Jason Garrett aware of Payton talk, not into adding to it


Yes, thanks for asking, Jason Garrett has heard about this Sean Payton thing.

No, if you don’t mind, he doesn’t want to talk about it.

Garrett, as you might imagine, was asked about the Payton contract situation, and the speculation he could end up in Dallas, given his close relationship with owner Jerry Jones.

There’s a lot of stories that circulate around our game,” Garrett said, via Calvin Watkins of ESPNDallas.com. “So certainly some people bring those kinds of things to my attention, but again we’re focus on what we need to do.

“We had heck of a challenge [Sunday night] in Atlanta, trying to play an undefeated team so that’s where our attention was.”

Translated from coachspeak: “(fingers in ears) Blah, blah, blah, . . . I can’t hear you.”

Sunday’s loss to the Falcons dropped Garrett’s overall record to 16-16, and the Cowboys have a two year-and-counting streak of not making the playoffs, so the speculation is natural.

Asked if he believed he’d be the Cowboys coach next year, Garrett again stayed in the moment.

“We’re just focused on what we need to do today,” Garrett replied. “We need to clean up what happened in the game [Sunday] and build on some of the good and correct the bad and get ready for the Eagles, that’s what our focus is.

“We’re focused on being our best day to day and week to week and this week it will be a great challenge going up to Philadelphia.”

Translated: “We’re about to play a team more disappointing than we are. Give me a week to get the boss off my back, OK?”

15 responses to “Jason Garrett aware of Payton talk, not into adding to it

  1. Garrett is gone.. so is romo…. here comes payton and drew brees right behind him. Jery knows his time os about up and he WILL unload the money truck

  2. T.o was the issue,or now its wade Philip’s,nope now its garret. Cowboys, how many scapegoats are you gonna have? That ‘ gm’ might be the real reason for everything

  3. Decent guy who’s just plainly in over his head. Jerry has been using hope as a strategy.

    I don’t blame Jason, I blame Jerry Jones.
    Jerry hasn’t got it right since pushing Jimmy out.

    And… Cowboys V Eagles should prove painful. Two teams who can rack up tons of yards… but whose brains fall out inside the 20.

    We could easily see a 1000 combined-yard game… that is decided by field goals and defensive touchdowns.

  4. What do you want him to say? He should be more concerned about getting ready for the Eagles.

  5. Jason Garrett, you don’t have to worry about Sean taking your job. He’s staying in New Orleans. Now, other coaching candidates throughout the league… I would keep a close eye out.

  6. Contrary to popular opinion, the Cowboy’s problem is not JJ being the GM and picking players. It is JJ being GM and picking bad head coaches.

    Garrett is not a good HC and his poor time management impacts the play on the field in almost every game. Romo rightfully deserves criticism but some of that should go to Garrett. Romo is constantly looking at the sidelines with his hands in the air and a “WTF” look on his face. The plays come in late at the times when they should be as fast as possible. Romo is left with either calling a TO, getting delay of game penalties or running plays with no time to change them based on the defensive alignment. That forces the offense to improvise in streetball mode and they all need to be on the same page for stuff to work out well. That is where his critical mistakes usually happen. Let Romo call the plays in the no huddle and they will get better results.

    I think Garrett should be replaced at the end of the year. He was shady in getting the job. His horrible offense/playcalling suddenly got better after Wade Phillips was fired. BS. It seems to me that JG manipulated the job away from Philips.

  7. It doesn’t matter who is the coach of the Cowboys as long as Jerry’s running the show. He cares about himself more than his team. He admitted that on Sunday night by saying he knows he’s done a very bad job but won’t fire himself.

    It’s time for Cowboys fans to boycott Jerry Jones. Don’t attend games, don’t buy any merchandise and don’t watch them on TV. The only way Jerry’s going to change is if you hit him where he really cares; his wallet. If you love the Cowboys it’s time to stop enabling his delusion and BOYCOTT JERRY JONES.

  8. I am a Cowboys fan, & used to like Jerra until his ego the size of Texas know not so much he’s the one constant with the cowboys. They string u along & as usual they pull the rug out from u. That organization is rotting from the inside out. Maybe all cowboy fans should BOYCOTT them as mentioned earlier. One more thing can Demarcus Ware please make a play in the 4th qrt. Tired of him not ever making a game changing play in the 4th. Make a play man. He had a chance Sunday night & grabbed air on Julio jones out of the backfield. Just make a play in the 4th one time please goodness gracious.

  9. “enochmh2 says: Nov 6, 2012 8:04 AM
    T.o was the issue,or now its wade Philip’s,nope now its garret. Cowboys, how many scapegoats are you gonna have?”

    Valid point, but who was the person that “positioned” himself by replacing Phillips – Garrett. Who was the person who pushed Jones to get rid of a still productive TO (and Phillips)? Garrett (and Witten, who also influenced Romo). Garrett blew 4 games last year (not including the lead on the Pats) and has blown 2 games, at least, this year. He kissed butt to get in the head coaching position and was a terrible OC when he held that position for a couple of years before becoming HC. Phillips may have been “soft” on his players, but at least he would have won a few of those lost opportunities – not ice the kicker, call a timeout, not pass on 3 downs in a row from the one, the list goes on.

  10. How did this become a story? One day after hearing about payton being a FA after this season and now the cowboys are the talk to pursue him. Just because the guy has a home in dallas doesn’t mean he want to coach for them, have we learned anything from Peyton manning when he wad a FA? Everybody assumed just because he has history in Tennessee that he would sign with the titans, how did that end? Another thing, a coach like payton would never work for an owner like jones who wants total control on what the team does.

  11. Garrett just keeps saying the same old thing, “clean it up and get better and try to win next week.” blah blah blah. But it never seems to get any better at all at least not back to back weeks. Are the players just not getting it or is Garrett not up to being a head coach?

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