Mike Munchak says he understands Bud Adams’ anger

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After watching his team get blown out by the Bears, Titans owner Bud Adams ranted that Tennessee had been, among other things, “grossly outcoached.” Titans coach Mike Munchak says he got the message loud and clear.

Munchak said he had a brief conversation with Adams on Monday, and although Munchak declined to say how that conversation went, he did say he realizes that he’s accountable for the state of the team, and that the 3-6 Titans aren’t good enough.

“Obviously Mr. Adams is very much entitled to his opinion, and I probably would have said the same thing if I were him,” Munchak said at his press conference today, via Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean. “This is his team, he expects us to play well, especially at home, that is our job. That is my job, to make sure we are out there playing our best and winning games at home. And we didn’t do that and we didn’t play well and I would be upset too if I were him.”

Adams seems to be troubled not just by the Titans’ record, but by the fact that most of their losses haven’t even been close. Five of the Titans’ six losses were blowouts, while their three wins were all by a field goal or less, and Tennessee ranks dead last in the league in net points, at minus-126. The average score of the Titans’ nine games is a 34-20 loss.

If Munchak doesn’t turn things around, in seven weeks he may be saying at a farewell press conference that he understands why Adams fired him.

10 responses to “Mike Munchak says he understands Bud Adams’ anger

  1. Mike understands Bud’s anger, but he has taken the precaution of obtaining a protection order just in case. Bud is not allowed with 200 meters of his home, and must not approach him in public without third parties present.

  2. @stephen

    Sorry, I meant assistant. Either way, a good guy and a great player and a very knowledgeable OL coach.

    Some make the transistion very well and some are better off as coordinators or assistant coaches. Just the way it is…….

  3. It certainly doesn’t help that they’ve devoted a ridiculous amout of cap space to a running back who can’t break a tackle or make a defender miss. But hey, if you can open up a wide open lane where he can get behind the defense untouched… he sure is fast.

  4. This is why you do not make assistant coaches head coaches.. They need to move up the ladder and earn the title of HEAD coach.. Being a HOF player does not mean your even close to a good coach… How we won 9 games last year ill never know.. The Titans are always the youngest team on the field too.. Maybe its time they clean house with GM and all..

    This team hasnt been good since 2002.. I hope they can turn it around soon..

  5. He seems like a nice guy but I think it’s also his biggest drawback. Im actually glad bud called them all out, those things needed to be said. In fact it should have come from munchak but he looks like he wouldn’t be able to scold a kitten. We need a coach with some killer instinct and discipline. Im so tired of this team being so bad.

  6. I wonder if that face-to-face between Adams and Munchak involved the notorious “double-barrell salute.”

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