Jets don’t anticipate changing quarterbacks

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With embattled Eagles coach Andy Reid giving quarterback Mike Vick a clear, non-week-to-week commitment as the starter, an obvious question arises when it relates to the New York Jets.

Why haven’t they done the same with Mark Sanchez?

Sources close to Sanchez believe that the quarterback’s recent contract extension means that Sanchez will be with the team, and in turn be the starter, through 2013 at a minimum.  The Jets, we’re told, are somewhat less unequivocal.

Per a source with direct knowledge of the situation, the Jets don’t anticipate benching Sanchez this season.  Still, changes to the starting lineup at quarterback and any other position would ultimately be coach Rex Ryan’s decision.  If he determines it’s in the best interests of the team to make a change, then he will.

That said, we continue to believe that if a change is going to be made to Tim Tebow, it needs to happen now.  If the Jets wait until they add a sixth or seventh loss and if Tebow at that point gets the nod and turns things around, the obvious question will be why the Jets didn’t pull the trigger sooner.

Thus, while Sanchez hasn’t received the same kind of commitment publicly or privately that Vick has obtained, Sanchez’s status could as a practical matter be more secure, since few believe that Reid will stick with Vick if the Eagles lose tonight at New Orleans and then on Sunday against the Cowboys.

35 responses to “Jets don’t anticipate changing quarterbacks

  1. You guys might as well recycle the same stories each week with the eagles and jets until they change quarterbacks. This is getting old.

  2. This constant stream of articles about the lowly Jets has gotten out of hand. why don’t you spend your time writing about teams that are at least mediocre–say, the 8-o Falcons?

  3. Hahahaha!

    The Yets are proving to be who we thought they were…a bunch of windbags who can’t back uo their big talk!

    Still ain’t won nothing yet! NOTHING!

  4. The NY Jets are up to something. They are not saying what they’re doing with Tebow, They don’t want NE know what they’re doing or else NE would send people to spy on the Jets. That’s how NE been winning their games, spying,

  5. come on you guys know you want them to wait untill they lose a couple more and the season is lost and then they toss tebow out there with no practice time so you can say we told you he sucks when he does not win right away.

  6. Here’s a thought: the Jets aren’t changing quarterbacks because they know that every QB on the roster is terrible, and none of them will be on the roster next season.

    Just end the season indeed.

  7. It’s a beautiful horizon for fin fans.. Brady and wes shop for hair plugs together while playing with eachothers uggs.. sexy rexy, mark “dirty” sanchez, and the virgin cant seem to figure out how to engage in a threesome.. Buffalo is, well, buffalo.. And my fins are up and coming with a coach of the year candidate and one of the best young qbs in the game.. Suck it afc east!

  8. The intent of the Jets and the NFL was to put Tebow on a team where he would not start under any circumstances, because he is bad for the NFL alcohol and jersey business.
    That is why Tebow has not and will not start no matter how bad Sanchez plays.
    The Jets made a big point about using Tebow as a vital part of the offense. You can see that they have only used him sparingly, and never allow him to throw passses.
    Hopefully soon, this all will dawn on Tebow and he will go to another team that is not out to defraud him.

  9. What do you think is worse for Sanchez’s confidence? Being benched for Tebow? Or going out there and stinking it up every week?

  10. I’ve been a Jets fan for almost 20 years, and while Sanchez deserves a lot of the blame, so does the front office. Tannenbaum has done a horrible job over the past 2 years acquiring talent. They change WR’s every single year and the one they keep is a loud month showboat who is grossly overpaid. In my opinion, Tannenbaum should be fired after the season. The 2012 NY Jets roster is void of one very important thing – Talent.

  11. This is due to sanchizes mental make up being so weak. They have to coddle and baby him so that he doesn’t go cry in the corner.

    Really, this is not what a franchise QB is supposed to look like, or act like. He has no leadership ability IMO.
    He has become an expensive mistake they look to be stuck with.

  12. Dont put sanchez in the same convo with Vick, sanchez is straight garbage, never had know one to push him he stinks every single week. Sanchez a is arena league football player, i really dont care who play QB for the Jets cause right now they dont have one. Should never let brunell go and thats sad to say. Time for them to blow that whole team up

  13. its a sad day when a qb needs a source close to him to feed a writer his perspective on losing his job and then tying it to his contract rather than his play.

    to the dolphin fan, slow your roll dude. i know you haven’t been near .500 for a while, but really. must be some good cigars you have down there….

    to the guy who says the nfl and the jets are in some kind of conspiracy against tebow, have you been getting your cigars from the guy in miami?

  14. So signing Tebow was a cheesy publicity stunt to get the NYC media’s attention off the Super Bowl winning Giants? That’s the way to build a team!

  15. Teams whiff on high draft picks—see Jamarcus Russell—because that happens. But to keep treating Sanchez like he’s anything but a terrible mistake is to make him the Vernon Gholston of the quarterback world.

    When a high pick with all kinds of “potential” turns out to be a joke, move on!

  16. Why is everybody dumping on Tanny?

    Didn’t he lock up Sanchez until 2013?
    Didn’t he guarantee Tone’s contract so the Jets could not trade/cut him?
    I believe Bart Scott’s contract is also guaranteed?

    Forget Obama, 4 more years for Tanny and the Front Office !

  17. Well, if “sources close” to Sanchez believe he’s the starter until 2013 “at a minimum” I guess that settles everything…

    What a truly weird quote. I can get asking some third party observers what they think and having some say the contract extension means Sanchez will get as long as possible to turn things around. But why would anyone put any reliability in what Sanchez’s camp has to say? Like they’re going to advocate him being benched?

  18. I don’t get the Jets. They’re not going anywhere with the current talent especially at QB (granted Revis injury hurt). They keep playing the same game plan with the same QB and basically they don’t really have a chance to make the playoffs. I think by now they know what they got with Sanchez and that’s not the future. Next game would be the lynch pin for me. If Sanchez plays a bad game, go with Tebow and see what happens. If he sucks after a couple of games, you’ll know he’s not the future either. Perhaps the Jets are sticking with Sanchez for two reasons: 1) they want to draft high for the next QB and 2) they are “hiding” Tebow’s talent (i.e. lack of) so he remains a mystery and another team may take a chance on giving up a draft choice.

  19. davidcl77 says: Nov 6, 2012 10:32 PM

    That idiot Ryan doesn’t know what to do. Just give up and go eat.

    Ahhh the good old Rex is fat joke. Was this supposed to be funny, cuz you failed. By the way Rex isn’t even fat anymore really. Time to think of something new but you obviously can’t cuz if you could, you wouldn’t of just copied what thousands have said already. Makes you look like a corny 12 year old.

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