John Fox: It’s an important game because it’s the next game


The Broncos head to Carolina to play the Panthers this weekend, which means Broncos coach John Fox will return to the place he used to coach for the first time since being leaving the team after nine years on the sideline.

As you’d expect, Fox is facing questions about his thoughts on the return to Charlotte and, also as you’d probably expect, Fox is answering those questions by downplaying the idea that he’s finding any extra motivation by the circumstances. He said he had great relationships there and that he’s “indebted” to the team for giving him a head coaching job, but insisted the significance of the game had nothing to do with his personal history.

“It’s the most important game, because it’s the next one. You don’t get but 16 of these opportunities. Right now we’re 5-3, and the only guarantee we have is 5-11,” Fox said, via Jeff Legwold of the Denver Post. “So, you know, it will be just like any week from the standpoint of it’s the Denver Broncos against the Carolina Panthers at their place. That’s the only real thing I know. How we prepare will determine that outcome.”

Things didn’t end well in Carolina for Fox in 2010, but things very rarely end well for head coaches in the NFL. Things have worked out pretty well for Fox and the departure of Marty Hurney means Fox’s main adversary in the final season is no longer on the scene, so the motivation of a sixth win should be plenty.

An added twist is that the result of Sunday’s game will help determine the future of Fox’s replacement with the Panthers. Ron Rivera has been put on notice that his tenure with the team could be a lot shorter than Fox’s stay in Carolina.

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  1. heyguru1969 says:Nov 6, 2012 11:47 AM

    It’s amazing the bounce in your step a man gets, with Peyton Manning at the helm instead of Kyle Orton or Tim Tebow.
    Yeah, and the irony is that Manning would not be there had it not been for Tebow. The team that started 1-4 with Orton would have finished 4-12 with Orton, and there’s no way Peyton would have gone there to play for a cellar dweller.

    Okay, okay, I know, it wasn’t really Tebow – it was the new defense, the new kicker, and the divine intervention that won those games in spite of Tebow.

  2. This is weird for me because Im a Bronco fan from South Carolina. Im normally pulling for the panthers, but when they play Denver, I want my Broncos to win!! Technically, no matter who wins, i wont be pissed. But to be clear..GO BRONCOS!

  3. Fox having Peyton Manning is what separates him from Rivera not sheer coaching ability.

    His defense is getting credit now but what I remember is the Patriots and Texans doing whatever they wanted all game against Fox’s D.

  4. Whatever, I can’t wait for Carolina to play these guys, we have a better team. We played the Bears and Falcons tight, we just been unlucky in finishing games always finding a way to lose. Carolina’s defense has been great since Kuechly has taken over at MLB. Judging by last week, we finally figured out how to close out games.

    Carolina wins 31-27

  5. I think he is a good coach. Not as good as Mike Smith, but it surprised me Carolina didn’t keep him.
    Even with another quarterback, I think he’d do well. The Falcons used to play him twice a year, and even with Jake Delhomme, they were competitive.

  6. @sportsmeccabi
    yeah… you don’t have the bottom feeding rookie QB lead Redskins coming into town this week…
    You have a top 5 offense and top 10 defense coming… oh yeah lead by the Sherrif himself Peyton Freaking Manning.
    I’m glad you “learned how to close out games” last week…
    I understand the positive outlook and being a fan… but if you think you are going to be able to play the Denver Broncos like you played the Redskins you are sadly mistaken.

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