Coughlin, Manning disagree on issue with Giants passing game

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There’s no question that something was wrong with the Giants’ passing game during Sunday’s 24-20 loss to the Steelers.

It’s not nearly as clear why the team’s normally potent passing game was so ineffective. Coach Tom Coughlin said after the game that the team needs quarterback Eli Manning, who was 10-of-24 on Sunday, to start playing more like the Eli Manning with two Super Bowl rings.

“We’ve got to get him back on track,” Coughlin said, via Steve Politi of the Newark Star-Ledger. “He’s our guy, (and) we’ve got to get him back to the way he was playing a couple weeks ago and do it in a hurry.”

Manning agrees that the passing offense is off, but he disagrees that he’s the guy who needs to pick up his game to put things back in order.

“I feel like I’m throwing the ball accurately when I have opportunities to. I don’t feel off rhythm, no,” Manning said, via Steve Serby of the New York Post. “I think, offensively, in the passing game, whether we’re just running things we feel comfortable with or getting guys winning again so we get guys open, it’s just a combination of … I don’t feel like I’m throwing the ball inaccurate, I don’t feel like I’m missing guys, so I think it’s just a matter of getting back where offensively we’re playing fast and making good decisions and guys are winning and we’ll hit ’em.”

Sunday’s performance was caused by a lot of things. Manning’s accuracy wasn’t great and he was picked off by Ike Taylor on a ball that was left well short of the intended receiver. Victor Cruz had a few drops, Hakeem Nicks was nearly invisible and the offensive line didn’t do enough to protect Manning. It’s a problem that extends back to the previous week when the Giants struggled to put points on the board when the Cowboys weren’t gifting them turnovers.

Figuring out how to get all of the pieces moving again will be a big job for Coughlin, offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride, Manning and the rest of the Giants offensive players. If they can’t, it’s going to be hard for the Giants to maintain their lofty spot in the NFC even with the rest of the division floundering at present.

53 responses to “Coughlin, Manning disagree on issue with Giants passing game

  1. It’s across the board. Diehl is back, and terrible as ever. The rest of the O line isn’t helping. Cruz is dropping balls when he gets open, and double covered on more plays than not. Nicks clearly isn’t healthy and as dangerous as it should be and Eli hasn’t been standing up well to the pressure. Add in a running game which has been ineffective and you the makings of a sputtering offense. With a bye week after next week, they should have some time to get a bit healthier and figure things out a bit more.

  2. I’ve got the perfect solution to fix a struggling passing attack……..throw more.

    Andy Reid

  3. I loved all of the Steelers’ fans “OMGWTFLOL TOLD YOU THE STEELERS WERE AWESOME!!!1!!11!” responses from one of the previous articles. Yes, the Steelers beat the Giants. Yes, the Steelers were the better team yesterday. Yes, the Giants didn’t play as well as they should have. What’s making me nervous, a long-time Giants fan, is that their performance recently is indicitave of their characteristic second-half-of-the-season slide. The time to get hot is late in the season. I was concerned when they started hot. Hope my fears don’t come to fruition.

  4. His house wasn’t destroyed. That picture is from the lobby of the building that his condo is in. The only thing wrong with his place is there was no power and he had to stay in a hotel. I’m a
    Giants fan and I wouldn’t blame the loss on Eli. It was a team loss. They failed in many aspects of the game.

  5. RefsIt had nothing to do with the number one pass defense on the other side of the ball….. Steelers dominated that game from start. Horrendous officiating gave the Gmen thier only opportunities. Just glad the Steelers didn’t give up after they realized the refs were willing to do anything to hand this game to NJ/NY. Refs should be fined for that game. Im sure Clark will be fined for that clean hit. The refs need to be grateful the right team won that game. Now we can all just continue to ignore the fact that these overpaid zebras are no better if not worse then the so called scabs that were lambasted by the media (M.F.)

  6. dlc618 says: Nov 5, 2012 9:50 AM

    The dude’s house just got destroyed..I’m sure he was a little distracted.
    Eli also has over 100 million dollars to get undistracted.

    please, stop making excuses, I am one of the biggest Giant fans on the planet, but the game they played on Sunday was an embarrasment. They better beat Cincinnati heading into the bye week.

  7. yeah mannings struggling. last 3 games looked downright average at best even sanchez can put up 125..but everyone can get into a slump here and there, elis 2-1 in his struggling games and im sure hell pick it back up in the 2nd half of the year to lead us to the playoffs. not the end of the world he’ll be back.

  8. needs to do better at protecting him? we had 2 sacks in 24 pass attempts…it could be worse, and according to the commentators, only the 6th & 7th sacks on the season…total…i’d say they’re doing a pretty good job in that area

  9. What is comes down to his Pass PROTECTION…The Giants front 5 got manhandled by the Steelers front 5…bar none…I am a Giants fan die hard…I love Eli, but he is NOT mobile…he will find a target with two more seconds in the pocket…he didnt have that last night or in Dallas.

  10. papacrick says:
    Nov 5, 2012 10:06 AM
    Worst. defending. Super. Bowl. MVP. EVER.

    AWWWW. Still upset he’s better than your QB? What will you say when he wins a 3rd ring before he’s done? He got “lucky” a third time, right? When you write things like this, it shows your jealousy.

  11. Just like his brother; it’s never him. Brady would have just said I have to play better and we need to play better as a team. giants are not as good as their record.

  12. Diehl needs to be on the bench, where he should have been all season. Someone that big consistently gets owned by even average DEs. Locklear played much better in Diehl’s injury absence

  13. Giants are struggling in the red zone. When we have a kicker that is on pace to break the scoring record that is not a good sign.

    I don’t think Nicks is healthy and I am not sure why Bennett is not being featured more in the red zone.

    Diehl is awful at RT. Since his return the run game is terrible.

    On defense we got killed up the middle. Herzilach (spelling?) is a great story but he is nothing more then a special teams player. All I could see was the back of his jersey chasing players.

    We just need to get a W at Cincy and go into the bye at 7-3. Come out healthy with all the pieces.

    Stupid call by Fewell to bring the blitz on the 51 yard pass. We were getting there with four. Also the pentalty on Hosely was a killer.

  14. Eli looked even more stunned than usual, so the aftermath of Sandy contributed to the O being off, no doubt. How the Gints come out of the bye will tell a lot about their season.

    The Steelers “old and done Defense” courtesty of Warren the Sapp, has simply re-invented itself. Dick LaBeau is very adaptable for an old dude…and a defensive genius. #1 against the pass and will get better when Polamalu returns.

    Steelers dominated the Giants and even Goodell’s paid-off refs couldn’t steal a victory for the Gmen.

    The officiating yesterday was an embarrassment to the league!

  15. At least giants fans know when they are outclassed….manning should have torched this so called washed up defense..lmmao…yeah right! They still woulda lost if he was in m.v.p form or not!

  16. Nothing that went wrong yesterday could possibly be a fault of a Manning, they are all totally flawless, its everyone else’s fault.

  17. As A Giants fan, Both Bradshaw and Brown weren’t doing it yesterday. Would trying Wilson out a couple times hurt? Also why is Randle playing 3rd receiver when Barden and Hixon have proven themselves in previous games? I don’t get the moves they made with an offense that was potent earlier in the season.

  18. The Giants O has stank for at minimum 8 quarters and maybe 10. Jayron Hosley has been getting destroyed up the middle all year, Ahmed “2 yards” Rickshaw is not a good running back no matter what the Browns run d says. What they were thinking about running all 3rd quarter is beyond me. I love the Giants and have been a fan since 88 so no disrespect but you guys have looked off for 3 straight games!

  19. Two Super Bowl rings aside, Manning was never a very good quarterback. Before he fell into a Super Bowl win (a win caused more by the Giants defense then Mannings offense), he was far more likely to lead the league in interceptions then he was to be MVP. Its amazing how winning a Super Bowl can make people forget how much you actually suck.

    Its quite possible he has simply played over his head for a couple years and is coming back to earth. Despite a winning record, he hasn’t been very good this year.

  20. The Giants are blessed to be in the weakest division in the league two years in a row. Last season a 9-7 record gave them a chance to backdoor their way into the playoffs although what they did after that was truly amazing.

  21. Truth be told, the Giants, obviously, did not care enuf to win that game. Neither the coaches nor the players. The Giants are not a team that tries all season long, like the 18-1 Pats or the 15-2 Pack. They are designed to squeak into the playoffs and win the Superbowl. They need to avoid their home-field disadvantage in the playoffs.

  22. I like Eli, but the past few games illustrate why I hold the increasingly unpopular opinion of believing he’s not quite on par with Peyton, Brady, Rodgers, etc. While all QBs have bad games, Eli still seems to have more of them, and his lows are REALLY, is-there-a-typo-in-that-stat-line low. That said, it’s impossible to place all the blame on Eli for the team’s recent offensive struggles. This might be a welcome wake up call for the offense, who seemed to have grown accustomed to playing three uninspired quarters on the assumption that Eli can always pull out some last minute heroics.

  23. Contrary to what Eli said, is decision making and pass accuracy have been suspect the last 3 games. As Giant fans we watch every play from every angle possible…he’s obviously been off. Add in the dropped passes, routes run incorrectly by his receivers, and tougher opposing team’s coverages and it all looks way worst because this is all happening at the same time.

    That bye week won’t come too soon. They need some time to regroup as a team in sync and recharge their batteries.

  24. This game should not have been close The refs gave the giants 11 free points. Not a steelers fan btw

  25. Nicks was (nonexistent) is an understatement. He has been hurt, dropping passes that he has a good opportunity to catch, and get severely outplayed by an un-drafted free agent for the last two years. One catch for ten is pathetic for a guy that was considered to be a #1 WR. Put in Barden because Nicks is hurting the G Men.

  26. Really? The Giants are in the weakest division in the league? Give me a break. With the exception of maybe the AFC north, any AFC division can be considered the weakest in the entire league.

    The thing about the NFC east is that any team is capable of beating a winning team on any given night (i.e. Dallas last night).

    Let’s not forget the Giants have a very difficult schedule this year. Can’t say the same about those Patriots.

  27. I have no interesst in either team but reading all the comments and listening to the post game Giants you would think the Steelers were chopped liver and did not deserve to win. From my house atlest three very questionable calls that gave the Giants two touchdowns . The Steelers were in Giant teritory four times and did not score. The Steelers kept the Giants to no scores in last qt, for all that went againt Pittsburgh they kept their end of the game up and won. I think I heard where the Steelers did not even get on a plane till Sunday. Tooooomany excuses by the G-men.

  28. Eli and pizza boy are never wrong. Everybody else is wrong. What the hell does Tom C. know.

  29. calm down giants fan. step back from the ledge and replace the glass on the panic button.
    you should all know by now that your team thrives on pressure and there wasnt any yesterday. out of conference opponent, much more important things going on in the city, playing at home. as the season progresses and it becomes more imperative that they play well and play focused, they will, and they’ll find a way to contend for the Lombardi. RELAX!

  30. according to giants beat writers on twitter:

    Eli : “I’ve gotta play better. I’ve gone thru (bad) stretches before. I just have to bounce back. Offensively we have to play better.”

    Coughlin: “We’ve got to get him back on track … it’s not just Eli.”

    sounds like the opposite of your headline.

  31. Why doesn’t anybody question Gilbrides ability to call plays. This guy is the most predictable O.C. in the NFL.

    No screen plays, No swing or bubble pass to RB, No flee flickers reverses or trick plays at all
    no quick slants, no more double tight end formations, no mid game no huddle offence with the best 2 min QB in the game. ect, ect

    In the last two weeks all he had to do was get a couple of first down to win the games and couldn’t do it. That’s why nobody has ever offered him a H.C. job.

    He couldn’t even get the H.C. job at UCONN and he’s a CT native. They took an Ex Dallas flunky instead.

  32. i have been a giants fan since the 1970s. I believe that Eli is one of the best quarterbacks I have seen and I remember Fran Tarktenton and others, yes I am that old:). The last three games were not the best for the giants, granted, but all cannot be blamed on Eli. it is not an excuse, but we have all been distracted by the storm, and Eli had to disrupt his family because the condo lobby was severely damaged and is without power. people have a little compassion. money is not everything, Eli is a human being with feelings

  33. Steelers fans should bask in this win because they know they won’t sniff the Super Bowl. Meanwhile the giants will be there competing to win a 3rd title in 6 years. First off david Diehl is terrabad. Our running and passing game is much better with locklear in. Manning was hounded all day mostly from the right side so he needs to go.
    For whatever reason I haven’t noticed us using the NASCAR formation much and instead we play zone. Zone defense was good in the 80s when you wanted to stop a Dickerson or Walter Payton and stop screen passes but in today’s NFL the zone does not work. Eli is elite and he will be fine. Nicks will get healthier and when Phillips comes back next week we will be using 3 safeties again which will let us tee off on the QB. But the fact that locklear was benched for an ineffectual scrub and the fact that david Wilson rides the pine for a dude who’s inconsistent at best shows that coughlin is to loyal to the so called veterans. So blast away at me all you want when I say this but coughlin is responsible for that and for gilbride. So it’s all on him.

  34. kyle6286 says:
    “Let’s not forget the Giants have a very difficult schedule this year. Can’t say the same about those Patriots.”

    Actually the current
    winning % of Giants’ opponents = 48%
    winning % of Pats’ opponents = 49%

    i don’t know why people insist on looking at strength of schedule according to the previous year’s records. it’s worthless.

  35. Coughlin should not call out Eli,when clearly it is not is fault that receivers drop balls,and run the wrong routs,that said Eli misreads coverages at times so he can practice more and get his receivers back on the same page.Coughlin needs to show a little more respect for his 2 time Mvp in super bowls.

  36. I knew as soon as Flaherty said that Dave Diehl was going to be starting and Locklear (who’s been the most consistent guy on the line, no less) would be a healthy scratch, that the offense was going to be just as spotty as he has been since Diehl’s decline began late in 2010. Run plays blown up galore, and got destroyed in pass protection, did Diehl EXPECTED.

  37. herrerabrad says: Nov 5, 2012 10:51 AM

    What is comes down to his Pass PROTECTION…The Giants front 5 got manhandled by the Steelers front 5…bar none…I am a Giants fan die hard…I love Eli, but he is NOT mobile…he will find a target with two more seconds in the pocket…he didnt have that last night or in Dallas.

    It was just Diehl.

    Baas got beaten once, Snee twice, Boothe was great all game, and Beatty was good outside of the false start that helped stall the drive late in the first half.

  38. papacrick says:
    Nov 5, 2012 10:06 AM
    Worst. defending. Super. Bowl. MVP. EVER.
    Which Superbowl MVP are you referring to since he has won two of them. Besides I am sure Desmond Howard, Larry Brown, or Dexter Jackson would have a huge say in your statement. Finally, Eli does what he can. He is not invincible. Nicks hasn’t been healthy since last season and has quietly sucked this season minus one game. Cruz is busy dropping balls like crazy and is inconsistent. The running game averaged a whopping 3.1 yards per carry yesterday in route to an amazing 68 yards rushing, and the offensive line is just plain offensive. You should really look at the big picture before ripping a 2x Superbowl MVP.

  39. yes agreedn Coughlin should not have called out eli manning, one cannot always blame him when receivers do not catch and they drop and fumble, like Cruz (inconsistent) and Nicks (injuries). also this last game, eli was doing ok but yes he was a little distracted because of his family issues resulting from the storm, he is human. i hope people stop blaming eli when the team was just plain flat.

  40. geniusfan says:
    Nov 6, 2012 12:00 AM
    Say it with me Giants fans: Your quarterback is having a bad season.

    You mean this season? the one that up until last week Eli leads the league in passing.

    I guess the word genius has a whole other meaning where you come from?

    Must be an frustrated Eagle or Cowboy fan

  41. how can anyone say Eli Manning is having a bad season? He is one of the top three QBs with Aaron Rogers, and Drew Brees. His passing has been excellent. He had one not so good game of which by the way, he did not throw an interception (contrary to his brother who threw 2 sunday, and despite that broncos won). Eli needs to be protected better as he was sacked 2 times on sunday

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