Matthews could miss “a couple weeks” with hamstring

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The Packers enter a bye week at just the right time.

Coach Mike McCarthy just told reporters that outside linebacker Clay Matthews could miss “a couple weeks,” with his hamstring strain, while Nick Perry is getting a second opinion on his knee.

Matthews has a history of hamstring problems, but will in fact have a couple weeks before the Packers play again. They return Nov. 18 against the Lions.

Perry hasn’t played since injuring his knee Oct. 14 against the Texans, and if he and Matthews are both out, the Packers would be dangerously thin in terms of pass rush.

McCarthy also said they’re “still gathering information” about the hip injury of right tackle Bryan Bulaga, and that he was seeing a specialist. That doesn’t sound good.

There was good news, as wide receiver Jordy Nelson’s ankle injury wasn’t deemed serious.

19 responses to “Matthews could miss “a couple weeks” with hamstring

  1. Packers are just getting drilled with injuries this year – Jennings, Nelson, Kuhn, Benson, Bulaga, Sherrod, Woodson, Matthews, Perry, Worthy, Shields, Bishop, Smith. There’s 8 former 1st and 2nd rd picks in those names. Matthews, Woodson and Jennings 3 of the NFL’s better players.

  2. Zombo is back now, so that should help at LB. And Shields and Woodson should be back after the bye, and probably Matthews, Jennings, Nelson, Kuhn & Worthy.

  3. jhein23 – “Matthews, Woodson and Jennings 3 of the NFL’s better players.”

    In what universe were you living in thinking that Woodson was one of the better DB’s in the league. If anything they got better when he went out in the secondary. At the very least, 3 less PI calls per game.

  4. In before “look at all these injuries, this is exactly what happened during our Super Bowl win year!” comments. Cause you know, correlation equals causation.

  5. Last time I checked he won the DPOY award 2 years ago. He’s still a solid player and up until very recently was 1 of the NFL’s best players.

  6. You are a blind homer if you think he is one of the best still. I can name 6 d-backs in the North I would rather have on my team right now. He isn’t even the best d-back on his team…

  7. And I’m not a blind homer – he’s not still 1 of the best but there are at least 25 teams that could find a spot for him in their starting lineup.

  8. mazblast says:
    Nov 5, 2012 6:01 PM
    IMO Matthews is overrated enough to be a Patriot or Cowboy.

    Well, being 2nd in the league in sacks means you know little.

    So your opinion means about as much as Christian Ponder means to the Vikings.

  9. Matthews is overated? Not even a little bit my friend, you might want to pay attention a little to what happens on the field. His value to the Packers is nearly equal to that of Rodgers IMO.

    It is next man up though, its not like they’re gonna start playing with 10 defenders if Matthews can’t play. It may seem like that because of his impact but someone has to step up to try and get the job done.

    As for Zombo well he had 5 sacks as a rookie and he had a sack and 2 tackles for loss in the SB so hes capable when healthy. Then theres Walden and Moses. Robert Francois can play OLB, Brad Jones, Jamari Lattimore. Its gonna be a team effort because no one player will have the impact that Clay does if he misses any time.

  10. Bulaga hasn’t had an especially good year. But they’ll need to pick up some OLine help if he can’t return. If Jennings and Nelson get back at something approaching full strength to team with Cobb and Jones, an average defense should be more than enough to put this team into the playoffs. And I don’t think any other team in the league would feel very happy to face them there.

  11. I think clay will be back after the bye week. although we probably wont need him against Detroit. I can see him ready to go but the pack not playing him. Jordy will be back which is HUGE. And not to speculate about the draft already, but left tackle should be circled for the first round!

  12. Be nice to see some other team get injured instead of us….

    This is getting annoying – seeing an overrated team with no depth get all the luck in the world when it concerns injuries (bears) run off against a cupcake schedule and yap about being “The best” …

    We’ll still probably beat ’em with whatever 3rd stringer squad we have left, but c’mon man…. let’s see them have to overcome the injuries we’ve had to overcome…

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