Ravens-Steelers remains on NBC in Week 11, Patriots-Colts at 4:25

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Patriots vs. Colts is a marquee game in the NFL again.

After years of being one of the NFL’s biggest games of the season, last year’s Patriots-Colts battle lost its luster when Peyton Manning was lost for the season, and as a result the NFL moved last season’s Patriots-Colts game from prime time to a 1 p.m. Eastern kickoff. But this year Andrew Luck has the Colts on the way to the playoffs again, and so it’s no surprise that the NFL announced today that the Week 11 Patriots-Colts game has been moved from 1 p.m. to 4:25 p.m. on CBS, putting it in a time slot where more fans will be able to see it.

The NFL also announced that the NBC prime time game for Week 11 is unchanged: Ravens-Steelers will remain the Sunday Night Football game on November 18. That’s also no surprise, as the longstanding rivalry once again features the two teams battling for AFC North supremacy.

Week 11 is the first week of the NFL’s flexible scheduling. From Week 11 through the end of the season, the NFL adjusts kickoff times to put the best games in the slots where the most fans will be able to watch. For Weeks 12-16, the league will announce the final schedule at least 12 days in advance. For Week 17, in which all 32 teams will play on Sunday, December 30, the NFL may wait until after the end of all the Week 16 games on Sunday, December 30, to put the games with the biggest playoff implications in the best time slots.

23 responses to “Ravens-Steelers remains on NBC in Week 11, Patriots-Colts at 4:25

  1. Typical Belicheat cheating. When will it stop? Changing the kick off time by 3 hours so he will have more time to prepare for the colts. Disgraceful.

  2. The Colts have played the Patriots in every regular season since 2003. We get it. Somehow, someway, it was always Peyton vs. Brady. How about we start playing other teams and shake things up a little bit, NFL? It’s time to move on.

  3. Big mistake….Luck will beat the Pats in NE and nbc will dread not putting Luck in the night game!!! HAIL TO THE COLTS!!!

  4. As we all know, Roger Goodell has really been a proactive Commissioner.

    And Commissioner Goodell has made a number of moves that seem hypocritical, arbitrary and/or unpopular.

    But one of his strong moves (IMO) is the late-season flex-scheduling. Very good move.

    Another was his role in limiting rookie contracts, and re-allocating those funds toward proven veterans.

    Here’s a small one: the NFL logo looks tighter now too after some relatively subtle changes.

  5. You guys are so stupid! Ok ONE..Belichick doesn’t do the time changing, it’s the NETWORKS moron! It’s a good game between two Playoff teams so CBS wants it in it’s later slot w/Nantz and Simms on the call b/c it’s their doubleheader week. Second of all, the Colts and the Patriots play every year b/c of the way the schedule is formatted, first place teams play other first place teams, etc and this year the Patriots play the AFC South so in turn, they play the Colts.

  6. @giorgiom3, No one decides that the Pats and Colts will play. It is a set formula.
    The reason they played every year all those years is because they both finished first in their respective devisions year after year. Occasionally, it was just because each team in the AFC East was to play every other team in the AFC South, as is the case this year (they rotate between all the other divisions yearly). Sometimes, the reasons coincided, so it was either or.
    They ONLY thing they have a say over is what time they play.

  7. This is ridiculous to even discuss:
    Ravens-Steelers by RECORD alone is still much more important. AND it’s a division game. AND it’s still the best NFL rivalry.

    The reason this is discussed is because today’s fans and media are generally obsessed with FANTASY numbers. How’s many yards can your QB throw for? How many jerseys does your skill player sell? Please. Give us real football once in a while.

  8. @ giorgiom3
    You do understand that NFL scheduling is not random and follows a system right? Afc div plays one full afc div, one nfc, and each team that finished in the same place as them in their conference the previous year. Get a clue pal.

  9. Sweet. Will we beat the Pats?? Probably not. But it’ll be good to see where the Colts stack up in the AFC. If they can keep it close, I’ll feel good about their chances of making the playoffs. Let the hate continue!!

  10. I think it’s funny that Belichick is in fans’ heads so much that they think he has the power to reschedule game times.

    Patriots vs. Colts isn’t really a marquee game anymore regardless of what happened this season, Ravens vs. Steelers is a much better game.

  11. It’s a no brainer. No other game throughout the entire year comes close to matching the intensity of Ravens vs Steelers. It’s a throwback to what the NFL used to be like, and how the game was intended to be played.

    Every time they play I think that they can’t live up to the hype and expectations, but somehow they do it consistently.

  12. fortunefavorsthebolden says:Nov 5, 2012 1:22 PM

    Typical Belicheat cheating. When will it stop? Changing the kick off time by 3 hours so he will have more time to prepare for the colts. Disgraceful.

    Further proof that a Sarcasm button is needed on the interwebs. Do any of you really think he was being serious? I dislike Belichick as much as any other non-Pats fan.

  13. Ravens/Steelers is one of those annual matchups that will always feature at least one prime time game. It’s right there with Patriots/Jets (which incidentally has become a joke of a matchup), Eagles/Cowboys, and Bears/Packers. The NFL is right to keep the Ravens/Steelers game right where it is, and Andrew Luck needs another year or two before he’s really ready for prime time.

  14. Ravens /Steelers is an overrated matchup, mostly cared about by the two most obnoxious fan bases in sports.

  15. Gotta give the Colts credit, they sure played their cards right by tanking last season to get Andrew Luck.

  16. tedmurph- Overrated matchup? 2 teams that compete for the AFC crown every year and who’s games are practically guaranteed to decide the winner of the AFC North. Not to mention its the most hard hitting matchup between 2 teams that despise one another. I’d like to think that the fact that we both have passionate (not obnoxius) fans adds to the rivalrly. I hate/respect the Ravens and can’t wait for Nov.11 on Sunday Night football!

  17. steelers vs. Ravens are the best 2 games each season and it’s not even close. Best rivalry the past 6 or 7 years, and again it’s not even close. You just wish your team was as awesome as the steelers, or more likely the Ravens (since they are better).

  18. You guys are all missing the point… For the people going to the game in Foxboro… (me) … this is most awesome news… 4:25pm starts rock.

    If the weather is decent (if) … it makes for a wonderful afternoon tailgating…

  19. The question is will Polamalu be back for the game, and if so, will it even matter after missing this much playing time ? Is the defense stabilizing with no expectation of him ever returning ?

  20. Moving the Pats-Colts game to 4:25 is for more fans to see it. If this is for more fans then why are there usually more early (1pm eastern) games than late games? Seems like if more fans watch the late games then we’d see more late games and less early ones…? No? Anyone?

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