PFT Live: Payton’s future with New Orleans in doubt

The NFL rejected the contract extension between Sean Payton and the Saints, meaning Payton will be a free agent at the end of the season. Will he be back in New Orleans? Plus, Mike Shanahan sounds like he is waving the white flag for the Redskins and the Vikings might as well do that now.

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2 responses to “PFT Live: Payton’s future with New Orleans in doubt

  1. I wouldn’t be shocked if Payton left. I think he’s sick of the bounty mess and probably would like to start over with a clean slate. I suspect he’s not too pleased that Benson didn’t step up and hire somebody like Parcells to coach the team this year instead of wasting the season like we are doing. If somebody with deep pockets makes him a good offer, I suspect he will go.

  2. matrialman80

    What does the “bounty mess” have to do with Payton wanting to leave? Why would he have wanted to hire someone else to “hold his place”? what happens if that new coach won the superbowl? You think his position would be cemented. Payton is not going anywhere. This wild speculation is getting out of hand. He has free reign on the saints organization to do what he wants. He would be a puppet under Jerry Jones. Benson also hired him on to do odds and ends for the Hornets, in order to recoup some of his salary.

    Did you also know that a head coach has never won superbowls with seperate teams? Why would he want to go somewhere else and start over when he has a team, he built, that is a contender almost every year.

    You are fooling yourself if you actually think payton is going anywhere.

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