Marcus Vick is sorry if he offended anyone

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With some time to think about it (and possibly a lecture from his big brother), Marcus Vick is sorry for what he tweeted on Monday night.

The younger brother of Eagles quarterback Michael Vick wrote on Twitter during Monday night’s game that he thinks Michael’s talent is going to waste behind a terrible Eagles offensive line, and that Michael would be better off on a better team. But on Tuesday afternoon, Marcus acknowledged that it wasn’t wise to rip the Eagles.

“I love my brother and it’s hard as hell to watch him taking all those shots, but I’m sorry if I offended anyone and definitely didn’t mean to put Mike in a tough spot,” Marcus wrote. “I’m not only watching as a fan, I’m watching as his blood.”

Marcus, who played quarterback at Virginia Tech after Michael and had a brief NFL career of his own, didn’t take back anything about his expletive-laden tirade toward the Eagles’ offensive line, but his reference today to having “put Mike in a tough spot” suggests that Michael may have told him to cut it out. If Michael did tell Marcus to cut it out, that was wise: Things have been bad enough in Philly this year without the quarterback’s brother creating a distraction.

Still, from all indications Marcus is going to get his wish at the end of the season. This is probably Michael Vick’s last year with the Eagles.

42 responses to “Marcus Vick is sorry if he offended anyone

  1. Marcus is a punk and will always be a punk. He was in the NFL for a very short moment but should still know the implications of his actions. He put Mike in a bad spot when the last thing Mike needs right now is more problems. Twitter is a mess.

  2. Marcus would be wise to remember that it was Andy Reid and Jeffery Lurie who signed Vick and gave him a second shot. I do not think too many teams were beating down his door to sign him when the Eagles did. Not putting it all on Vick, the line is terrible,but there is another side to that. If Vick was even mediocre at reading a defense rather than down right terrible he could audible, change the play to a run or more protection. I have never seen him hit a hot read audible in his years here in Philly.

  3. None of the teams that would be in play for Vick can offer him a team that doesn’t have the same problems the Eagles are having. And the Eagles are not going to want to pay his princely contract for this kind of mediocrity.

    Tough spot for ol’ Mikey. The yawning maw of obscurity awaits.

  4. Marcus will get his wish at the end of the year. No way a new coach pays Vick 15 mil next year (and loses the chance to cut him at no loss to the cap), and no way he make close to what the Eagles are paying him anywhere else.

    IF he gets a starting gig, it will be in Arizona, which isn’t much better off. I think Minny would be wise to take a shot on him, but I don’t think they are ready to give up on Ponder (even if the fans are). He will be lucky to get half of what he is getting now

  5. This really isnt a big deal. Just another reason for people to overeact and take shots at Mike Vick.

  6. “On the other hand, their offensive line might be better if they had a better QB”

    Glad to see you didn’t watch the game last night because no quarterback could have succeeded with that turnstile of an offensive line.

  7. I just love how everyone is quick to blame Vick for everything just watch the game and look at that horrible line %75 of the qbs in the league would be carted off the field with that protection. People are saying audible out how when the line gets beat on simple one on one blocking the receivers and te are dropping passes on hot routes and the coaching should be the one to adjust game plans to help out. I wish they bring in the backup to show every1 what happens to a non mobile qb with that line but I’m sure it will still be Vicks fault

  8. He completed over 400 yards, so yes, he could play behind that line. The problem is, he can’t make the reads in when the field is more crowded, like in the red zone where the Eagles have failed miserably. That’s not to say the line wasn’t just god awful.

  9. the eagles remind me of the Texans two years ago. A lot of talent but not enough coaching to get it done. They have plenty enough talent to get it done at all.positions except the O-line. If Philly will give it one more year before kicking Vick away and they build up depth at the line and get real coaches they can get it done. A second year QB is not gonna win the superbowl for them next year.

  10. Vick is between a rock and a hard place. If he runs to escape the rush, he gets hurt easy . If he hangs in the pocket , he gets sacked !. His O line is terrible but the O coach should have called many more quick slants and screens to slow down the rush . This is why Jay Culter is having a good season .Da Bears !

  11. Compare the two tweets ….

    Yesterday: Clearly written by Marcus, and not really English.

    2nd one: Written by Philly pr guy, handed to Vick to hand to brother.

  12. How tough of a spot did he put his brother in? The Eagles are going nowhere, the turnovers are killing them and the O line does stink. Isn’t he just pointing out the obvious?

  13. Vick sucks. Oline isnt good enough to cover his inability to grasp the mental aspect of the game. (not surprised) Rich football player having anything to do with dog fighting ring = DUMB. No matter how much value you place on a life. If you dont see that as idiotic, well you just might be an idiot. Vick never deserved a 2nd chance. You blow an opportunity to play a game for 12+ yrs and never have to work a day the rest of your life…. No sympathy. His karma will never allow him to succeed again. Bank on it. Check back in 10 yrs when he’s back in prison. Maby his brother will “Vick” enough to join him.

  14. Wouldn’t people have to care what you have to say before they can be offended? When a knucklehead says something dumb most people say “he’s an idiot” and move on.

  15. I’m sick of everyone getting on Vicks case. Give the guy a break. First off Vick’s skill set is not conducive to the West Coast offense that Andy Reid likes to run. Michael Vick needs to be in an offense with a good line that takes a lot of 7 step drops. I think he’d be better off playing under center then out of the shotgun. The Eagles have no offensive line, no big receivers, and for some reason have forgot about how to use LeSean McCoy. This team needs to run the ball and quit being so darned pass happy. That’s a Reid staple, and that’s why he needs to go. This was the first year Andy Reid lost a game after a bye week in his NFL career, if that’s not a sign for his exile, then I don’t know what is. Can Reid, can Vick, and can everyone. It’s time to demolish and rebuild. The Eagles are garbage.

  16. Mike Vick was surprised in post game conference that Marcus had tweeted those words. Mike told the media that he’d look into it after the press conference. He probably called Marcus immediately after & gave him his peace of mind. Mike reminded him of who pays his bills.

  17. Well, at least he’s more consistent than his older brother…

    …consistently a moron in his thoughts, words, and deeds…

  18. The hardest part about this story to belive is that somebody follows Marcus Vick’s Twitter account!

  19. There’s no doubt the Eagles’ offensive line stinks. So does Andy Reid’s play calling. But Vick couldn’t read a defense to save the life of his daughter’s puppy dog. He is not a leader. Want proof? He threw his entire defense under the bus a few weeks ago. Vick has hit a wall. He will never play at a high level and his scrambling ability will continue to diminish as he ages.
    Marcus Vick wasn’t good enough to make it in the NFL and he’s so lazy that he sits on his a## using his brother’s name instead of getting a job. Without his brother, Marcus Vick would be just another punk-a## criminal.
    This idiot thought it was a good idea to attack his brother’s employer and co-workers via Twitter. What a dumb sh$%

  20. Which jail cell is he making this comment from Raiford or Rikers Island or Attica? Wasted space as a human being and and even more importantly wasted space for an article!!

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