Finley gives Packers a C-plus, himself a C-minus


It’s the mid-point of the season, so players are being asked to provide mid-term grades.

Colts quarterback Andrew Luck gave himself a C.  Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, in a Monday appearance on PFT Live, declined to apply a grade, saying that winning is the most important thing.

Packers tight end Jermichael Finley, in a Tuesday appearance on NBC Sports Network’s Pro Football Talk, gave the Packers a C-plus — and himself a C-minus.

The full interview appears below.

If the Packers regard Finley as a C-minus student, he may not be back in 2013.  With a $4.45 million roster bonus due in March, the Packers could decide to make Tom Crabtree the No. 1 tight end next year, and cut Finley free.

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27 responses to “Finley gives Packers a C-plus, himself a C-minus

  1. Well, we know that Jermichael Finley should not get a job involving any sort of grading after his playing career…

  2. The Pack have Crabtree, Williams, Quarless & Taylor to man the TE position after 2012.

    JFinn will be running his mouth & dropping passes somewhere else in 2013.

  3. thehatefulnerd says: Nov 6, 2012 10:24 PM

    Quarless will replace Finley.

    Or DJ Williams if he learns how to catch the ball.
    Isn’t that the gripe on Finley? That he cannot catch? Come on Man! Finley is seasoned into this playbook, yes he’s been very bad this year, the Pack won a SB without him basically all season few years back. However, even though I think hes gone after this year, he will get his looks later in the season , and he will bounce back. Not any YOTTO crap, but Finley will come up for the pack towards the playoffs, mark my words.

  4. Crabtree has made a few big plays when no one was expecting them. He’s a tough guy and a good blocker but he’ll never be the starting tight end. He’s slow as molasses.

  5. When Tom Crabtree is outproducing you on the field it’s time for a bit more self-reflection than giving yourself a passing grade. After 5 years of “the guys got unlimited upside” and YOTTO (Year of the take over ~ when was that?) it’s time GB realizes that he’s a great athlete with a 4th grade mind/maturity… time to move along. I’d say D is more appropriate, and that’s just so he passes whatever test he’s taking and leaves.

  6. As much as Finley drives me nuts he still creates mismatches that teams have to be prepared for. The guy is just immature he’s had his shot hopefully gets another ring this year then see you later because someone’s going to pay him and its not going to be Ted.

  7. JMike man, your a big guy use your body to box out defenders and out jump them for the ball. Get some Tony Gonzales film during the bye week and watch it if you want to learn from the master.

    Enough with the finesse, your a TE, not a WR. Take pride in blocking for your RBs or your QB if you have to. Set the tone early, get in the left defensive ends head with some early chip blocks whether they’re called or not.

    If you want your QB upright so he can throw you the ball you have to help slow down the outside pass rushers and since you don’t seem to be his first read on many occasions that hesitation to get into your route could work in your favor.

    I don’t want to be “that guy” who tells someone how to do their job but dammit someone has to.

    Now if someone would be so kind as to tweet this to Mr Finley if your bored, I would appreciate it.

  8. Finley is OVERRATED. It is better to get rid of him. He can’t catch, block, and catch again. A waste of his physical gift, or maybe his talent was to drop balls perfectly thrown by Rodgers. Fantasy football most disappointing player

  9. I’d give the Packers a D and agree with his own C- grade. There are far worse tight ends out there, but he hasn’t lived up to the expectations his talent warrants.

  10. If the Packers owners don’t like him, then why don’t they bench, trade, cut or get rid of him?
    Oh yeah.
    That’s right.
    That piece of paper which claims they are an owner isn’t worth any more than the toilet paper I use every day.
    Gee. Those old sayings are right.
    There is a sucker born every minute and a fool and their money is soon parted.
    Pride is free and I didn’t waste 250 bucks on it.

  11. bathroomben7 says:
    Nov 7, 2012 8:59 AM
    Will they just cut this guy already?
    The Packers owners?
    If you think they have any power over any decisions, then I have a Brooklyn Bridge to sell you.
    Well, I would but I’m selling it to those fans who also already own the Packers.  

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