Jake Locker getting closer to a return


If you’re a Titans fan in search of a silver lining, here’s one (ignore the huge black cloud that just dropped 12 inches of rain on you).

According to Terry McCormick of Titans Insider, second-year quarterback Jake Locker is nearly healed from a left shoulder injury, and could be back on the field “fairly soon.”

While that’s fairly nebulous as reports go, it’s a shred of positive news, which Titans fans should latch onto, after they were destroyed by the Bears and then set on notice by their owner last night.

Locker’s non-throwing shoulder dislocated for the second time in Week Four, and they’re awaiting results of an MRI today to know precisely when he’ll be ready to go. This week’s game against the Dolphins may still be too soon, especially with a bye week before they return to action Nov. 25 at Jacksonville. He still may need surgery in the offseason, but they don’t know that yet.

They need to make sure he’s well, and not rush him back just because people are getting tight around the offices, fearing for their jobs.

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  1. The first time they reattached his arm there was a mixup and Jake was walking around with his left palm pointed outwards. But someone noticed and they’re pretty sure they’ve got it right this time.

  2. Luckily, Locker doesn’t have Gabbertitis: an overpowering fear of the quarterback position, resulting in sprinting backwards immediately upon receiving the snap, and throwing the ball out of bounds laterally to avoid contact from rushers ten yards away.

    Unfortunately for Locker, however, he’s unable to hit moving targets. Kind of important for the job.

  3. Don’t bring him back until he’s healed.

    After all, Locker can only do so much by himself. The Titans still have the same defense, the same hesitant, bunny hopping CJ, and the same looney coaches that kick field goals when down by 20.

  4. @Kluuuuuug and @citnetter — you two are a real pair of morons.
    Locker has been one of the few bright spots for this franchise… he has shown much promise and looks to be the real deal. Not sure if you’ve watched any Titans games but Locker sure passes the simple eye test. He has brought energy to the team and out performed dink and dunk Hasslebeck. And the stats also back that up. Locker has a higher completion percentage and QB rating and less int’s.

    @kluuuug, Locker’s completion percentage is higher than Hass’s this year and Drew Brees, Cutler, Flacco, Vick, Cam Newton and Eli Manning to name just a few! And within decimal points of Stafford, Schuab and Dalton.

    I for one cannot wait till we finally hand over our reigns to our future franchise QB. I look forward to any game were Locker is starting, the sooner and more often he plays the better it is for the entire team.

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