Todd Herremans leaves with ankle injury


Philadelphia Eagles right tackle Todd Herremans left Monday night’s game against the New Orleans Saints with an injury to his right ankle.

Herremans landed awkwardly while trying to avoid a pile of bodies in the backfield on a 13-yard gain by LeSean McCoy late in the first quarter. Herremans was helped to the sidelines by trainers and eventually taken to the locker room for X-rays on his right leg.

The Eagles announced Herremans was doubtful to return to the game. He was replaced at right tackle by Demetress Bell.

11 responses to “Todd Herremans leaves with ankle injury

  1. Wow 21-3 vs the hopeless saints!!!!! almost as bad as the embarrassment redskins players being blown out by the one win panthers in the 80th annerversy homecoming game in front of the all time redskins greats !!!

    the eagles players are jokes just like the redskins players!!!
    both teams have no heart!!!!!!!!!
    Both are embarrassments to their cities!!!!!!

    The eagles corners are leaps and bounds better than the jokes playing db’s on the redskins!!!! both teams players are jokes and embarrassments to the nfl !!!
    only the redskins coaches are actually good so thats all on the players, the eagles coaching is horrid!!! Reid and co need to be bored for this embarrassment!!!!!!!

    except the eagles have wr’s that can catch and don’t play scared like the bum wideouts the redskins have!!!
    the eagles secondary is better than the redskins embarrassment of nfc east players also!!!

  2. If the redskins had the decent wr’s the eagles have and not complete jokes the worst wr corp in the nfl, RG3 wouldnt just be smashing rookie qb records he would be shattering nfl all time great qb records!!!!! what a embarrassment of a team the players on the redskins and eagles are!!!! ABSOLUTELY NO HEART AND MAKE THEIR COACHES LOOK BAD

  3. after all these years I finally see why Andy Reid won all those games…Jim Johnson schemes and Ray Rhodes drafted players. This is by far one of worst displays of eagles football I have ever seen were lucky the score is where it is. We’re poorly coached on offense and defense then to top it off we don’t draft or sign good enough players!!! I am so tired of this sh*t this whole organization needs to be fixed from GM down my freakin five year old can make the same damn decisions they do…

  4. If I was Vick I would just quit. Hey F!@& it that’s what the O line said. I’ll go to Reid and say put foles in

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