Doug Martin adds a new dimension to Buccaneers

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When Doug Martin was growing up nearby in Stockton, Calif., he couldn’t have dreamed about anything quite like this.

The Buccaneers running back had more than 60 friends and family in the stands at Oakland, and he gave them something to see, running for 251 yards and four touchdowns.

“Just about everybody was here,” Martin said, via Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune. “My mom was here, of course, and a whole bunch of family members and friends. Even some of my teammates from high school were here.

I’m just glad I could put on a good show for them.”

He did more than put on a show, he re-wrote the Bucs record book. Along with his 272 yards from scrimmage, he set new franchise single-game records for rushing yards and touchdowns.

He also joined former Broncos back Mike Anderson as the only backs with 250 yards rushing and four touchdowns in a game, and is the first player since 1940 to score three touchdowns of at least 45 yards.

With nearly 500 total yards the last two games (including a nationally televised one), he’s proving to be the backbone of one of the league’s hottest offense. They became the first team in franchise history to score at least 28 points in four straight games, and they’re up to fifth in the league in scoring.

“It’s huge to have an offense like that,” veteran defensive back Ronde Barber said. “We have forever been the kind of team that just stuck around and stuck around in games. But now we’re taking control of games, we’re scoring a lot of points and that’s big. It’s fun to be on this team and it’s fun to watch a guy like Doug Martin have the kind of games he’s been having here lately.

“We knew as soon as he got here that we had something special with him, so all the praise he’s going to get after this is deserved. The kind of stuff he did today and last week, that stuff gives you a winning edge.”

That he’s able to do it as a first-year player, on a team that’s lost both starting guards to injury, makes it that much more impressive.

11 responses to “Doug Martin adds a new dimension to Buccaneers

  1. raiders D hot and cold – it was a fluke.

    and they almost lost , oakland had ball with 2 mins left, down by 3 , near their own 40,

    carson threw a pick, hagan didnt look up, it happens.

  2. Excuse me if i get a little excited for I have never said this before , but the Bucs offense is explosive!

  3. H3min, the GMen fans were just trying to cope with the fact that Dominik swooped in a head of them to get the back they coveted. Martin is the real deal and he makes the Bucs scary good. This team could become a pick your poison type. Defeat by Freeman and passing attack or defeat by Muscle Hamster.

  4. Say what you want about fluke but the Raiders have a strong D line. They showed it all first half. Martin has great field vision and he is growing by leaps and bounds each week with great coaching from Ernest Byner. This is a great RB in the making. It is hard to compare him to many other RB’s. He is different.

    He is DOUG MARTIN !

    Maybe one day, others will be compared to him.

  5. That was no fluke, no friggin way.

    Even in the first half, when he wasn’t ripping off long gains, you could sense he was about to.

    The kid has a crazy combination of vision, balance and ability at the LOS to slide to the next gap.

    And he does it all in a heartbeat.

    Hats off to the kid, that was special.

  6. Martin reminds me a lot of another small rb who tore the league up for awhile, in Brian Westbrook. He has crazy vision and even being smaller in stature is so hard to tackle. Hats of to you Doug Martin, you’re legit!

  7. Was rolling along nicely in my fantasy league until my opponent had Martin, lear-frogged me and left me standing in the dust.

  8. GO BUCS! DOUG MARTIN is the real deal and so is the bucs offense!!!! I’ve been a bucs fan since 1986 and that’s the first time I’ve been able to say that lol.

    If that win was a fluke then all the bucs losses were a fluke too.

  9. I have been a Bucs fan since I was a kid. I can’t remember a time when the Bucs ran up a score the way this offense has this season. All we need is a replacement for E.J. Biggers at cornerback (he got burned multiple times yesterday) and we will be pretty good on both sides of the ball. At least enough to not give up the big pass plays like yesterday. I really hope that Martin is not a flash in the pan. He could be one of those HOF type players if he can be consistant and last a while.

    For now:
    In Doug we trust!!! Go BUCS!!

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