Romeo Crennel gives up defensive coordinator duties


It’s been a busy day in Kansas City.

Defensive lineman Shaun Smith is in, cornerback Stanford Routt is out and Romeo Crennel is giving up defensive coordinator duties. Crennel made the announcement on Monday that linebackers coach Gary Gibbs will be the defensive coordinator for the rest of the season. Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star reports that Crennel said he decided to make the change in order to devote more time to the entire team.

“We have a young team and some guys, the perception may be that I’m a defensive coach, that I’m a defensive coordinator, and I don’t care about other parts of the team, which is not true,” Crennel said. “But their perception may be that. By my being with them more, I think they will see I’m concerned about the whole team.”

After the Chiefs opened the season by allowing 75 points in losses to the Falcons and Bills, Crennel insisted that wearing both hats wasn’t a problem. He also said that you “wouldn’t even be asking the question” if the Chiefs were playing better.
No one needed to ask the question on Monday because the Chiefs clearly haven’t started playing any better. Changes come when you are 1-7 and this is one Crennel had to make.

There could be more changes to come as the Chiefs try to avoid an abyss that would likely cost Crennel and General Manager Scott Pioli their jobs. It’s hard to imagine any of these moves changes the fortunes of the team all that much at this point in the season.

Having said that, we’re in favor of Crennel’s global approach if it keeps the head coach of an NFL team from wondering why his star running back only got five carries in a game

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  1. Uh – Oh Romeo, that is the beginning of the end. When the management don’t think you can do what you are supposed to be good at, it is never a good sign.

  2. It’s not going to save them from the revenge of Todd Haley on MNF. Haley and the Steelers offense will be out for blood.

  3. Aside from now being concernd about the whole team – Romeo should probably be concerned about his future employment status as well.

  4. Funny thing is is the fans in kc really beleived this defense was top notch because of the final couple games last year, forgetting all about the fact that they gave up 30+ pts in at least 5 games last year. They also finished in last place, yet everyone beleived they were going to have double digit wins this year, what a joke.

  5. The Chiefs offense and defense has talent.

    On Offense QB cripples us. Matt Cassel cant make even the simplest of throws consistently.

    On defense losing Carr was killer. Hali, Houston, and Derrick Johnson are quietly a really nice group of LB’s.

    Eric Berry has NOT come back from the ACL very well. As we all knew, a lot of players take 2 yrs to get right from that injury.

    With all that said, Crennel is lost. He just doesnt motivate a team and has no discipline at all. Thats a bad combo with a really young team.

  6. Tamba Hali, Derrick Johnson, Brandon Flowers, Eric Berry, Glen Dorsey…I’m pretty sure there are at least 2 out of there that most people have heard of…

  7. Crennel’s still living off his reputation from coaching under Belichick; and to an extent, Parcells. I think it’s pretty evident now the guy just isn’t a very good coach in any capacity. Other than one lucky season in Cleveland, where they had a cakewalk schedule and most of their wins were by a few points; those Browns teams were among the worst since they came back in 99.

  8. I wasn’t thrilled when they decided to take the intern off and give him the head coaching job. I was even less thrilled when Romeo said he was also keeping the D Coordinator role. This is a step in the right direction, but Romeo, you blew your opportunity to be a head coach for the 2nd time with your decision to have to control the D and try to be a head coach.

    K.C. Time to interview Mike Zimmer and Chip Kelly!

  9. @nite2al:

    Hali and Berry have been Pro-Bowlers and if Flowers has’nt, he’s right there. Don’t know what the prob is , besides QB play, but not sure it’s the talent. Never heard of a team being -20 in turnovers half way thru the season.

  10. Tampa Hali, Brandon flowers, Eric Berry, Derrick Johnson, Justin Houston, Glenn Dorsey, Tyson Jackson, Kendrick Lewis. All are very good player some being pro bowlers. The problem is Crennel being head coach. He is an awesome d cord. But can’t do both.

  11. Well, he was head coach and defensive coordinator, and wanted to give up half his jobs. I mean, he wants to ease into being fired, not have it happen all of a sudden.

  12. I’m sure that O will start clicking now that a defensive minded guy will be giving his input. Couldn’t they have just put recently deposed Eagles D coord Juan Castillo in charge of the offense?

    Ever since that horrific hairdo of Dontari Poe’s was seen during the draft it’s been all downhill for the Chiefs…

  13. Feel bad for Crennel since he seems to be a good guy but they got this move backwards. Should have been give up head coaching to concentrate on Defense.

  14. why give up something that he is good at? romeo seems like a nice guy, no head coaching material tho, the kansas city Griefs shouldve knowned this from his Browns days

  15. joetoronto says:Nov 5, 2012 4:56 PM

    They need to blow the whole thing up, it’s just that bad


    Riiiggghhht, take advice from a raider fan.

  16. “Crennel made the announcement on Monday that linebackers coach Gary Gibbs will be the defensive coordinator for the rest of the season.”

    Gibbs was the defensive coordinator for the New Orleans Saints from 2006 through 2008 and we all remember those great Saints defenses don’t we? Anyone?? Anyone at all?? (crickets)

  17. Did anybody really think that he would do any better after his stellar performance in Cleveland?

  18. Karma’s bad on the mojo. Dear Gunther Cunningham, Al Saunders, and Todd haley, please release your curses… Only Eric Winston blames us, everyone else blames managament…

  19. can’t wait to splack them with a 40 berger. cassell is gonna get rocked and polio can fire him after the mnf massacre @ the mustard bowl. this will only be the 2nd time in the last 11 meetings not @ arrowhead + plus the haley factor which I’m not putting to much into because the chiefs just are not good, pun intended.

  20. My lowly Chiefs just don’t make any sense anymore. Pioli and Crennel are lost. We have no depth at cornerback and they cut our #2 and now Arenas fills that spot? He’s horrible! The attention needs to be on the quarterback position…..

  21. Too bad he didn’t fire himself as head coach and just become the defensive coordinator again. He was actually good at that job.

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