DeMarco Murray still has tests to pass before returning


After the Cowboys lost to the Falcons on Sunday night, owner Jerry Jones said that he expects running back DeMarco Murray to make his return from a sprained foot against the Eagles last weekend.

Murray’s got some work to do if he is going to meet Jones’ expectations. Coach Jason Garrett said Monday that Murray still has to pass several tests before he’ll be able to practice or play in a game for the Cowboys.

“The process you go through with an injury like that is you have different thresholds. He has to be able to do different things,” Garrett said, via the Dallas Morning News. “He has to be able to 10 times go up and down on his toes. Then, he has to be able to hop on his foot by itself without any pain. Then, he has to be able to jog. All that kind of stuff. So there’s a number of different thresholds that he has to get past before he can even practice. We obviously want him to practice before he plays in the game.”

Garrett said Murray has passed some of the tests and that he will have plenty of chances to pass them this week. Garrett also joked that he asked Murray to take the failed tests again in hopes of getting a better result.

Thus far, that approach has worked about as well as it did when Garrett was taking clock management classes at Princeton, but the hope in Dallas remains that they’ll have Murray back in the lineup for Week 10.