for the final outcome.

Either way, the NFL, the Saints, or both need to clarify the situation ASAP.

15 responses to “Conflicting reports on whether Saints can negotiate with Payton

  1. If Payton can’t communicate with anyone, how did he get permission to attend the game when Brees set the record?

  2. Does anyone else watch MNF w/ the radio broadcast in synch, so they don’t have to listen to Gruden and Tirico?

  3. Payton would be smart to leave the Saints organization. Maybe he should go to Dallas? They will be looking for a HC… Jerry Jones will throw millions at this guy and make him the highest paid HC in NFL history.

  4. Wonder where Mara is in all of this? Lord knows he doesn’t want the Cowboys to get a real coach and offensive coordinator in Dallas.

  5. Any clarification by the league will either have to be cleared by The Great Roger Goodell Himself Live And In Person, or cleared by someone whose job security depends on the whim of Himself.

    Any clarification by the Saints will subject them to the whims of Master of Vendettas, The Great Roger Goodell Himself Live And In Person.

    My prediction is that until the phony Bountygate suspensions are rubber-stamped by someone The Great Roger Goodell Himself Live And In Person can trust, whether it’s Tagliabue or another “impartial” arbitrator, this entire contract issue is going to be held hostage.

  6. Lots of maybes and speculation on something that has already been clarified, just to create more articles, discussion, hits and page views. The Saints have already stated they want him back. They already gave him a contract, which he accepted. Payton has already stated that he WILL be back with the Saints after the MINOR problems with the contract are resolved. Payton is already one of the highest paid coaches. Payton has already stated an numerous occasions that he wants to keep working with Mickey Loomis and Brees.Why would he risk his legacy by leaving Brees for Tony Romo and Jerrah Jones?

  7. New Orleans is a tiny market – who cares what they think? New Orleans is about the same size as Bakersfield.

  8. “And it would be wise for the league to do so. If Payton leaves the Saints upon becoming a free agent in February, the league will become even less popular in New Orleans. You know, the place where the Super Bowl will be played.”

    I wouldn’t bet on the City of New Orleans or the Saints organization ending its relationship with the NFL in retaliation Sean Payton going to coach the Dallas Cowboys (which is his rumored destination after the season is over). Sean Payton’s existence will not impact the Super Bowl, or the Saints future existence in New Orleans.

    The Super Bowl is one of the world’s largest events. It’s economic impact is a lot bigger than a kerfawfle over a coach.

    Also, if the fans of the Saints and the City of New Orleans want to tell the NFL that it is no longer welcome in the Big Easy, I’ve heard there’s some city out west looking for a team … some city with a brand new stadium coming and a total population larger than 42 of the 50 states.

  9. I would love to see the redskins bring in payton as asst head coach/ asst offensive coordinator(to help teach Kyle) and head offensive quality control coach or head coach offense after the super bowl!!! I think he could help make the redskins offense and RG3 the best in the nfl!!!! and he could then be inline for the head coaching job after shanny is gone in 2 years!!!!! HTTR!!! and f…u.. .rooney rule its the biggest crock of crap in America

  10. The city of New Orleans and Saints fans had nothing to do with any “so called” bounty thing, but yet they are the ones being the most punished by all of this. It would have been better if only the ones who supposedly broke the rules were punished and the team still allowed to be competitive. In other words, a stiff financial fine to the particular coaches and players. The suspensions have affected everyone else who weren’t involved with any infractions. Doesn’t seem fair.

  11. the redskins should hire him as a offensive consultant and have him and Bruce Allen and shannys assistant in the front office to gain experience and to help build the team as well as a offensive coach to mentor and help Kyle build up the.offense!!!! hail to the redskins!!! bring in Sean payton in 2013 until he can have a real shot to be a head coach again in 2014

  12. i guess you need a color crayn map telling you in a pic no comunication hmm thats so hard to figure out
    then again loserania schools….

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