Bradshaw’s jab at Jimmy Johnson creates a stir

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I’m always reluctant to mention Terry Bradshaw in this space, because whenever his name appears here we get at least 50 comments along the lines of, “Wait, he’s still alive?”

But it’s important to note what Terry did — and didn’t — say on Sunday during one of the highlights segments on FOX.

While describing the ankle-breaking touchdown run by Dolphins running back Reggie Bush (which prompted us to point out on Twitter that even Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie lunged at air when Reggie cut left to right), Bradshaw said, “Look at this Jimmy, it was like you was chasing that bucket of chicken that the wind was blowing the other day.”  (Apparently, there’s a question as to whether Bradshaw said “you was chasing” or “he was chasing.”  My first thought was that Bradshaw said “you,” to Johnson.)

Appearing on Tuesday’s edition of The Dan Patrick Show, FOX’s Howie Long explained that it was an inside jab by Bradshaw at Jimmy Johnson.

“I was shocked that it was even an issue,” Long said, explaining that Johnson’s wife, Rhonda, doesn’t let Jimmy eat fried chicken at home.

“It wasn’t even poorly phrased,” Long added.  “It was specifically directed at Jimmy Johnson.  It could have been any player running the football or whatever on that particular play.”

Though Long dubbed the controversy “ridiculous,” Bradshaw has apologized for the remark.  And by apologizing almost as clumsily as he does the highlights on FOX, Bradshaw made the controversy necessarily something other than ridiculous.  Indeed, the apology gave credence to the belief that there was a possible racial component to the remark.

If not, why apologize?

I can’t defend myself,” Bradshaw told Michael Hiestand of USA Today.  “I’ve never been in a situation like this.  I don’t know how to react, except to apologize for something I didn’t know I said.  I’ve been upset today.  It’s not me.  I’m shocked.”

Bradshaw also said that he initially denied saying it, and that upon hearing the tape, he said, “I can’t believe I said it.”

The explanation provided by Long and by FOX and by Curt Menefee makes sense.  Bradshaw’s apology made the situation more confusing.  Though he may have simply been apologizing for saying something that gave rise accidentally to a controversy, Bradshaw may have been better off not apologizing at all.

56 responses to “Bradshaw’s jab at Jimmy Johnson creates a stir

  1. I believe Bradshaw on this but the guy is still a tool. The pregame show would be much better with just Curt, Howie, and Strahan

  2. Terry being an often-brainless fool was tolerable when Chuck Noll, the Steel Curtain, Franco, Rocky, and the crew were around to minimize the damage and he was on the winning side of four Super Bowls as a player. As an analyst and person, he comes across as just another very dumb ex-jock.

  3. I sure glad James Brown left those annoying lunkheads behind a few years back. CBS does it real good and of course NBC 😉 .

  4. I accept Terry’s apology. He is one of the last guys that would ever not be straightforward about just about anything. Heck Tom Hanks is arguably one of the most professional actors in the world and even he can slip and say the F-word on daytime TV. Terry was just casually being himself and might not have been absolutely perfect on that day with his word choice, but give him a break.

    Anywhere Terry goes on TV people trash on him for not being the smartest guy in the world and he takes those jokes like a champ, and in this society we teach people now that roasting others is somehow flattery, so he tried to keep up and make a tiny jab, big flippin’ deal. He has been nothing but a super warm hearted guy his whole life and there’s nothing not to like about Terry Bradshaw. He’s fantastic on TV, but when the cameras are off and he’s talking privately with people when nobody is watching he is always professional and warm hearted.

    I love you Terry Bradshaw and you’ll always be a winner and ok in my book!

  5. I love fried chicken – especially popeyes I never understood why it turned into a rascist thing. Why is it bad people like fried chicken? Its delicious.

  6. Heard it on the radio a few times yesterday.

    Sounded like “he” pretty clearly.

    And for those whining about how “sensitive” everyone is these days, it’s easy to find something unoffensive when you’re not in the group being offended. (Also, isn’t it ironic that they are so sensitive about people being too sensitive?)

  7. Good ole’ Howie isn’t racist, but now that he explains it, it’s pretty funny.

    SN: Inside jokes are generally meant to stay INSIDE.

  8. This is news? Man…what a bunch of pink drawer-wearing pansies everyone has become.

    Everyone eats chicken damn it, stop being so sensitive and racially motivated all the time.

  9. Wow! what is he apologizing for?? While none of us admit it we all like eating some fried chicken from time to time. Cant we say anything anymore or do we have to fear for our jobs and our character upon every slip of the tongue?

  10. I heard the comment, when it was said, it was completely directed at Jimmy Johnson. I think the issue is that Bradshaw is not the birghtest guy, so when his words became an issue, he got scared and probably truly believes he was in the wrong for “something.” I have no doubt of where the chicken comment was directed at.

  11. Laughable. Poor choice of food Terry. Are we not used to this stuff from Terry? If he had said bucket of grilled chicken this struggle would not exist. It seems they are putting estrogen in our water systems. We have become a nation of apologists. Dont want to offend anybody!

    I would like to make an apology now, in case I offended anyone with the above post. GFYS

  12. tfbuckfutter says: Nov 6, 2012 10:40 AM

    Heard it on the radio a few times yesterday.

    Sounded like “he” pretty clearly.

    And for those whining about how “sensitive” everyone is these days, it’s easy to find something unoffensive when you’re not in the group being offended. (Also, isn’t it ironic that they are so sensitive about people being too sensitive?)
    You should go comment on Hardballtalk. That is the overly sensitive, pc loving, liberal crowd. Everyone else is right. If you took offense to the remark, you’re overly sensitive. Quit being a b!tc#

  13. At least he didn’t say something like “Look at that little monkey run!” That might have caused a stir in the community.

    I agree with everyone here, not much of a story so let’s move on.

  14. The best thing that ever came from Bradshaw was during his playing days when a rival player said “Terry Bradshaw couldnt spell “Cat” if you spotted im the “C” and the “A” ”

    To me that says it all, Terry was a gamer, but dumb as a rock. Nothing can change that.

  15. he is only saying he is sorry because people like the ones in charge at pft would be demanding one if he didn’t. complete and utter nonsense. I watch the fox show every week and like terry I had no idea he said something that he should say he is sorry for.

  16. Come on. After hearing Howie Long describe what happened, makes this PC comments null and void. Get a life

  17. Never mind spellingcops…I see it was tfbuckfutter who made that stupid comment. You had a good response…my bad.

  18. i was watching the show as the comment was made it clearly without a doubt was intended for jimmy and i knew people would be stupid and petty about it

  19. Sounds like a spin to me. Terry commented on a black wide receiver chasing after a bucket of chicken and jimmy johnson even added in “it must have been a good bucket.”

    You could see strahan rolling his eyes.

  20. I’m starting to think the writers on this site are a bunch of pink panty wearing thought police. Who cares, let people say what they want. Just like when a coach talks about beating another team, then all of a sudden u say he shouldn’t be sayin that he might make the other team upset. Stop it already.

  21. Ummm… Is this really newsworthy? He didn’t say anything bad! People are too sensitive now a days! Lighten up! C’mon and shame on the media for making this bigger than what it really is! But that’s the media for you!!

  22. Good lord. it was a friendly jab at a friend. I can guarantee you Jimmy did not give it a second thought. It was meant to convey Jimmy likes his comfort food. That’s it. This story, the speculation around it, and all the inferences that it is somehow race related is EXACTLY

  23. well, the people made a stir out of his line, that was why he apologized. I see nothing with that. continue on, bradshaw.

  24. Good lord. it was a friendly jab at a friend. I can guarantee you Jimmy did not give it a second thought. It was meant to convey Jimmy likes his comfort food. That’s it. This story, the speculation around it, and all the inferences that it is somehow race related is EXACTLY why we in the south refer to you all as Yankees. This is the epitome of what Yankees are and how they think. (Translation: haughtily full of self-aggrandized and esoteric knowledge, completely devoid of humor and good common sense). Stupid yankees.

  25. Since I am of Italian heritage, I imgine myself sitting in Jimmy’s seat & listening to Terry say “Look at this Nomesayin, it was like you was chasing that pizza that the wind was blowing the other day.”
    No matter how much I picture it, I just can’t get mad. I guess there must be something wrong with me. In fact, if he did say it to me I would laugh out loud. Also, if there WAS, in fact, a pizza blowing in the wind, I WOULD chase it.

  26. Asian people like rice. The French like them so horse. Spaniards like beans. Whiteys love mashed taters. Blackeys like chicken( I guess). What’s hurtful in saying that the said ethnicity likes said dish? I don’t get it. Saying blacks like rap racist as well? This just in convicted felons cry racism over comments by some on record as saying they” might be a law breaker” .. Seriously!?!

  27. What a joke. This country is done when this is a big deal. People need to pull up the big boy pants and quit being such wussies. I love Fried chicken so should I be offended?

  28. A word of advice for announcers…whenever a player is running for a touchdown, never say he looks like he’s running from (blank) or running after (blank). Someone will find a way to make it sound rascist.

  29. It is simple, he apologizes because he has to not because he did something. In this politically correct world the fear off some special interest group latching onto it is the fear. I bet it came off just like he said Johnson can’t eat fried chicken at home but in this hyper sensitive media world they take it and run with it. I saw a saying on a church sign recently that read, “since when did the offended start to rule the world” interesting comment i think there is some truth to it. Everyone has to worry about offending someone. Is being “offended” that big of a crime now?

  30. John Q. Public isn’t more sensitive these days, it’s just media looking for opportunities to display indignant outrage.

  31. This is absolute bs. As should have been pointed out by now, everyone who is not a vegan or vegetarian, regardless of ethnicity or national origin, loves fried chicken. Hell, the Chinese invented it. Also, Bradshaw was clearly referring to Johnson. The awkward silence insued because Johnson, who appears to be suffering from Bell’s palsy, misheard. Drop it and quit apologizing for every gd thing!

  32. The PC Police strike again. Why apologize, what Bradshaw should say is that if anyone has been offended, suggest they get a life.

    If he really wanted to insult Reggie Bush, he would have mentioned that his pro career starting a few years early at USC.

  33. The bottom line is that everyone needs to ask themselves if they think Terry Bradshaw is a racist? I would find it hard to believe that he is.

    Sadly, in today’s PC climate, nobody takes INTENT into account, so he HAD to apologize, even if he didn’t intend any harm.

    You’d think that 40 years or so after the Howard Cosell (non)debacle, this wouldn’t continue to be an issue.

  34. What a terrible topic and a complete non-issue. I was listening to DP this morning and heard Howie talking about it but hadn’t heard about it. It was a clearly inside joke. How it became a outside matter I don’t know.

  35. This reminds me of the time that Joe Montana did a radio appearance on the Jim Rome Show

    Montana offered a bizarre out-of-the-blue warning to “watch out for black guys”

    Outrage of course ensued with people accusing Montana of blatant racism

    Upon clarification it was learned that Montana was simply warning winter drivers to “watch out for black ice.”

    People need to ease up. Yes, there’s still racism, but slowly but surely it will die out. One day we may even have a black President.


  36. I’m not sure about the “racial” aspect. Would somebody explain? Johnson and Bradshaw are both the same color and from the south. I don’t understand.

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