New video of Bud Adams firing off middle fingers in 2009


On Sunday night, when banging out a late-night item regarding some tough talk from Titans owner Bud Adams, I made a reference to his notorious double-barreled middle finger incident from November 2009.

It arguably was the best $250,000 he ever spent.

While looking for the YouTube video of Adams in a luxury suite letting the birds flip toward the Buffalo sideline, I tripped across a video of Adams from that same game.  Doing the same thing.  In an entirely different place.

Late in the 41-17 win over the Bills, Adams makes a visit to the field.  Standing near one of the end zones, he eventually turns and waves to the crowd.  Then, at the 2:35 mark, he fires a couple of middle fingers to the Bills sideline, after showing to the crowd the two middle fingers that he planned to show to the Bills sideline.

And then he did it again.

Adams was 86 at the time.  If I make it to 86, I plan to do the same thing.  If not to the sideline of an NFL team, to the Grim Reaper.