Michael Vick responds to brother’s tweets saying he wants out of Philly

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The last thing Michael Vick had to be expecting walking to the podium following a loss to the New Orleans Saints was to have to answer questions about his brother.

Yet, that’s exactly what Vick found himself having to do.

Vick’s younger brother, Marcus, ranted on twitter throughout the early stages of the Philadelphia Eagles’ 28-13 loss to the Saints Monday night. Marcus tweeted begging the Eagles to trade his brother and that they were requesting out of Philadelphia. There were a few expletive-laden tweets blasting the Eagles’ offensive line as well.

Vick walked to the podium unaware of the stir his brother had created through social media earlier in the evening. He didn’t seem pleased when learning of the comments from reporters following the game.

“You say he tweeted that during the game? Sorry, I’m not aware of that,” Vick said. “That’s something that I’m really going to have to address once I leave here.”

Vick did his best to shoot down any thought he wants out of Philadelphia.

“We out there fighting as hard as we can, giving it everything we’ve got,” Vick said. “That’s certainly not the case. Not the case here. I love each and every guy in that locker room and if I can make every play right, I would. I know they would do the same. So that’s certainly not the case.”

58 responses to “Michael Vick responds to brother’s tweets saying he wants out of Philly

  1. I really, truly feel bad for Vick.

    He is far from blameless, of course. He holds the ball too long and makes the occasional bad decision. But he plays his heart out every game. His offensive line is horrendous, the defense is almost as bad, and something is seriously wrong with the coaching/playcalling (get Shady the rock).

    I think benching him would be a mistake.. Not that it looks like they’re going to the playoffs regardless.

  2. Some where Ron Rivera is laffin his as off! Red zone play calls were terrible! No protection adjustment for Vicky at all. Surprised he made it thru the 1st half. Vicky and McCoy should want out of Philly ASAP!! Aslong g as Reid is head coach

  3. I hate Vick, a lot. But he certainly isn’t responsible for anything his brother said.

  4. If you think Vick is the problem, you’re delusional. That o-line couldn’t block a 2nd grade youth football team. I’m not even an Eagles fan, but Vick is not the problem.

  5. It’s not Vick fault that his line isn’t protecting him…Reid isn’t making adjustments on the line to give Vick better protection..I do understand Vick’s brother concerns, but there is a better way to handle frustrations than screaming obscenities on twitter..

  6. I’d take Vick in Minnesota in a New York second! Better to have him than a QB who’s twice this season thrown for LESS than 80 yards in a game! How do you do that? And to do it TWICE? Smh…..

  7. Btw ..Vick would look great in Viking purple , They have a actual offensive line with a running back , And they would torture opponents because if you pinch up to stop A.P then Vick will make you pay going over the top.
    Its amazing when the Eagles give Vick protection just 2 season ago he put them into the playoffs with 10 wins, also they finish last season with 4 wins straight. It all went downhill when injuries Hit that O-line.And yes we all would want our brother out off a team if he wasn’t being PROTECTED.

  8. Complain as you wish about Vick, but no way can you blame this loss on him. He rarely had a full two count behind that line before getting hit or flushed.

    PS I am no Philly or Vick fan
    PSS Marcus is a dumba$$

  9. What a coincidence Larry Fitzgerald also has a younger less talented brother named Marcus who tweet stuiped things about the team that pays their big brother who they live off of.

  10. Hate to say it but his brother is right.

    The Eagles’ offensive line is one of the worst I’ve ever seen. Vick takes shots all day. Also, I’m pretty sure Vick knows deep down that this could very well be his last season in Philly.

  11. While it was inevitable that he was asked about the tweets I’m sure the stupid reporter who asked the question was really proud of himself that he was able to blindside him in a post game press conference. Keep the post game presser to questions about the game. Leave the worthless questions about twitter until after a practice.

  12. Feel bad for Vick. Our defense has no heart, our offensive line is offensive and now he has to deal with he NFL washout of a brother. As much as people hate on Vick, it would’ve been difficult for any QB to stand behind that porous O-Line and make plays.

  13. There should be a little sibling punishment and education here.

    A good older brother would teach his younger brother a lesson.

    A good older brother would exact tough love.

    A good older brother would stomp on his younger brothers on leg, and then sick his new dog on him.

  14. For whatever people think of Vick, he has been a class friggin act with the Eagles.

    This shouldn’t all come down on him, that line is aweful.

  15. “Vick walked to podium unaware of the stir his brother had created through social media earlier in the evening. He didn’t seem pleased when learning of the comments from reporters following the game.”

    Yeah right. Like an Eagles PR guy didn’t tell him about that before he took the podium?

    If not, bang up job on their part

  16. Bunch of bs, His brother needs to stop tweeting and get a job instead of grubbing off his brother. I’m def not a eagle fan and i think this team just stinks but Vick is a humble guy and i doubt for one minute he wants out. This is the team that gave him a chance when all others looked the other way. I think Vick is happy where he’s at but I feel Vicks best days are behind him. Just another distraction on top of distractions.

  17. The Dog Killer better get his act together – there is no other NFL team that will tolerate the baggage he brings with him and neither will their fans.

    Vick has never been better than an average quarterback who could run. Now he is increasingly looking dreadful and ineffective and not that effective running.

    The Redskins have a similar quarterback who is really a running back who thinks he can throw. To date the Redskin QB hasn’t killed or profited from killing dogs, but he may considering how quickly he is sinking this season. Who knows, the Redskins may be dumb enough to want two mediocre quarterbacks on the team that look like twins.

  18. If it isn’t one thing, its another. Now Vick’s brother is going to be ripping the team every Sunday? That is not going to be helpful at all.

  19. first and foremost Marcus is a fan just like the rest of us and is entitled to rant about anything his brother is going thru…. Stop getting personal on guys you dont know cause they dont like what they see… Vick is working hard and let your team play a game without 4 starting offensive linemen, he will be dead unles he is RG3, Freeman, Rothlesberger or Cam cause they know how to move… Now with thatr said those lineman are professionals and that coaching staff are long time veterans of this game that should be making adjustments and that isnt happening enough or at the critical times…. plenty of yards gained byt the eagles and finally some plays made on defense, they did what they could but got beat by a better team period, jail, dogs have nothing to do at this point for his brother or hin with losing games, coaching and execution does…

  20. do you really believe vick didnt know? lol
    You know, the classy, would never lie, respects all life vick?

    get out of the nfl vick!

  21. This team ain’t much without Vick.
    His ability to scramble is the only major offense they have.

  22. Better QBs make due with the same if not worse olines. Vick sucks. I hope he electrocutes his brother for those dumb tweets. Nothing will get better untill Reid is gone. Been the case for almost 10 yrs. He wasted Westbrooke, he will waste McCoy. Keep firing scapegoats. It will only get worse.

  23. Wow people are blind. Vick sucks. It’s not the oline that makes him to dumb to play the position. Pittsburgh won a Super Bowl with a worse oline. Lost one too. He has accounted for 90% of the teams turnovers alone! He has way to much bad karma anyways. He will Never succeed again. Bank on it.

  24. How do you headline an article with something that wasn’t said? If he didn’t know his brother tweeted that crap and obviously didn’t say during the press conference he wants out of Philly, how can you title the article “Michael Vick responds to brother’s tweets saying he wants out of Philly”? What response? Where is this response? Did he call you guys himself and tell you this? Florio, aren’t you an attorney or something? Not even in your article does it say anything close to him saying that?

    I can’t stand watching ESPN because of their BS and all of their reporters contradicting themselves with crap all of the time but this article is just straight up, not what it says it is. Have you lost all sense of credibility?

  25. Philly’s O-line made the Saints D-line look like gang-busters out there which is certainly not usually the case!!

  26. Why does the national media give him a drop of attention?
    He sounds like a field hand.
    He doesn’t use verbs in his sentences. He is vulgar. He is prone to exaggeration and excesses of vanity; self importance. He is obviously very ignorant. He sounds like he has no more than a third grade education.
    Is the media trying to exploit another honey boo boo?

  27. Am I the only one that thought those guys last night were flying out there? I felt like I was watching a track meet.

    That was besides the point, sorry for digressing. But, as much as I believe Michael Vick is an average quarterback, there were times that his lineman could stop a junior varsity lineman. He would receive the snap and have Cameron Jordan or Will Smith in his face.

    But, his inability to make audibles at the line of scrimmage is an obvious sign that he just isn’t as advanced at the position as you’d hope for a veteran. I believe that Andy Reid is at the core of the problem but he’ll probably sit Vick and replace him with Nick Foles to try and get some more slack but it won’t happen Andy!

  28. Who cares theyll all be gone next year except for McCoy. Reid will be in forced retirement, Vick will be a backup and DeSean will be sent packing to a team stupid enough to take most of his salary. When all you have is trash talk and cant back it up you all go down.

  29. The dream team that was to become a “dynasty” looks more like a Division III football team.

    That team has no leaders on it. On defense or offense. The last leader they had was Dawkins. This team sucks period.

  30. I am not an Eagles fan but NO ONE could play with an O line like that. This is not on Vick. You can’t make a play when the Line folds like a house of cards in less than 2 seconds. He really seemed surprised about his brothers comments. I hope he got on the phone and ripped him a new one!! His brother had a shot at VT but threw that away so now he is trying to mess up his brother. He needs to shut up!

  31. Phillys troubles go far beyond the quarterback but he is always the one the spotlight shines on in bad times and good. he should stay where he is.

  32. I listened for years how bad our offensive line was up in New England with Drew Bledsoe at QB. Tom Brady steps in and all of a sudden they start going to pro-bowls. Same thing happened down in Dallas with Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith. I’m not saying Vick is the only problem that team has… but there’s something to be said for a quick 3 step drop and release. That offense has not adapted to suit his type of game… whatever that is at this point in his career.

  33. Peyton manning and tom Brady would look amaetur behind that line. I don’t even like the eagles. It doesn’t matter who they put back there if there’s no time

  34. All of you need to shut the **** up and get off the mans back!!! I condoned the animal situation and the man paid his price to society by serving prison time. Since coming out!! He has changed his life and has been a class act since! Unless you have walked a mile in his shoes! You have no f****ng opinion!!

    Its hard to make a play when your back is on the ground 80% of the time!! The changes need to be made on the offensive line!! The whole line needs to be rebuilt and give the man protection..

    We have the same problem in San Diego.. Phillip cant make a play unless he has time to throw.

  35. The game is won and lost at the time of scrimmage.

    Vick is no Manning/Roth/Brady/Brees in terms of making split-second decisions whilst having almost 1000lbs worth of guys running at you with hands in your face.

    I leave Rogers out of that list simply because he has not performed quite as well under pressure as the ones listed.

  36. I’m not an Eagles fan so I obviously missed some of the fine points along the way…but how did it come to this? Their line looks as bad as any I’ve ever seen. Vick is going to end up in the hospital.

    And how does a team with a line that can’t pass protect end up passing on nearly every down with deep drops that require blocks to be held for several seconds? I’m convinced a new coach/coordinator who was willing to pound the ball with McCoy and employ quick-drop throws would have them looking respectable almost immediately.

  37. meytonpanning says:
    Nov 6, 2012 10:28 AM
    The game is won and lost at the time of scrimmage.

    Vick is no Manning/Roth/Brady/Brees in terms of making split-second decisions whilst having almost 1000lbs worth of guys running at you with hands in your face.

    I leave Rogers out of that list simply because he has not performed quite as well under pressure as the ones listed.

    What the heck are you talking about, you’ll leave Rodgers off that list??? He’s been one of the most sacked QBs in the league over the past 3 seasons and he’s only got a Super Title and MVP, Regular Season MVP to show for it Add to the fact, he had one of the single greatest seasons a QB has ever had last year. Oh and he’s on pace for 4400 yards, 44 TDs and has a 107.4 passer rating this year. What does a guy have to do to be considered the best QB in the game?

  38. Karma has Mikey right were he should be – on a team with a terrible offensive line and getting crushed time after time after time! My two favorite teams are the Chargers and anybody playing the Eagles while he is still their QB.

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