RG3 “really sore,” but “fine” after rib injury

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Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III received rib X-rays after Sunday’s loss to the Panthers.  The X-rays were negative.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Griffin is “really sore.”  Though he said after the game that he’s “fine,” we’re told he expects to have a rough night sleeping.

The Redskins are off next week, so he’ll have extra time to recover.

10 responses to “RG3 “really sore,” but “fine” after rib injury

  1. If the current standings hold, the Skins will have paid nearly 4,000 draft chart points for Griffin by the next draft. That is 1,000 more than Luck, Newton, Bradford, Stafford, etc. cost their teams. With the 2014 first round pick yet to be added to that total.

  2. Funny RG3-6 lol, Luck best rookie qb by far. Rg3-6 flashy, indorsements, a lot of hype, luck, quiet under the radar 5-3 playoff hunt!! Same as last year with cam and andy dalton.

  3. Robert Griffin III has some excellent potential. He did a solid job in today’s game of not forcing many throws and taking sacks when he needed to.

  4. Can we please fire the ‘mastermind’ before he destroys our franchise QB? I don’t a problem with the trade for picks, but Shanny is only coaching to save his butt and jeopardizing RGIII.

  5. People are looking at the records comparing luck and RG3 but they’re not looking at the games. RG3 has no receivers, Garcons’ been out since week one, that o line stinks. His completion percentage has gone down because his WRs can’t catch the ball, what more could the rookie do. If he runs, defenses are looking to lay him out, if he tries to play WR, they’re gonna take cheap shots at him like the steelers did. Luck is having a good year after those though he’ll have it rough, 5-3 looks like a great start to me. Both these QBs are still learning and with the right pieces around them, they’ll be great.

  6. Right now I would rank the rookie QBs as follows:

    1) Luck
    2) Tannehill
    3) Wilson
    4) Weeden
    5) RG3

    The first four on the list are running PRO STYLE offenses. Stretching the field with their throws. Luck has no running game at all unlike the other 4 QBs on the list.

    As for RG3 the Skins offense is something out of the 1980 Oklahoma Sooners playbook. Inverted wishbones, 4 guys lined up in the backfield etc. As a Giants fan I watch several Redskins games and their offense is nothing but smoke and mirrors. RG3 throws nothing but quick slants and bubble screens. He doesn’t even progress to his second or third options.

  7. I think all of these rookie qbs will own the league for a long time, including “Not Jamarcus” russell wilson out west.. However, with that being said, Mike shanahan needs to realize this guy is fragile as glass and get him an elite oline or else this guy will get killed

  8. Hilarious how the Redskins got stuck with another bad contract with Garçon. Jeez, ask any Colts fan who watched all of his games. If he wasn’t injured, he was dropping 3 balls per game. Glad we spent our money on keeping Reggie!

  9. I like shanohan when he was a bronco but he’s gonna get RG3 killed if he doesn’t change their offense style of play and address that o line. Two, who is he throwing it to? They gave Garcon all this money and he’s not playing, no go to guy for RG3 and no protection.

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