Jaguars owner “embarrassed,” vows to get the “right people”

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In his first season as the owner of the Jaguars, Shad Khan is embarrassed by what he has seen on the field.

That’s the word Khan used on Jaguars All Access on Action News 47, in an appearance in which he made clear that he knows the 1-7 team has to get a lot better.

It’s embarrassing but there are better days ahead,” Khan said, via the Florida Times-Union. “I’m deeply grateful to the fans for supporting us. They’ve done their part. Now we have to do our part.”

Khan indicated that he’ll run this business the same way he ran the auto parts company that made him a billionaire.

“Whether it’s a football team or an auto parts company, you need three things: Right people in the right spots, processing and decision making that’s right and you need support from fans, sponsors or owners,” Khan said. “We have to finish the season. You can’t be rushing to judgment. I wish life was that simple, that you could hire and fire people and things would change. I am committed to building a sustainable, winning organization.”

Khan says he will not meddle in the football decisions and will not decide who the Jaguars sign in free agency or draft in April, but he will make some hard decisions about who the Jaguars need in place to make those decisions.

“I’m not a talent evaluator so I’ll let you guys be the judge of that. My job is to get the people who evaluate the talent,” Khan said.

Those comments don’t speak well for the job security Jaguars General Manager Gene Smith.

47 responses to “Jaguars owner “embarrassed,” vows to get the “right people”

  1. This guy “gets it”. I think this is the right attitude for an owner to have and the way he handled the MJD situation was almost perfect, IMHO. The Jags are a mess but he looks like a guy that knows how to fix it. I don’t see him hanging on to something that clearly isn’t working. Better days are ahead for Jaguars fans

  2. But will he open up his wallet, that’s the question.

    Until he does, this team is in the mix for L.A.

  3. FINALLY! !!
    Gene smith should have Been let go with Del Rio if not sooner. The guy has no clue on how to draft or evaluate talent or deal in free agency or anything to do with personal. The worst GM in football no question

  4. I hope Jags fans appreciate him coming out and saying that. You wouldn’t catch Mike Brown admitting any fault or taking responsibility for what his organization has produced. Or promising any improvement… at least from what I can recall…

  5. It’s all part of Khan’s elaborate plan to cause blackouts so the Jags can move out of Jacksonville and play half of their home games in London and the other half in Los Angeles. Then he will trade a first round pick for Tebow to put butts in the stands and get rid of the tarps. And then…championship?

  6. Jerry jones should read this, get the right football people and get the f— out of the way. If they can’t do the job then u step back in. Shad will be interesting to watch over the next few years. I’m not a fan of Jacksonville, but if I was I would be somewhat encouraged.

  7. Too bad there’s not a competition for ‘strangest owner’. It’d be Khan and Jerry Jones in that Superbowl every year.

  8. jc1958cool, think you went of the handle there a little bit? He just said running a buisness is the same no matter the industry. You need the same things to succeed. Read it then comprehend it before you post your garbage.

  9. Today i shall leave you how you left me, marooned for all eternity on some dead planet buried alive! Buried alive buried alive…


  10. @z561 How many blackouts have the Jags had recently? How much did he spend on the locker room? Jags aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Khan will turn this around.

  11. Is it just me or Does Kahn look like Gene Shalit a little? Anyway Andy Reid will probably still have his job by the end of the season. There is always an excuse for him,but his firing could happen. I also got the Major League reference above Eagles, good choice.

  12. jc1958cool says: Nov 6, 2012 6:54 AM

    auto parts and people are the same? what a TURD!!! typical out of touch billionaire, think you can buy everything, @$$hole
    Total reading comprehension fail. Nice try, @sshole.

  13. Wait. I’m confused. When I, and dozens of others, ripped Jacksonville for wasting a third rounder on a punter, we were all lectured by Jags fans that “field position” is “everything” in the NFL and we had NO idea what we were talking about. So, it turns out that a third round punter was NOT all this team needed to make the playoffs? Who knew?

    “I think it will be evident when you get a chance to see him punt: He’s got a strong history which I feel will transfer to this level in helping us defensively with the yardage we can gain in field position,” general manager Gene Smith said.“… He’s the player in that round at your pick that you feel can upgrade your football team. I think that’s an easy decision for me, to get a starter in the third round.”

    The guy should have been fired ten seconds after saying that.

  14. I think he meant auto parts are like people in that they are interchangeable. Finding the right part /person makes the engine/organization run more efficiently. Ya dig?

  15. Thank God. Khan basically just said Gene is gone. He has to make this move or the core of the fan base is gone. I’m glad he’s embarrassed. Maybe one day he’ll look back on his rookie season as an owner and laugh. I hope so. He’s got enough money to build a winner. It starts with talent & since Gene was an assistant GM and recommended that moron R. Jay Soward as our first rounder, he’s never been able to really hit on anyone. Dec. 31 Gene gets the axe and hopefully he can coax a real winner from his job to come to the beaches and live and work.

  16. Hear that, Jerry Jones? Someone that doesn’t know anything about football, doesn’t mess with football operations. Kahn seems to be smart. Takes notes, Jerrah.

  17. Umm jc1958cool…you obviously did not read the whole article!! He said you cannot just hire and fire people but will make tough decisions to put the right people in those positions to make those decisions.. he said there was 3 things needed to make a successful sustainable orginization. None included money you idiot. Learn to read and comprehend!! Turd..

  18. Khan’s pic is funny,,,”show me sassy, who is the big guy huh ? Who is the boss??”

  19. Shad I hear there is a sale on with running backs, O linemen, Pass rushers etc. all in aisle five.
    Its never about the money but having players available to turn things around. You only get so many picks, salary caps and such, improvement like this takes years Shad baby. Take a seat and enjoy, its a long ride baby!

  20. if hes so concerned about getting the right people why did he hire a head coach that quit the last time he was one. Khan wont be as lucky as theres no way mularkey will get a head coaching job after this . So unless khan willing to eat the contracts of mularkey and his assistants nothing will change in the near future

  21. In the NFL you need three things to succeed, as well. Offense, defense and special teams.
    BTW, has anybody thought that drafting a punter in the third round (top 10 third) that the Jags realized they’ll be doing a lot of punting? BAnger is on the field more than the 3rd wideout.

  22. I didn’t even know Ron Jeremy owned a football team.

    lol u took the words right outta my mouth!!!

  23. z561 says:Nov 6, 2012 6:48 AM

    It’s all part of Khan’s elaborate plan to cause blackouts so the Jags can move out of Jacksonville and play half of their home games in London and the other half in Los Angeles. Then he will trade a first round pick for Tebow to put butts in the stands and get rid of the tarps. And then…championship?
    Just so I understand… he’s going to move the team OUT of Tebow’s home town, and then trade for Tebow to put “butts in the stands and get rid of the tarps”? Why would they have tarps in LA or London? Why would having Tebow put “butts in the stands” in LA or London?

  24. If you want to know about this team’s ability to evaluate talent just look at their RB situation. Almost every team in the NFL has shown an ability to find talented UDFA or otherwise low profile backs to come out of nowhere and either pick up the slack when a franchise back goes down, or add a new element to their offense.

    Their whole team hinges on MJD and the one guy they’ve had backing him up for the last couple seasons is Rashad Jennings: a guy who hasn’t done a single thing.

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