Jake Long takes the blame for losing battle with Dwight Freeney


Dolphins left tackle Jake Long lost his one-on-one battle with Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney on Sunday, and Long admits that individual battle was a big part of Miami losing the game in Indianapolis.

It starts with me,” Long said on Monday, via the Sun Sentinel. “I’ve got to do better. That wasn’t good enough.”

Freeney beat Long for a sack on one play, beat Long to hit Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill as he was passing and force a third-down incompletion on another, and he got pressure on Tannehill a few other times. Long didn’t need to be told that, because he was already dwelling on it.

“I’m really hard on myself,” Long said. “I hate it. It kills me. I’m going to make sure I don’t let it happen again.”

Tannehill has to hope Long won’t let it happen again.

25 responses to “Jake Long takes the blame for losing battle with Dwight Freeney

  1. Jake is his own biggest critic,arguably the worst game of his career! Still a beast I love having him on the Dolphins top 3 LT in the league go Dolphins!

  2. Jake Long is probably the most overrated play in the NFL, and that’s saying a lot. Not to say that Jake is a bad player, because he’s pretty solid, but he was not worth the top pick in 2008. He’s just not that good of a left tackle, especially compared to his peers.

    To think that the Jon Ogdens, Walter Jones’, and Orlando Pace’s have been replaced by Joe Thomas followed a bunch of second rate players is pretty sick.

  3. Jake was a very good LT out of College and has been very good for the Fins since then. His play has declined and injuries might have something to do with that. Hopefully he can kick it up a notch in the next 8 games. Finsup.

  4. Wasn’t just Jake, rookie Tackle Jonathan Martin got abused out there as well. Tough loss for the Fins but atleast they have the Titans on deck next week.

  5. Dwight Freeney will be in the Colts Ring of Fame someday. No shame here especially when Pagano’s scheme puts him in DeMarcus Ware/Suggs situations where he can just free rush off the edge. No matter how good a LT is, they will get beat 1 or 2 plays by some of the best pass rushers of the last decade on the Colts D coming off the edge. Long is still as good as advertised but he isn’t the best at his position. That title goes to the best player in football: Joe Thomas.

  6. A lot of respect to Jake Long for taking blame, not many athletes nowadays will do that. Jake Long is a solid player and proves how valuable the left tackle position is because week-after-week the LT is going up against the most talented player on the opposing defense. If he’s not at the top of his game it can make a quarterback’s day miserable. I like this Dolphin’s team, they have character and most importantly play hard. Best of luck to them.

  7. In the contract negotiation, Ireland is going to show Long’s agent the picture from this article.

    He’ll show Sean Smith’s agent the entire Colts/Fins game tape.

  8. Jake you have been very good for us but seem to be on the decline way too young. It isn’t just about this game.

    Please remember this game (you too Sean Smith) when you negotiate with the front office as both of you are about to be free agents. We need you but there are finacial limits.

  9. I remember Freeney beating soon to be Hall of Famer Johnathan Ogden more than a few times. I don’t know that I would knock Long too hard over it.

  10. Long will not be in Miami because some team will give him top 5 money and he hasn’t been a top five tackle in a couple of years. Maybe top 15 right now.

  11. Jeff Ireland is notorious for NOT over paying players/coaches. Yes, I’m looking at you Jeff Fisher, Ryan Clark, Peyton Manning & Matt Flynn. Jake Long will be allowed to test the open market and undoubtedly some GM will pay him top 5 money. Unless Jake offers the Dolphins a home town discount I envision all the Ireland boo birds out in force. Even though Jake is a great character guy his play doesn’t reflect that type of contact nor did it last year.

  12. Jake’s play has declined since the former head coach allowed him to try to play through an injury two years back. He should have been sat down and allowed to fully heal. Jake is a warrior who should have been told that winning a weekly battle while injured is not good long term thinking! Unfortunately for him, and for the Dolphins, the former head coach lacked the necessary wisdom, fortitude, and will to tell him that – and then follow through on it.

  13. Really solid LTs seem to be hard to come by in today’s NFL.

    Just like with franchise QBs, if your team has one, count your blessings. If you don’t, then you gotta keep looking.

    That said, franchise LTs dont seem to be that important in winning a SB these days…

  14. Dude Dwight Freeney abused Jonathan Ogden as well. Miami had a horrible gameplan. You do not come out passing the ball against Freeney and Mathis. You pound the ball at them like the Jets did. When you pass the ball 40 times Freeney and Mathis will get you at least twice and cause disruptions 5 or 6 more times. It was a bad gameplan. Jake Long is a good LT and a myriad of NFL teams would give up a first round pick to have him (Bears, Lions, Packers etc…)

  15. He’s not healthy and hasn’t been since last year. I laugh everytime some one calls jake overrated. I remember one year jake allowed 1 sack the whole season. When healthy as far as I’m concerned it’s Long/Thomas then the rest of the league. And you can flip flop who’s the best is at any given year. Not many left tackles can hold Jared Allen and Demarcus Ware in check and Ive seen Long do both.

  16. here come the jake all ways tryin to relocate me lock me up forever but they can’t deflate me. so he was beat for 1 sack a batted pass and a couple hurries and had a bad game in 88 is you crazy that’s I was porkin sophie and you was pumping for poison that cracker iller ern woulda spit in ur face plus the D’s been told me bout dat doja boy jake

  17. randallflagg52 says:
    “To think that the Jon Ogdens, Walter Jones’, and Orlando Pace’s have been replaced by Joe Thomas followed a bunch of second rate players is pretty sick.”

    Joe Thomas is nowhere near the best tackle in the league. Joe Thomas cannot, I repeat, CANNOT run block to save his life. Do a little research before you start blowing smoke.

  18. Jake had a bad game…first time in his career he looked so bad and even then he still looked better than 90% of the LTs in the league. The Chargers, Eagles, and Bears would kill for Jake. I have Jake right up there with Richmond Webb!!! Fins should of had a few screen passes to Freeneys side to help Jake out with the pressure. FINSup!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I’m a huge Jake Long fan and own a #77 jersey, but I feel he’s regressed every year since his rookie season.

    He’s up for a new contract and as much as it hurts to say it, he’s not worth what he’s getting paid now, let alone the typical raise most players would expect.

    Unless he takes a pay cut, I can’t see him coming back as a Dolphin.

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