Report: Saints can negotiate with Payton now

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Tonight, after the final gun of the game between the Eagles and Saints, the eight-game suspension of G.M. Mickey Loomis will end.

And Loomis will be able to immediately commence the process of finalizing the September 2011 extension to coach Sean Payton’s contract.

According to Larry Holder of the New Orleans Times-Picayune, the Saints are permitted to negotiate with Payton now, despite a suspension that runs through the February 2013 Super Bowl.

It’s a huge (wait, that deserves all caps . . . HUGE) advantage for the Saints.  They’ve got a three-month exclusive negotiating window.  Any other interested team can’t even contact Payton until after the confetti cannons fire in the Superdome come February.

So if Payton becomes a free agent, it’ll happen only after the Saints have spent three months exhausting their exclusive opportunity to iron out the rough spots in a deal that, as of 14 months ago, Payton has happy to sign.  Indeed, the deal was announced only days after Payton had told PFT Live that he plans to stay in New Orleans for 5-6 more years — and that he wants to be there as long as Drew Brees is the team’s quarterback.

Throw in the fact that the organization has remained steadfast in its support of Payton despite his “ducks in a row” role in the bounty fiasco, and it’s hard to imagine Payton essentially telling the organization, owner Tom Benson, Loomis, and Brees that Payton is ready to hit the open market, which given his suspension would happen more than a month after the market opens.

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  1. I don’t mean to pile on the Saints, but that makes no sense. Wasn’t he suspended from the Saints and told no contact of any kind was allowed with anyone on the team/front office? That is what I understood when his suspension was handed down. I believe that he would not be allowed to discuss contracts with any team until he is reinstated by Goodell.

    That said, it would seem that IF anybody would be allowed to contact him, it would be the OTHER teams since, at a minimum, the Saints would have to wait until after the Super Bowl and he may have already fulfilled his coaching responsibilities for all games he is allowed to coach through his contract duration.

    I think that would be an unfair disadvantage to the Saints but they could take his contract status to court to verify if this year counts or not. (If it is listed as 2012 vs. x number of years then they have tough sledding).

    I guess Roger Goodell could grant special permission like he did with the Brees/Unitas record breaking game. That would be the only way any Saints fans would ever even tolerate the Commissioner at all.

  2. clownsfan says:Nov 5, 2012 6:52 PM

    WhoooooooOOOOOOO CARES!!!! He ain’t goin anywhere. Non-story.

    Exactly right. Payton isn’t leaving Brees. And this team will bounce back with Sean next year & he knows it.

  3. skoobyfl says:
    Nov 5, 2012 6:50 PM
    Buffalo will pay you $20 Million a year Sean, don’t take a penny less than that.
    Where players dreams & careers go to die.

  4. Payton’s extension on his contract was void ONLY because of the clause in which he stated that he would remain as coach ONLY if Loomis remained. Loomis is remaining. Brees is remaining. Payton will remain. End of story.

    Geaux Saints!

  5. I hope that they start the negotations y giving him the $7 million the Goodell stole from him. He has a right to make a living. Does anybody out there know of anyone that got suspended from work for a year with NO PAY. I cant stand Roger Goodell!!! He is ruining our game!!

  6. So apparently all you Saints fans feel that their 2-5 record is due to Payton’s absence?

    Remember that chumps, the next time you try to tell us that Belichick owes his success to Tom Brady.

  7. Note to Schiano: manage a .500 season, do something unethical and somewhat against league policy, serve a suspension, and maybe you too will get a raise!

    Sincerely, a Buccaneer fan.

  8. Adam Schefter keeps reporting we can’t, it totally wouldn’t help their eSPN hype machine of Sean to Dallas if this was resolved before Super Bowl.

  9. “Remember that chumps, the next time you try to tell us that Belichick owes his success to Tom Brady.”

    Well, he did go 11-5 with Cassell at QB (which, in turn, ruined half the AFC West the next few years).

  10. Ruining the game, thats what you all did. Saints fans are stupid people. The comish didn’t wake up one day and say how can I ruin the game and the Saints. You all did to yourselves stupid Saints fans just stupid as who dat speak right stupid fans

  11. Saints should offer and, Payton should accept, a contract offer that is exactly as the one he signed last September, except remove the clause concerning Loomis and ADD a clause that provides for a $7 million “signing bonus” when he signs the contract extension.

    Basically he should get back the $7,000,000.00 that Roger Goodell “stole” from him this year.

  12. @FinFan68

    It’s probably because the league saying “We’re deciding this extension is invalid mid-season and you have no chance to sign a new one before your coach hits the market” would probably look really bad.

  13. If I were running a team that might be interested in him as a coach, I would be arguing with the league that this is an unfair move, as this doesn’t allow anyone else the chance to negotiate a deal. If he’s suspended, he shouldn’t be allowed to have ANY contact with any team, until said suspension ends. If he’s allowed to negotiate with one team, all teams should be allowed.

  14. Wait a minute, didn’t I just read the exact opposite of this 5 articles ago?

    I guess I shouldn’t mind, like the buses, there will be another one along in a minute or two.

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