Shanahan denies his words meant he was giving up on ’12


You remember about 22 hours ago when Redskins coach Mike Shanahan lost a “must-win” game and responded by saying that at 3-6, the rest of this season was about evaluating his team for next season?

Yeah, he wants you to know he didn’t mean that like it sounded.

Shanahan told’s Dan Graziano that the idea he was throwing in the towel on this year was a misinterpretation.

To insinuate that I was giving up on the season is completely ridiculous,” Shanahan said in a phone interview, which prevented Graziano from seeing the act of toothpaste being furiously jammed back into a tube. “We’ve got five NFC East games still on the schedule. Any time you have division games, you have a great chance.”

Just to recap, here were his exact words yesterday: “When you lose a game like that, now you’re playing to see who obviously is going to be on your football team for years to come. Now, we have a chance to evaluate players and see where we’re at. Obviously, we’re not out of it statistically. Now we find out what kind of character we have and how guys keep on fighting throughout the rest of the season.”

Where anyone would have gotten the idea that meant this year’s goals were dashed, boy, I don’t know.

“What I meant by that is, any time you have adversity, now you’ve got a chance to see all of these guys play every game the rest of the way like it’s a playoff game,” Shanahan said Monday in an effort to clarify. “What you want guys to do when there’s adversity is to play harder and play better, and that’s when you see what kind of guys you have in your locker room.”

At least two unidentified players, and one who put his name to it (Lorenzo Alexander), admitted yesterday’s words bothered them.

We’ll see when Shanahan talks to his team today whether those three, or the other 50, buy his explanation.

23 responses to “Shanahan denies his words meant he was giving up on ’12

  1. You know where his mind is: next season. Going to be hard to play those 5 division games, Coach, when your boys are thinking about next year, whether or not they’ll be on the team, etc. At least the Skins won’t have to worry about the draft, since they’ve ceded their picks for RGIII. Yep, it’s all about the future.

  2. no, he means he’s giving up….. forever!

    He has finally realized without Elway and Terrell Davis, he was never a good coach to begin with!!

    Bye bye, Shanarat!! Take your goofy son with you, please!

  3. I didnt have a problem with what he said .. simply put we .. suck .. at this point in the season .. a realist knows we are not good enough to compete .. our defense is the worst in the league .. and once we get behind in games .. it completely changes our game plan and what we do best … we cant run anymore and we cant play action …or bootleg etc… once it becomes a we have to score now scenario .. its bad for business .. we dont have a great pass protecting o line .. and we dont have speed on receivers .. no garcon .. no fred .. so it’s just a crap shoot at that point .. we are forced to go for it on 4th down each time .. if we dont get it .. count it as a score for the other team .. we cant stop anyone … when we didnt get that 4th and goal .. I said .. wow .. we cant get 2 yards.. but I promise you they will get 98 … we all know the result ..
    just face it skins fans .. we just dont have a good team .. we shouldnt complain .. it just is what it is .. it’s personnel … we just dont have it .. it’s years of bad management ..that predated shannahan .. not saying he’s not at fault for some it .. but it all trickles down from years of bad management .. cant fix that in 3 years ..

  4. He realizes that he should have drafted Ryan Tanneyhill. Bob Griffin is the most overrated player in the NFL.

  5. why do people keep saying the skins draft is ruined? they dont have a first round pic but they do have 6 picks lol. thats like saying the only pic for any team in the draft that matters is the 1st rounder

  6. No offense Mike; regardless of your comments you don’t deserve to come back to Washington.

    Due to the fact that you do not seem to coach your team to win games you’re supposed your division is the most overrated one in the NFL!

    NFC East = NFC Feast!

    Why? Because you can feast on their teams and still get wins! You don’t have to be Jerry Jones to realize that!

  7. @parenthesis78:

    I agree with your comment. I don’t have a dog in this fight. But I don’t have a problem with what he said either. The Skins have lost a lot of their defense and playmakers to injuries. If they were at full strength, they would have at least 2-3 more wins. And in serious contention in the NFC East. I think he was just telling their depth players who are now starting, that their time to rise is now. Or goodbye next year. Not a bad challenge to throw out there at this midway point IMO. It certainly didn;t sound to me like he was giving up on this year.

    If they can add some quality playmakers around RG3 through the draft they will be a force next year. And yes, those kind of players will be in abundance when their time to draft comes. You usually find those guys in the mid rounds anyway. Like Terrelle Davis. Add some quality free agent O & D linemen during the offseason and they could be a serious playoff team next year.

  8. He was speaking the truth. You lose at home to the 1-win Panthers, it’s time to start thinking about next year. On the bright side, Skins fans got to enjoy at least a half year of being in contention. Normally by the end of October they are already talking about who they’ll be drafting.

  9. His comments from yesterday sound like more of a warning to the players: i.e. “If you give up on this season just because we are 3-6, we won’t have you back next year.” So I interpret it to me just the opposite of what you are suggesting inferring – and that he is NOT giving up.

  10. My Skins failure to add really good players at DB and Safety and WR is coming back to haunt them. Also, key injuries have really hurt our chances. Also, Either Haslett doe not have enough good players or he is doing a poor job coaching. I figure we will end up 5-11 and that is unacceptable. With no major draft choices we have to find 3 or 4 DBs/Safeties as well as a WR who will actually play (ie. Garcon must be healthy) Having Orakpo and Carriker back will help but the defense was porous before they got hurt. We should have won more of the first 8 games with any kind of defense.

  11. tomtravis76 says:
    Nov 5, 2012 3:28 PM
    Every year the Redskins win the Off Season Championship.

    i thought that special shiny invisible trophy was reserved for jerry jones each year..

  12. Every year the Redskins win the Off Season Championship.
    Perhaps in their own minds, but to the all-knowing, all-important media, the title is always down to the Patriots, Giants, or Cowboys, based on how many titles the Pats and Cowboys have won lately and the NY on the Giants’ helmets.
    Can I get a *ahem*, shut up and coach here?
    Hey Shanny, shut up and coach! Show us your “coaching greatness” is more than just a product of having John Elway and TD!

  13. No one on this team, especially someone from the defense is in any position to be bothered by those comments. I am bothered by the way we play defense.

    Yes we arent very good…but really i dont think anyone imagined just how poor we’d be defensively vs how good we’ve been offensively. All the talk was about how RGIII had no weapons and line. Fletch has been awful…and its no wonder now why the team took so long to bring him back in the offseason. We have dbs that would struggle to beat out the nickles on most teams, and the safetys provide no help at all. Defensive overhaul from top to bottom is forthcoming.

    I think thats exactly what Shannahan meant by his comments, and he is spot on in his assessment.

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