Ron Rivera: I think we’ve kind of found our way


The Panthers won for the first time since Week Two against the Redskins on Sunday, a victory that ended a string of near misses for the team and left coach Ron Rivera feeling a bit better about his chances of sticking around beyond this season.

Rivera told Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports that he had a meeting with Panthers owner Jerry Richardson after General Manager Marty Hurney was fired last month and that Richardson told Rivera that there were certain things that had to happen for Rivera to avoid the same fate. Rivera didn’t elaborate on just what the Panthers needed to do to save his job, but said that winning games is a big part of it.

“It was hard, but my discussion with Mr. Richardson was a good one. He told me that we are in a production-based business. You have to perform. I get it. I understand his point,” Rivera said. “The biggest thing is we have to be trending up. We have to be showing that we are improving as a football team. Whether that’s a specific number of wins, I don’t know. To some degree, it’s about perception. People have to see that we’re competing. And I think these last five weeks, you can see there is a reason [to believe that we are]. Now, it’s about learning how to win those games.”

Rivera went on to say that he thinks the team “kind of found” their way in Sunday’s 21-13 win over the Redskins. A new General Manager is likely going to want his own guy as the coach, but the decision will be much harder if that result can repeat itself against the Broncos next week and in enough of the weeks to come to make it look like Rivera can still push the Panthers in the right direction.

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  1. of course your team has found its way – Cam got to do his Superman move in the end zone, and when you see that smile back on his face as he does it – isn’t that really what its all about, Cam celebrating?

  2. It’s not like we’ve been getting blown out ( eh except the giants ). I think it falls more on the players than the coaches. The game plans in place have us competing we just can’t finish.

  3. Sorry Ron, but I don’t think the refs are going to spot you a TD every week. And I’m guessing you’re gonna be facing some tougher defenses since probably only 3 or 4 are worse than my skins.

    So maybe don’t depend on that ‘way’

  4. We can put the RG III > cam newton rumors to rest now. Cam is obviously better. Ie rushing touchdown and passing td and a w to RG III’s lone td. The W doesn’t lie

  5. you beat one of the worst defenses in the league, congrats. One of your touchdowns was handed to you and the came from an 85 yrd pass on a blown coverage, oh and with that pass cam still only had 200 yrds passing on the worst defense. panther fans are thinking superbowl again!

  6. Too bad for the Panthers they have Peyton Manning coming to town with the ex head coach of the Panthers leading the team. Anyone smell a revenge game for Fox? This one could get ugly for sCam and the rest of the Panthers.

  7. He makes a point and that McDermott hiring does not look bad after all.

    Over the past four games Carolina Panthers have allowed an average of roughly 16 points per game on defense.

  8. It never ceases to amaze me how a team wins a game or two against a really bad opponent and then acts like they are the best team in the league. The Panthers beat a banged up, not very good Redskins team and now they’ve “found thier way”. The Colts beat the hapless Titans and the overachieving Dolphins and all they are talking about is a playoff matchup with Denver!. Really?

  9. I can’t watch Cam do that stupid Superman crap anymore. I used to be a Panthers fan but I can’t watch this crap. It’s cool if you are 6-2 and are a really good player but when you are 2-6 and you do this crap it makes you look like an idiot. This team will never win if the “leader” continues to act like that.

  10. the Colts beat the packers and have games with buf, ten, jac and kc, all winnable games which would put them at 9 wins, which would possibly get them in the playoffs, so yes really. the Panthers are done, they will never be successful with a one dimensional running qb who only cares about himself

  11. This team is not as far away from being good as people think. If the Panthers could close games, they could easily be 5-3 or 6-2. They outplayed two of the best teams in the NFL (Bears, Falcons), as well as the Cowboys. Closing is part of the game, but this team is not a joke.

    Next week will not be a cake-walk for Denver.

  12. The Panthers will not hold Manning and Fox to 16 points. No, it’s never a cake walk for the Donkeys but the Panthers better be able to put 30+ points up to keep up. I don’t see that happening against the Denver D.

  13. At least Carolina was able to still use all the showboating moves they didn’t get to use for seven games.

    Hold on to your dreams Panther fans, Cam is clearly not better than Griffin. This game doesn’t represent the first half of the year.

    At least you have yesterday’s scoreboard

  14. Skins fans…you always make me laugh. Long on bravado, short on results. Much like the city to which you’re team belongs, often wrong but never in doubt. Keep on keepin’ on!

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