Andy Reid sticking with Michael Vick at QB


With the Philadelphia Eagles losing streak extending to four games and another costly turnover from quarterback Michael Vick, head coach Andy Reid was asked again if he will consider a quarterback change for when the Eagles host the Dallas Cowboys next Sunday.

Reid was blunt in his response.

“Michael Vick will be the quarterback,” Reid said.

Reid said it wasn’t an issue of one player not getting the job done. It’s everyone that needs to improve their level of play.

“It’s the team. It’s all of us. There’s not one particular person or one side of the ball or anything else. We’re all in this together,” Reid said.

The Eagles had a chance to take a lead late in the first quarter. Bryce Brown broke a 40-yard run that set up a first-and-goal from the Saints 5-yard line. On second down, Vick threw a pass that deflected off the hands of tight end Brent Celek into the waiting arms of Saints’ cornerback Patrick Robinson. Robinson raced 99 yards the other way for a touchdown to give the Saints a 7-0 lead. The Saints took a 21-3 lead into halftime and managed to hold off a Philadelphia rally in the third quarter en route to a 28-13 win.

Vick completed 22 of 41 passes for 272 yards, a touchdown and an interception on the night.

But the Eagles had bigger problems Monday night than just the quarterback. Vick was sacked seven times by the Saints as the Philadelphia offensive line was overwhelmed all night. The Eagles then failed to capitalize on the opportunities they had. They had five drives reach the Saints’ red zone and came away with just 10 points, an interception, a fumble and a turnover on downs.

“I’m pretty frustrated,” Vick said. “These are games that we certainly have an opportunity to win or get back into the game at some point. At that point everything has to be dead on. It has to be dead on. You can’t miss. You got to capitalize and you’ve always got to be perfect on every drive. It’s very frustrating but we just have to keep pushing forward. I don’t know what else to say.”

The match up with the Cowboys next Sunday could be a make-or-break game for both teams. Both the Eagles and Cowboys sit at 3-5 for the year and would face an incredibly difficult climb to snag a playoff berth if they lose next week. It’s a difficult enough road as it is.

With Reid’s job status tied to the team’s final record this season, Reid apparently continues to feel Vick is the best option for the Eagles under center.

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  1. I don’t understand. This is not Mike’s fault. I don’t like the guy but what is he supposed to do? He is pressured on probably 80-90% of his plays, and when he’s not he has happy feet because there’s no reason to assume he’s NOT about to get cleaned out by some huge DE. If they put anyone else in the league in there, the result would be the same if not worse. Can you imagine what Brady would look like behind that line? He’d be chewing them out non-stop between 3 and outs.

  2. Andy made it very clear LAST week that they would be going with Vick for the forseeable future. He’s not going to budge just yet, the guy still has to save face on this one. The Eagles have too much money invested into Vick to axe him this early in the season, but the axe will indeed come.

    If this team continues to stumble and the losses pile up, Nick Foles will be starting games, no doubt. It’s only a matter of time Eagles fans…each and every game you watch Vick play henceforth will hold the possibility of it being the last game he starts wearing midnight green.

    Foles should be here for a while….

  3. Not trying to make excuses but look at what they are playing with…
    Injured LT Jason Peters
    Injured LG Evan Mathis
    Injured C Jason Kelce
    RG Watkins didnt practice all week injured (dunno if he played today)
    and RT Todd Herremans left the game today injured.

    Even Aaron Rodgers first two years he was awful statistically when he was getting pressured on EVERY play.

  4. Exactly how will Foles be any better, Vick was sacked 7 times, Foles woulda been sacked maybe 16 times, I thought Romo had a bad offensive line, the Eagles make the Dallas line look like hall of famers, Wow!!

  5. Vick is clearly nowhere near the dangerous offensive force he once was but that is not why they are losing games. Andy Reid is 4 years past his sell-by date. He has been a fantastic leader for that team but a change is overdue.

  6. “Mike Vick is a coach killer” – Jim Mora Sr. ~ 10 yrs ago.

    Um, he knew what he was talking about and Andy will know soon too.

  7. Actually, on the first 3 drives, there is blame with Vicks nam all over it. An int at the 1 not only means 7 less points for the saints, but should have been 7 more for the eagles. Second drive, he drives down into the red zone and what? Fumbles the ball out of scoring range and kills the drive. Third drive, 2 sacks. Neither of which he should have taken. Both were after 5+ seconds of holding the ball.

    The game was on the defense too…but having another qb in there would have made a difference for sure

  8. O-line is horrible but Vick makes them worse. I’ve never seen a Qb so incapable of making a pre-snap read. When you have an empty backfield and the the D is showing all out blitz you can’t hold the ball. He hasn’t figured that out yet.

  9. 4 O line starters, name a team that can handle that but again those players that are in there are professionals, i will keep saying it, they gave up plays that had no chance of even getting started before Vick said hut 1 and he has to audible but mainly which they did last night more so then before is run out the blitz and they could not do anything in the redzone…. pissed Eagles fan!!! but understnadably know why we are bad from coaching, to QB play, to Defense, to O line, to playmakers, to overpaid 30 year olds… sick of the look out there but mine and others put this expectation of a great tema and they arent they just arent and people wouldnt be so critical if they realized that, no one is killing the equally if not worse other teams who i will not name…we suck to bad to do that

  10. Michael Vick has been in the NFL since 2001 and in that time he has compiled statistics that scream mediocrity. In that span he has one playoff victory to his credit and two years in federal prison. Yet somehow he still trots out there every Sunday as a starting quarterback while he benefits from more forgiveness, leniency, and patience than any player in my memory. To hear the gaggle of morons on ESPN analyze his current failures, you would think we were talking about the demise of Dan Marino. The real truth is that no NFL franchise will ever win with Vick at the helm for one simple reason–he just ain’t good enough!

  11. Vick is a coach killer. Always has been. But hes regressed to the point where playing him is fruitless. He holds the ball looking dead at his receivers untill he decides instead to run around and fumble the ball. Look, his offensive line is bad but guess what? It was good last year and he was still a turnover machine. Hes cooked. I seen him get caught from behind last week by a defensive TACKLE. Not even an end a tackle! Play Foles now and see what he has for next year. At least he gets the ball out fast.

  12. Like Captain Edward Smith of the RMS Titanic, Andy is going to go down with his ship. Now we can all agree that their problems are more than just Vick. But Vick is not exactly getting rid of the ball quickly on some of those sacks either. As a quarterback, Vick needs to feel the pressure better (which he struggles with) and throw the ball away (Instead of taking sacks). The coaches need to also focus on more three step drops and run the ball better, so they can use more playaction and rollouts. These are standard coaching adjustments that the Eagles you intermittently. More consistency from the coaching staff and a better feel for the game from Vick would go a long way! But it hasn’t happened yet and I doubt it will from here on out. This train started going downhill last year and unfortunately it will not stop until Eagles management cleans house at season’s end.

  13. With Reid’s job status tied to the team’s final record this season, Reid apparently continues to feel Vick is the best option for the Eagles under center.


    Vick’s pick 6 was the difference in the game. Good luck Andy. Vick was erratic all night (when he had time). If not for the Saints defense inexplicably losing track of DeSean, leaving him completely uncovered on a short pass which led to a 77 yard TD, the numbers would’ve been alot worse. That 1 play accounted for more than 50% of the scoring and almost 1/3rd of the passing yards.

    If Vick had finished with under 200 yards passing, no TDs, and a pick 6, against the worst defense in the league do you think Andy would’ve been able to start him next week?

    Vick is not the only problem but he is not part of the solution.

  14. I am seriously embarrassed for the Philadelphia eagles offensive line. I know 4/5 of starters are hurt but I’m sure there’s college players who can block better than this. Marcus Vick was right, get mike outta there!

  15. Why does the national media give him a drop of attention?
    He sounds like a field hand.
    He doesn’t use verbs in his sentences. He is vulgar. He is prone to exaggeration and excesses of vanity; self importance. He is obviously very ignorant. He sounds like he has no more than a third grade education.
    Is the media trying to exploit another honey boo boo?

  16. As a life time fan of the Giants I would like to thank Philly,Washington and Dallas for allowing the Giants to stay on top of the NFC east.

  17. The person that needs to be held responsible here is Marty Mornhinweg. When your team has over 100yds rushing in the first quarter AND your QB is getting killed everytime he drops back… RUN THE BALL!

    The pick 6 happens because of a terrible play call and the sack in the third quarter after the kickoff fumble recovery was another pass play when it should’ve been “Ride McCoy” time.

    Poor play calling from Mornhinweg throughout the game cost Philly. If Reid wants to save his job he is going to have to axe his BFF and get someone in there who will make some proper play calls.

  18. Am I the only one picturing Reid as an old-timey captain of a ship, standing stoically while the ship slowly sinks into the sea?

  19. Yes the o-line is aweful, but Vick does not recognize where pressure will be coming from. Clearly Reid is going ride Vick just like a captain going down with the ship.
    Andy, time is yours, but not for much longer

  20. What does a guy to do when the DL/LB’s are all in his face when he drop back 2 steps? The Int was not his fault. That defense and OL is horrible. I can’t see this team beating the team I hate the most (Cowgirls). All I have left for Philly is good luck for the rest of the season. I wish you well.

  21. Vick got knocked around in the preseason too, way more than Foles or Edwards did. He has to call line adjustments, he’s getting killed out there.

  22. I don’t know what benching Vick would accomplish at this point. His blame in all of this is questionable at best and they have no credible back up. But Andy Reid is in full panic mode and is going to throw anyone he can get ahold of off the sinking ship to try to save himself, so who knows.

  23. I’m so so glad that Steve Young & Trent Dilfer stated the obvious that Mike Vick is playing behind by far the WORST offensive line in NFL history. Vick leads the league in fumbles because his offensive line gives defensive lineman free kill shots on him every snap, he has 1.2 seconds to get rid of the ball after every single snap, wanna blame him for int’s but his receivers & tight ends can’t catch a ball on a rope like Brent Celek who alley-ooped the ball to the Saints defender last night but the haters will blame Vick every time. As far as the rest of you idiots who think Nick Foles is your future.. I need the number to your drug dealer because you are clearly huffing GLADE! Foles was average in the PAC-10 & never was impressive, nor elusive if you wanna crown him starter after a mediocre performance vs guys who do dry wall for a living be my guest.. But good luck with that (sarcasm) he would of died by now behind this pathetic offensive line! Philly fans the problem isn’t Vick it’s your defense & o-line issues!!!

  24. It’s not completely Vick’s fault, no. But he’s a big part of it. So is Reid. Vick has to be one of the NFL’s most overrated QBs. He knows how to run but he doesn’t know how to read a defense and make adjustments on the line. He’s going to have a very short career because he just doesn’t know when to lay down if the play isn’t going to happen. He’s just not wired that way.

    And since Reid has a history of saying one thing and doing the exact opposite a few days later, Vick should be replaced any day now. Because this is the 2nd time that Reid said Vick will “absolutely” be the QB.

  25. The offensive line is not good – that is a given. however, they are not entirely to blame for the seven sacks nor should they be the scapegoat as to why Michael Vick is playing so poorly.

    I feel like a robot because I keep saying the same thing over and over, but…

    Vick lacks pre-snap recognition and therefore fails to pick up the free rusher and make the necessary hot reads. His pocket awareness and footwork in the pocket are absolutely atrocious. He holds the ball too long, stares down receivers and does not cycle through progressions quick enough.

    His accuracy, which was never great to begin with has also declined – see missing Maclin in the end zone and Avant on a wide open out route.

    All these things combined make for lousy quarterback play – the pick six was a perfect example… The ball was poorly thrown, but never should have been thrown. The player on the same side (I believe Harbor) was running a similar route with an off-defender – easily would’ve been a four yard pick up, if not a TD. Vick stares down Celek, does not go through his progressions, forces an inaccurate pass and six points the other way.

    Two years ago, he was able to make up for the flaws in his game because (a) the offensive line was better, but moreso (b) because his atheltic ability hadn’t declined. Plus, teams have realized that if they blitz him – he can’t do much of anything. He was good for about half a season – this is going on two full years of subpar quarterbacking.

    Why do people believe Foles can do better? Well, frankly, because the Eagles can’t do much worse – maybe Matt Cassell?

    And this team has no chance of seeing any sort of sustained success this season – at best, they are a mediocre 7-9/8-8 team – get a look at the kid, see if you have something there or if you need to bring in a new player under center in the draft.

  26. That loss was not squarely on Vick. The O-line is putrid and Demetress Bell has no business being on the field. For all of you making excuses about O-line injuries take a look at the Rams. They have Wayne “turnstile” Hunter and Barry Richardson starting and they were terrible before this year and have played above average. Point being is coaching factors into this and Howard Mudd needs to go

  27. Translation: There is no way I’m putting our starting QB next year out there now to get killed behind this offensive line. We’re getting rid of Vick at the end of the year anyway, so let HIM get pounded.

  28. When your O line is bad, you run the ball and make quick throws, like slants or 5 yard outs. It keeps the D line from charging up field. Then you throw it deep. Philly’s offense is throw deep first, run second. If i can figure it out, so can defenses. The coaching carousel doesn’t help, but neither does Reid. Where are all the Michael Vick for MVP guys.
    Also, Aaron Rodgers got sacked 8 times in a half, and still led his team to victory. Oh wait.. well you get the point.

  29. wanna blame him for int’s but his receivers & tight ends can’t catch a ball on a rope like Brent Celek who alley-ooped the ball to the Saints defender last night but the haters will blame Vick every time. As far as the rest of you idiots who think Nick Foles is your future..
    The INT was Vick’s fault – the ball was inaccurate and as I explained above never should have been thrown.

    If Vick saw he was covered and went through his progressions – he would’ve saw Harbor open. Instead he stared down Celek, forced a bad pass and confounded the mistake by making an inaccurate throw.

    See this is the problem – so many people want to absolve Vick because they see 7 sacks… They fail to actually analyze the game and see where the mistakes and sacks come from.

    The OL is bad, but Vick makes them look worse…

  30. Reid in a pigeon hole. No O line to protect Vick so Vick ends up looking bad and people screaming for change.
    No defense even after firing the defensive coordinator proving the defense just plain sucks.
    One more loss and Andy is toast. Even Laurie has to get that message.

  31. everyone is screaming the 0-line is bad because there are 3 to 4 starters out, which is true but Andy Reid need to put in extra protection and put in better playcalls to protect Vick…Vick needs to learn how to do pre snap reads on the line…the blame falls on both Reid and Vick

  32. I think being named the starting QB with that O-line is more of a bad thing than a good thing…

    Seriously, if they throw Nick Foles in there they’re gonna wind up with David Carr 2.0

  33. For everyone saying Vick should make pre snap reads watch the damn games if your ot can’t block the de what pre snap read is that? Geez stop and think. Celek was being held that’s why he couldn’t catch the ball. Damn

  34. schmitty2 says:
    Nov 6, 2012 9:52 AM
    That loss was not squarely on Vick. The O-line is putrid and Demetress Bell has no business being on the field. For all of you making excuses about O-line injuries take a look at the Rams. They have Wayne “turnstile” Hunter and Barry Richardson starting and they were terrible before this year and have played above average.

    And a QB that makes quick decisions, recognizes defenses pre-snap and has decent pocket awareness…

  35. In a related story, Andy Reid went out to mourn at a local Cajun seafood joint. The Louisana Dept of Agriculture has reported the Crayfish population of the state had dipped by 20%.

  36. Worst line in history yet rushed for big yards whole first half. When your line can’t pass block you do not go 5 wide with no help especially 1st and goal on the 5. you need to adjust to hide your weakness stubborn fat prick does not ever do that. They could have run all day on that team

  37. As well he should. Mike Vick isn’t the problem… in fact if the Iggles had any QB other than Vick there’s no telling how many sacks that horrible line would have given up by now. Vick looks to be doing all can, maybe too much.

  38. Vick don’t even have time to run! Lol..and don’t give me that the line is missing starters.. my Steelers O-Line is the most beat up line every year, but our COACHING staff makes the necessary Adjustments to help Ben be successful..that’s the difference. And why nobody asking for coach Mud’s head? Personally I think the whole staff is gone next year and Vick remains the Philly QB

  39. blockedshotnyr says:Nov 6, 2012 10:34 AM

    schmitty2 says:
    Nov 6, 2012 9:52 AM
    That loss was not squarely on Vick. The O-line is putrid and Demetress Bell has no business being on the field. For all of you making excuses about O-line injuries take a look at the Rams. They have Wayne “turnstile” Hunter and Barry Richardson starting and they were terrible before this year and have played above average.

    And a QB that makes quick decisions, recognizes defenses pre-snap and has decent pocket awareness…

    I toally agree with you on that but how many qb’s would surviive when the defender is in their face before they even get done dropping back to pass?

  40. whoever is known as mo on here can kiss me between the cheeks, calling me a racist with no basis whatsoever! You sir are scum and should be blocked from posting on this site

  41. There is definitely plenty of blame to go around the organization. And I do agree with someone’s statement to overhaul it from the ground up. And this is a team, from the beginning of last and this season, a player has not failed to state that they are championship caliber.

    The Michael Vick experiment in Philly was doomed from the beginning, but it was just held over by some mediocre, at best, play and performance by Vick himself.

    Vick’s ineptitude under center is just compounded by the O lines ineffectiveness to, I am sorry, but do their job. The same can be said of the receiver’s who can’t seem to catch. And a coaching staff, who inexplicably, insist on going away with what works (running game).

    Keeping Vick as their QB until season’s end will not do anything for him, Reid or the team. Even at their best attempt, they can only probably win just a few more games to be .50. But at the same token, I don’t believe Foles would be the answer and may even be worse, as he is not as mobile as Vick is. At this point, I have to agree and just keep Vick and take the loss. There will definitely be a new coach, and maybe, QB for Philly next season.

  42. Not Vick’s fan @ all, but what I saw y’day is an embarrassing O line that can’t even hold till the QB finishes drop back & receivers who were dropping & tipping balls balls. I guess, the team is quitting.

  43. DAMN! did anybody besides me see that awful tackling by the secondary? And no pass rush from any one? Looks like you guys really overpaid on the defense for Nothing.. but that’s Vicks fault too I guess. Ya defense is just as bad

  44. Vick is not going to change, and the Eagles will not win a Super Bowl with him. He has too many flaws that have been there from his beginning in the NFL. He holds the ball too long. He doesn’t lead his receivers well enough to make the big plays. . .consistently. He is not able to anticipate where the receivers will be when his throw get in the vicinity. And, he is barely O.K. on the short throws. Oh yes, and one more thing. The pass defensive rushers are much faster today than when Vick entered the league, and he can’t out run them.
    It is time to move on and give the rookie an opportunity t9o get some experience. I know it isn’t something we often see in the NFL, but it is time for another coach. Let’s get Gruden back to Philly. And I don’t see any positive reason to wait until the end of the season.

  45. 4 words.. run the damn ball..100 yards in the 1st half with Shady McCoy but you stop and go 4-5 wide with no protection for a man who’s gettin murdered as soon as he you he’s the ball? Coach Martty was terrible in Detroit don’t know how these dudes keep jobs in the NFL.The same old recycled names poppin up. Honestly I hope Vick is let go, and Philly fans get what they been asking 4 next year. An overpaid overrated SOFT Defense a 1st year QB and a overrated Head coach who really hasnt done nothing! We got room for y’all in #SteelerNation

  46. This entire topic is created by media hosts looking to de-throan another starting QB. Anyone with half-a-brain can see that MV is doing all he can to get things going, it’s NOT his fault when 3 of his linemen end up blocking the same NT and both ends and an OLB come running at him free and clear…what’s the guy supposed to do!? Through any QB in that spot and you’d see the same results.

    You want to fix is Philly…stop signing high profile corners and go after some quality OL members.

    -Not a Vick fan.

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