Tagliabue won’t recuse himself from bounty case

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It’s been quiet in the bounty case, thanks to the hurricane.  But now that things are beginning to get back to normal in most places, developments are happening.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports that former Commissioner Paul Tagliabue has informed the parties that he won’t recuse himself from the internal appeal process.

We reported on Sunday that the hearing will occur at the earliest on Tuesday, November 13.  The hearing originally was set for October 30, but it was delayed due to the storm.  Last month, Commissioner Roger Goodell stepped aside from the process, appointing Tagliabue as the arbitrator.

Tagliabue’s say regarding his status is hardly the final one.  Judge Helen Berrigan currently is considering a motion to disqualify Tagliabue based on his employment with the law firm that represents the NFL in bounty-related matters and Tagliabue’s role as a potential witness in the bounty case.

If permitted to proceed, Tagliabue will determine the outcome of the suspensions imposed on Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma, Saints defensive end Will Smith, Browns linebacker Scott Fujita, and free-agent defensive end Anthony Hargrove.

14 responses to “Tagliabue won’t recuse himself from bounty case

  1. Really? What a shocker. Goodell’s hand picked mentor wanting to stay on and continue the sham that Goodell created and invented.

    That’s ok, Judge Berrigan will do the honor of putting Tags on the sideline. It’s clear to all that don’t have wet dreams for Goodell that she is the only unbiased person able to look at the leagues lack of credible evidence and issue a fair opinion.

  2. If you ever thought that mature men of significant intelligence could not make immature decisions, you are now witnessing same. It would come as a great surprise now if Judge Berrigan does not only recuse Tag, but the NFL, for behavior that demonstrates an impartial arbitrator is a huge, HUGE fear of RG and his pals. Just ask yourself if you had all that condemning evidence that you know would support your actions, wouldn’t you absolutely welcome an independent and qualified arbitrator?

  3. Nevermind that, how stupid is the NFL to not have the Redskins playing on Monday Night Football before the election? They are supposed to predict the outcome so it would have been fun to have them playing tonight. They’ve got 4 years to plan for next one so maybe they can do that.

  4. Most folks don’t understand whats really going on here.
    Can business (like the nfl) impose punishment on its employees whitout irrefutable proof? How about without providing proof at all? How about he said/she said type evidence?
    Big business must be Forced to accept the American Justice System, or workers will be governed by rich folks in an aristocracy.
    Of course the former comish was to rule, he gets his pension from the NFL. How do you think he’s gonna vote.
    This whole issue is a Circus, and folks better wake up.

  5. He is a lawyer and therefore his conduct in knowingly engaging in an odious conflict of interest should subject him to an ethics complaint by any interested party, including Judge Berrigan. He’s putting his law license on the line and I hope it gets pulled.

  6. Tagliabue should oust Goodell. I can’t think of a time when I wanted a commissioner to get laid out on the sidelines of a game. Goodell is destroying the NFL that Tagliabue built.

  7. the judge need to recuse herself then she already said she will be on the players side so send her back to the loserania’s finest

  8. Vilma should be thrown out of the league as an at will employee. This whole thing a circus. The guy damaged the reputation of the nfl. Kick him and these coaches out. The only thing the judge should be considering is whether this is asssualt.

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