Redskins players not wild about Shanahan’s “evaluation”


It might be prudent and right for Mike Shanahan, coach of the 3-6 Redskins to declare the rest of the season about evaluating for the future.

But that doesn’t mean the people he’s evaluating have to like it.

A number of Redskins players weren’t pleased with the comments, whether they were true or not.

You have a lot of guys that want to win now, people toward the end of their careers who have been here a long time, haven’t been to the playoffs in a long time,” veteran Lorenzo Alexander said, via Mike Wise of the Washington Post. “And ultimately that’s what you play for, to go to a Super Bowl.

“Bein’ 3-6 really [stinks] because right now we’re on the outside looking in. . . . I’m not thinkin’ about next year. That’s an offseason thing for me. But you know it’s hard when you see yourself in that type of position and your head coach is saying those types of things. It’s disappointing.”

Two other players, who didn’t want to be identified, also told Wise they were bothered by the remarks.

As we pointed out last night, someone ought to evaluate Shanahan as well. His 14-27 record gives him a lower winning percentage than either Jim Zorn or Steve Spurrier, guys who were regarded as over their heads.

Shanahan was offered a chance to explain his comments afterward, but declined through a team spokesman. In many ways, the Redskins are stuck with him, as he’s in the middle of a five-year contract, and they don’t have a first-round pick until 2015 after going to get Robert Griffin III. Making the decision to make the play for RG3 means you’re committed to that course, and the guy who sanctioned it.

So for Shanahan to declare this team over is easy to perceive as insulating himself from criticism, and the guys he has to coach for the next two months might not necessarily appreciate taking the fall for him.

46 responses to “Redskins players not wild about Shanahan’s “evaluation”

  1. It wasn’t sugar coated but its true.
    Redskins are reaping the rewards of the cerratto era where zero depth was established. RG3 is throwing passes to 4th string receivers. He lost his top WR, TE, and pass catching RB to injury. Zero weapons. The defense is horrible.
    However the future is bright…albeit another couple years out. RG3 will be great and this organization has a QB for the first time in over 20 years.
    Cerratto should go down as one of the worst GMs in the history of sports. He is the cause of all this necessary patience.

  2. Somethings gotta be done. He’s had 3 years to get this right and shanahan has given the fans nothing. Hey they are winning in Indianapolis right now arent they. Theyve only had a half of a season under that regime. It just never ends being a skins fan. I cant take it anymore.

  3. Redskins players not wild about Shanhan’s evaluation? Redskins fans not wild about Redskins players.

    A. Morris
    T. Williams
    B. Orakpo
    R. Kerrigan
    L. Fletcher (Not much left in the tank)
    P. Garcon?

    There’s your core. The rest are just guys. There’s just not enough talent on this team.

  4. I have to agree with Coach….How can what the guys have done on the field is a big disappointment. The defense is just plain AWFUL. While we lack talent, how can Jim and company also not be under the microscope. We just need talent.

    WR, FS, SS, CB, DT, RT

    All of these are positions of concern and glaring weaknesses on our team. Why would Coach not point this out?

  5. Absolutely agree with the players. If the coach is quitting on the season after 9 games, how are you going to be motivated to win the next 7? They suffered major defensive injuries early this year. But they have an offense that can get better each week and a major headache for D coordinators. Makes one think handicapping the Redskins just got a lot easier.

  6. same old deadskins. its always nice to know that no matter how overhyped and under achieving the eagles are, the deadskins will still always be the ones in the basement.

  7. But you know it’s hard when you see yourself in that type of position and your head coach is saying those types of things. It’s disappointing.”

    Two other players, who didn’t want to be identified, also told Wise they were bothered by the remarks.
    So you’re “offended” are you, with a 3-6 record????

    That’s easy to fix; STOP SUCKING!

  8. Shanny should at least can haslett during the bye week and give raheem morris a chance as the teams DC,and though he’ll never do it,his son needs to be removed as OC cause he is pathetic at it.If he is gonna evaluate this team and hold folks accountable,he needs to start out with those two.

  9. Shouldnt every day be about evaluating the future win or lose . If your waiting to evaluate when you feel your team is out of the playoffs its already too late. How can you expect your players not to give up on the season when it sounds like you already have. Its not like any team is running away with that last wild card spot. It seems the only evaluating Shanahan needs to do is in the mirror

  10. Last year, the last 2 years, we could blame quarterback play for the Redskins woes. This year the we have injuries on defense and bad play calling in some instances. You can’t tank the season at this point, but he does have reasons to be concerned. You just can’t do that publicly.

  11. Then perhaps the players should go out and “win now” instead of the garbage play so far. The offense is still moving the ball despite losing the top 2 recievers, but that defense is horrendous and deserves all sorts of evaluations from haslett to the 3rd stringers

  12. It hasn’t been Shanahan at all, he’s made drastic improvements so far in his tenure at Washington. He’s gotten rid of all the distractions, Hayneworth, Mcnabb for examples, has turned one of the oldest teams into one of the youngest, and turned a lack luster offense that only had Portis, Cooley and Moss on it, to one of the best offenses this season. Last year was a bad year, but Grossman was at qb, what did you expect? They held out to get RG3 this year and you can’t blame them for that, so far it looks like a good decision. Plus when you have 36 mill taken away from you in salary cap it makes it kindof tough. Shanahan will have this team in the playoffs within the next two years. That secondary needs an overhaul, and maybe if any coach will be gone it will be Raheem Morris. Secondary has been the clear weakness by far for the Skins.

  13. And all the people who said that the Colts were idiots for taking Luck ahead of Griffin?

  14. Shanahan’s comments can be looked at in two very different ways: he’s thrown in the towel and has given up on winning this season. OR this was a motivational tool…like throwing cold water on a drunk who has passed out, then kicking him in the a## to get him moving again.
    Maybe Shanahan is burned out. Maybe he’s playing mind games with his players (which could be brilliant or disasterous).
    I think expectations for the Redskins this season were way too high. RG3 is an amazingly gifted athlete and has the qualities you want in a franchise QB. However, he is still a rookie and needs some receivers who will run their routes correctly AND hang on to the ball. The Skin’s need SOMEONE to keep defenses honest instead of allowing opponents to just focus on stopping rookie RB Morris’ and RG3. The Redskins’ offensive line needs to improve and the defense needs more playmakers and more depth. The only problem is those upgrades aren’t going to happen very fast because the Redskins had to give up so many draft picks in order to get RG3.
    All that being said, I’m not sure Papa Shanahan and Baby Shanahan are the right coaches to make the most of RG3’s talents and turn him into a successful NFL quarterback.

  15. When will Skins fans get over their arrogance and realize it isn’t coaching, it’s your players. Your team just isn’t that good! How many more coaches must you go through and scapegoat before you realize that?

    When RGIII started hot, all the Skins fans were talking about how good they are now. I guess they’ve learned a lesson that one man doesn’t make a whole team good. RGIII is good, but he’s no savior for the Skins, that will take more than one player.

  16. The biggest problem I see with the team on offense, is Kyle Shanahan, more than lack of talent or anything else. Twice on 3rd down inside the Carolina 10, you call plays for Brandon Banks???? Then on 4th down they should have put up the field goal. Anyone who’s ever watched football on TV knows that you converted 2 fourth downs in a row, but you cannot keep getting that lucky, and also that was a stupid play to call there. Kyle is to blame, and Mike will never fire him, so we’re always going to live and die on his playcalling.

    On defense, they simply lack talent and have injuries. This could be overcome by the offense, if not for coaching stupidity at key moments

  17. The sooner Dan Snyder realizes he must axe Shanahan, a la Al Davis, the sooner the Skins can forward in becoming a contender. With Shanahan that will never happen with his consistent undermining.

  18. Cerratto should go down as one of the worst GMs in the history of sports. He is the cause of all this necessary patience.

    So, so true, although Little Danny had a big helping hand as “cause.”

    Yet, the current regime continues many of same mistakes by using precious draft picks (of which they have so few) on extravagances like a backup QB when they really need to rebuild the foundation, like an O-line, and restocking their alleged strength (defense) as it continues to age. Plus, they make the age-old mistake of giving a big-name coach too many duties (personnel), when it’s clear that model DOES NOT WORK. (See Holmgreen, M.)

    Yet, Skins fans continue to overhype their team based on long-ago history, glitter and a few preseason and early season games.

    Skins have RG III and about 4 other players who would start anywhere outside Cleveland. But insecure Little Danny craves glitter and being seen dancing in the owner’s box on TV, so it’s hard to see anyone willing to invest the years it takes to rebuild infrastructure.

  19. purely motivational by Shanny. This dude loves mind-games! I don’t think he was talking about quitting, he was referring to benching some guys due to bad performances by starters.

  20. Some of us tried to warn you Redskin fans. Shanahan isn’t coaching against Norv Turner (who actually owned him at the end in Denver), KC’s parade of clowns outside of Vermeil, and whoever the Raiders could get to coach their team anymore.

    He’s a horrible talent evaluator and mediocre coach without Elway, always has been,. One thing you can depend on is the media making excuses for him failing over and over again though.

    When the Cowboys wise up and get rid of Garrett, it’s only going to get worse because they have more than enough talent in the hands of a capable HC to leave the basement all to the Redskins.

    You’d better hope Danny Snyder actually does the right thing this time and fires him before he does more damage to your team.

  21. I hate to say this as a birds fan but shanahan is a good coach and his son made sure RG3 looked good by giving him allot of options and easy plays. Not to mention his ability to buy time and make some huge plays. That defense was actually a strong point coming in but it has truly disappointed with that secondary playing subpar and a an injured front 7. They need playmakers but they went and spent big money last year for that and they dont have alloy of hih picks for that matter either.

  22. What a cop out. Why not come out and say the team is trying to get to 10 and 6, no matter how farfetched that might be. That’s what the fans deserve.
    I have some advice for Mike Shanahan; just come out and play some pro football. Mike and Kyle spend too much time trying to look like geniuses instead of just playing to win the game. How else can you explain the pistol offense?

  23. I’m not really surprised Shanny would act this way. I remember back in 06 when his Broncos were 7-5 & coming off a playoff season, he decided to yank Plummer for rookie Cutler. What happened? They missed the playoffs. He’s a bit nutty.

  24. The Redskins foolishly put their eggs all into one basket – the Robert Griffin one.

    The very weaknesses I observed in the bowl game last year that Griffin played in are now haunting the Redskins….


    This guy may have the gift to run, but when you are really being honest, he has very few other gifts of substance. He has a great play action fake and can certainly run the ball, but his passing game is a very limited one. When you defense Griffin, you don’t need to worry about the bomb being thrown. Griffin’s accuracy range is anywhere from the line of scrimmage to about 30 yards. After that, Griffin couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn with any accuracy.

    Griffin is easy to sack. For a guy who can run, he is like bambi in the face of a rush – he locks up, becomes a statue, and is easy prey.

    He cannot and has not been able to execute a two minute drill with any efficiency. Not only is he lethargic and lax in his conduct on the field, he has no urgency and command of his players to get their butts up the field. His pathetic two minute performance has cost the Redskins in at least two games that I’ve seen.

    In the Pittsburgh game two weeks ago, know-it-all-analysts were blaming receivers for dropping the ball – if you notice EVERYONE was dropping them – the commonality there? Griffin. He isn’t as accurate as his stats would indicate – he has MANY four yard plays that are easy to pad his stats. He is doing something with his throwing motion that is influencing the way the ball comes out – he was off target much of the time in the Panthers game yesterday and you can only say the ball was “catchable” if you were to have Jerry Rice and his magic ability to catch almost anything.

    The Redskins have no hope of resolving their lack of depth since they have few options at drafts for the next three years and can’t go aggressive on the free agent market because of the NFL imposed snit with the uncapped year penalty.

    There are no leaders on the field with the Redskins. London Fletcher used to do this on the defense but let’s be honest here – he is playing in pain and very banged up. Expect this to be his last year – the look on his face yesterday said it all. There are some really bad apples on defense and I’ll point to DeAngelo Hall as one who needs to go.

    There isn’t a leader on the offense and the Redskins are squandering the great running back potential in Alfred Morris. Griffin the quarterback is woefully unprepared as an NFL QB – he’s the flashy kind of overhyped player that the pundits love, but he’s now a loser in his mind and the gloss is removed from his aura – he needs a lot of work to even be an average quarterback once you take out his running ability.

    The Redskins really need a soul searching mission over the bye week. Yesterday’s game was one of the worst efforts ever given by a Redskin team in the last decade.

    And I haven’t even pointed the finger at a HUGE part of the Redskins – both coordinators, offense and defense, are smartass blowhards who do not adjust at all. They are stuck on what they want to do and don’t have solid command of their craft. Their players don’t fit their plans and it is obvious they’ll run anything they want and ignore the capabilities of their players. The Shanny Brat and Haslett are at least half of the problem – the rest falls back to the players.

  25. If the players are mad, don’t take it out on Shanahan; try the guys dropping balls. Try being disappointed with Haslett & the sieve he calls a defense.
    Everyone loves to blame Dan Snyder, but you can’t do that anymore. Of course Shanny deserves some heat, but he’s just being realistic here. I’d take a hard look at cutting all the guys who are taking offense here because it sound a lot like the holdouts of the ‘old days’. Time to turn the page.

  26. when you loose to scam newton and bad bradford (panthers, rams) you really need to look in the mirror, the writing is on the wall. shananaskins as a whole are bad. three years from now when griffin is being smashed by the sports writers and media, then and only then will the fans realize what a bad organization that they have in washington

  27. I agree and think Shanahan is right on point with this. Hey, if you can’t get it done then there is always someone waiting to replace you. Hopefully it will light a fire under people’s butts and they start winning games.

  28. One more thing… you can’t place all the blame on Shanahan or even the secondary. Some of the reason the secondary and defense is so bad is because the have NO PASS RUSH. Yes, Orakpo and Carriker are out for the year but people need to step up on the D-line and get some pressure on the qb. When you only hit the qb a couple times and have zero sacks any qb can pick apart the skins secondary. The Skins need to draft DE’s next year. So we don’t have first round pick, so get a few in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th rounds then or in FA. Look at the Giants, they always have a deep D-line and that’s a big reason they win. They can rotate in fresh De’s etc. I have hope for the future in Washington. They have RG3 so we have hope and very glad we do because we would be alot worse without him. Hail!

  29. @laserw

    You obviously haven’t watched any of the Skins games at all. He can run but that is the least of his talents. He is a great leader and has a team attitude and commands that offense. He has already gained the respect of veterans around the league because of his leadership and character. Two, Griffin’s arm has been his biggest attribute all season. Hence why he is in the top 5 in comp % and qb rating. And he cabt throw the long ball? Did you not see the bomb to Moss that was perfect in the Giants game, or the bombs to Hankerson, Robinson, or Garcon? He throws a very accurate long ball, and has shown that through out the season. And to say he hasn’t ran a successful 2 min drill is completely ignorant. The Giants game he marches down the field in 4 plays, the Bucs game he drives down the field for the winning field goal. The Rams and Bengals game where he was driving down the field but mistakes mess up the drive (the Morgan personal foul). Everything you have said is beyond ignorant, watch some games and them try to talk football moron.

  30. You can always count on the Deadskins to win the off season and pre season! Wasnt it just a few months ago they were talking Superbowl.

    I feel sorry for the saps who have been supporting this team since Snyder bought it. All he has done is picked their pockets and provided them a place to get drunk on Sunday.

  31. Haha….yes in thee face of the redskins …lol ya are a JOKE! !! IRG3 is overated! !

  32. Don’t you love it when a team get’s a rookie qb and they EXPECT to go to the playoffs with him. Doesn’t really make sense does it? And for all the Andrew Luck fans; trust me, being inspired by a sick coach can only take you so far. The truth of the matter is the rookie of the year last year should have been Dalton, not Cam. Period.

  33. The real problem with the Skins is Shanahan. Unfortunately, he is not skilled enough to take what he has and mold it into a high-performance team.

    Last night, his players were giving there all. But they also need good coaching and play calling. I doubt if Shanahan can deliver on that, especially in that he seems to have quit on them.

  34. With the amount of injuries on offense and defense blaming the slump on anything else is borderline moronic.. but i guess that’s the reason why you guys are fans and don’t get paid to do it.

  35. You are what you’re record says you are.. disappointing. Play like you wanna be in the Super Bowl!

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