Loomis returns from suspension after Monday’s game with immediate problem to solve


When the final gun sounds on Monday night’s game between the Eagles and the Saints, the eight-game suspension of New Orleans G.M. Mickey Loomis will end.

And he’ll have a very good reason to get back to work, quickly.

In the wake of Adam Schefter’s report that coach Sean Payton’s contract extension was rejected and that Payton will become a free agent after the season, Loomis needs to resolve the situation ASAFP.

Regardless of how it all works out, it likely will.  As we reported last night, the Saints are adamant that Payton will be the team’s coach in 2013.  Whether it happens by Payton’s current contract being tolled by a year due to his suspension or by the language the league rejected being removed (with Payton likely getting a raise in return in return for it) or by a new deal being done, the Saints fully intend to bring Payton back.

Indeed, given that Payton negotiated language allowing him to leave if G.M. Mickey Loomis no longer is employed by the team, why would Payton want to leave if Loomis is still with the Saints?

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  1. More importantly to Saints fans, why would Sean Peyton want to go to Dallas if Jerry Jones was still the GM?

    Sure, JJ is one of Sean’s good friends, but that doesn’t mean he will want to work for him again. Jones is a great guy to be friends with. He treats everyone around him very well. But I think most of us will agree that he is a terrible GM..

  2. Because he’s a sneaky little man who plays flag football with Troy Aikman!

    But honestly, as much as I’d love to troll the crap out of Sean Payton leaving the Saints for Dallas, it won’t happen. Why would Payton want to work for the worst owner in sports when he can already do pretty much whatever he wants in New Orleans?

  3. Why is Sean Payton having that language in his contract not ok, but a GM having that same language pertaining to a team being sold ok? It makes no sense to me. I’m pretty sure Roger is trying to stick it to the Saints in anyway he can.

  4. So you’re saying that a coach who who cheats and just received one of the most severe and embarrassing penalties in league history would have GM’s and owners competing to give him wheelbarrels full of money?

  5. Loomis can therefore talk to Payton BEFORE the game ends, which I am sure he has already done.

    It has been worked on already. Payton and Loomis already have the wink nod or don’t.

  6. Please explain how the GM (who is responsible for running the entire organization) get less punishment then the head coach who works for him. Must be more of godell’s convoluded logic.
    Godell and the owners can do what they want, but all enemies will be held accountable.

  7. One problem with this entire story… Because of Payton’s suspension, he’s not allowed to have any contact with the Saints organization. So how are they supposed to work out the particulars of a contract extension, unless they are working through an agent?!?!?

  8. It is unprecedented in the history of sport for a commissioner to invalidate a contract long after it was signed. Imagine if Goodell had been commish of baseball in the 20’s, he would have canceled the Babe Ruth trade after the first championship due to some technicality. Other commissioners let the clubs play, Gooddell does everything in the most sneaky underhanded improper way to grab the headlines for himself. If he didn’t like the contract, he should have let everyone know day 1, not after suspending the parties involved from contacting eachother. Its almost like the excessive unexpectedly harsh suspensions for Payton and Loomis were expressly designed to cause this exact problem.

  9. I been saying this from the offseason all this mess is not about a bounty program, this is about dis-assembling the New Orleans Saints organization trying to make Tom Benson move the Saints to another state. If there were any solid evidences of a true bounty NFL commissioner Roger Goodell wouldn’t have wasted time showing solid evidences because there is no evidences. Mr.Tom Benson need to do a solid investigation on the NFL and Roger Goodell because they are trying to destroy his organization. They knew how to dismantle Sean Payton by a year suspension and no contact with the organization in order to throw Mr.Tom Benson off from trying to work a deal with Sean Payton. Someone else is behind this mess to because the first owner poped up was Jerry Jones, this man here a unbelieveable we talks about a snake this is one. You don’t have friends when it comes to business like football it a good sport but it’s not fair, commissioners shouldn’t have ties with owners this is a business.

  10. Payton is a great coach. I dont think he is likely to go any place.

    I do find it interesting though that everyone wants to hire head coaches who have won super bowls. Does no one realize that no head coach, in the entire history of the NFL, has won a SB with more than one team?

    Sure, you might breed success with a new team in terms of competitive, but you aren’t likely to be able to win the big game. Which means you’re basically building a team up for the next coach/front office to take over.

  11. The bigger question here is why did Roger Goodell wait until now to void the contract? I’m not trying to throw out any wild speculation, but I think it’s a very valid question.

  12. @stadanko
    These are just a few questions raised by the Payton contract. It is even more curious that we are discussing this in November 2012, when the NFL rejected the extension in September 2011.

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