Andrew Luck gives himself a C for rookie season

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It’s a good thing Andrew Luck is a quarterback and not one of my kids’ teachers.

The Colts quarterback, asked to assess his rookie season at the halfway point, said he’d give himself a middling grade.

”A ‘C’ is average, so I think I’d give myself a ‘C,’ ” Luck said, via the Associated Press.

Does anybody get an A in this class?

He is as humble as he’s been exceptional on the field, as his play has the Colts in the playoff hunt, well ahead of any projection. He’s also setting records on a regular basis, and is playing an adult game in his first season as a pro.

In Sunday’s win over the Dolphins, he broke Cam Newton’s single-game record for passing yards (433), and he’s tied Peyton Manning’s mark for 300-yard games in a rookie season (four), and has identical passing yards and wins as the guy Indy’s last No. 1 overall quarterback.

More importantly than gross passing stats (many rookie passers can build them easily in games they’re trailing big, because teams that draft and start rookie QBs are generally bad), Luck has shown an ability to draw a team together. The Colts have three fourth-quarter wins already, and not many were sure they’d get that many wins this season.

”The victories are what I judge things on. I think I’ve got to cut down on the turnovers and putting touchdowns on the board,” Luck said. ”I think perfect would be to win every game, and not have any incompletions or interceptions.”

Of course, Colts interim coach Bruce Arians said he had a much higher grade in mind.

“That doesn’t surprise me,” Arians said of Luck’s self-imposed C. ”He’s comparing him to himself. I’m comparing him to all the other guys I’ve ever had.”

Luck’s grading out favorably to Manning at this point, and Colts fans are quickly forgetting about the pain of last year, for what it brought them.

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  1. Check that – he has 4 4th Quarter wins….and would have had a 5th had the defense not given up the lead with less than a minute left to the Jags….yeah, that’s 5 potential 4th quarter wins in 8 games. Wow!

  2. Despite the years of hype… Luck may be as good or even better than advertised.

    To have this success with essentially a gutted roster is remarkable. Luck is working with a grab bag of “who’s that” RBs, Rookie TEs, new Olinemen, new Coaches, and an ageless Reggie Wayne and he’s able to put up over 300 yds/game as Rook… what!?! The ability to scramble and pick up ground yards is the biggest surprise though. Pocket presence is Manning-esque, but he definitely can motor when he needs too.

    Despite 1 or 2 off games, he’s played like a 5 year vet from Day 1. If he stays healthy, a handful of Rookie Records are going to be topped.

  3. rg3 said he gets a A, what a crock, im glad we got Luck, humble and know hes not close to his potential yet, and he doesnt care about pimpin himself out to any commercials bidders like u know who….

  4. Luck is by far best rookie Qb. Not even close. This kid is gonna win some super bowls. I like his style. Congrats indy. Get some better skill players around him and youll be set.

  5. @peytonsneck18
    I’m not a fan of either team but…I would rather a man be honest(RG3) then a guy(Luck) say “C” because he is trying to be politically correct. Dude has been better than a C and he knows it.

    For rookies…

    RG3 and Luck get an A

    Tannehill gets a B

    Wilson C+

    Weeden C-

  6. peytonsneck18 says:Nov 6, 2012 11:37 AM

    rg3 said he gets a A, what a crock, im glad we got Luck, humble and know hes not close to his potential yet, and he doesnt care about pimpin himself out to any commercials bidders like u know who….

    What a BS post. RG3 is the only athlete that markets himself???

    Discount double check!!!!

  7. @dannyreneau – Im with you sir. I wish the same for the Chiefs… But, unless im missings something i dont see a straight-to-starter QB in this draft. Barkley and Geno are the big names but i just dont see someone who can come in like Luck or RG3. The hope, i guess, is that Barkley can surprise some folks in a Tannehill-esque sort of way.

  8. What would people be saying if the Colts didn’t gift wrap the Jag’s only win this season on a busted 80 yard TD in the closing seconds which would make them 6-2?

    FACT: There has been NO overhype of Andrew
    Luck. If anything he’s been undervalued.

    As a Colts fan since the day they moved to Indy, I’m pinching myself. I’m in love with this kid and this new team even if they lose every game from here on out.

    I’m all in.

  9. Huh…I didn’t know the season was over. Oh that’s right.

    How about a C for ‘Can’t actually tell’? If that’s the case I’d give all 5 rookies a C.

  10. He is good, one thing that I can promise Colts fans, is there will be some more growing pains yet to come this season. In the long run it will be well worth it.

    As a Packer fan it sucked when the change came, and the first season with Rodgers was frustrating losing some of the close games. It has paid off all ready, and Luck has been shown he is capable of winning some of those close games.

    The Colts made the best move for them, and sometimes its not always the easiest choice, but they have a great player.

  11. He is resisting the hype machine, and good for him. The media makes it really tough on these kids, they need to be mentally tough to shy away from the spotlight and resist the hype they surround them with. I’m sorry, RGIII can say what he wants, but if starts to believe his own hype, he will follow the path of Cam Newton, Mark Sanchez, and others. The only QB prospect I am excited to see is AJ McCarron, I’m also a ‘Bama homer, but the kid has the tools. Barkley has tons of offensive talent, but you don’t see him enabling them, those guys enable Barkley. Geno is, well, Geno, he’s a guy that when he comes out needs to level headed like Luck, just appreciate the opprotunity and not buy into the hype he will generate. This crop of QB’s, I think, will be the best foursome in many years, maybe since the ’84 draft, but it all depends on how these men handle themselves on and off the field and how they deal with adversity, the majority of them are headed in the right direction.

  12. I would give his coach and interim coach As. Chuck Strong and the folks up and down that locker room deserve that grade. Seriously, who in their right mind would have picked that team to do anything with that many holes. As miraculous as their attitudes are, their play is only going to improve.

    Luck is just being candid with his inconsistency and comparing himself to the Rogers, the Brady, the Brees or this year the Ryan top/proficient QBs of the league. Level headed and talented. Tip the hat to Pagano and Arians.

  13. It sounds like he’s grading himself on a curve in comparison to all NFL QBs not according to what would be expected of a typical rookie.
    Even if that were the case I would put him well above average even at this point.
    What an attitude, and with that skill set what a future. This kid looks like he is going to set a new standard in the years to come.

  14. Colts made the right decision taking this guy over RGIII.

    Colts lose and I see this kid making comments taking responsibility for the loss and saying he has to work hard to make himself a better player.

    Washington loses and I see RGIII whining about the refs or other things instead of taking any responsibility at all.

    Luck reminds me of Tom Brady, RGIII doesn’t remind me of anyone I think positively of.

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