PFT Live: Andy Reid press conference, Eagles talk with Howard Eskin


It was another disappointing night for the Philadelphia Eagles and PFT Live will be covering the fallout.

Mike Florio will be talking with Howard Eskin of 94 WIP Radio in the wake of the 28-13 loss to the Saints on Monday. After the game, Andy Reid said that there was no quarterback change coming and there was a report that a member of the Eagles staff feels like they erred in firing defensive coordinator Juan Castillo. Throw in some in in-game tweets from Marcus Vick and it was just another night in the 2012 season for the Eagles.

Reid’s holding another press conference on Tuesday and we’ll be carrying it as part of the program. That should spur some more discussion about what is looking increasingly like the end of the line for Reid in Philly.

You can watch all of it live at noon ET.

20 responses to “PFT Live: Andy Reid press conference, Eagles talk with Howard Eskin

  1. What’s the point? Same old blah blah blah from Reid, both on the field and in press conferences. He saw Nick Foles play in the pre-season and he knows he should make the switch, but he’s afraid to for whatever reason. At this point he’s just marking time until he’s fired. Who needs a press conference for that??

  2. Nick Foles behind that O-Line!? CHILD PLEASE! this ain’t the pre-season. The ONLY way Philly makes that move is if you cashin it in. Remember Kevin Kolb? Bobby Hoying? The Eagles have 99 problems and Vicks just 1

  3. electionconfidental, seriously you want to put Nick Foles behind this makeshift offensive line. with his mobility he will get killed. his pre-season work was against 2nd/3rd team defenses. if the Eagles had the opening game starters up front i would agree with you. Vick was sacked 7 times and hit 19 more he has to play until he can”t do to injury.

  4. It’s a shame, because I like Andy Reid, he seems like a good guy who has overcome a lot of adversity recently. He’s had a lot of success in Philly. But it’s time to move on. To see him on the sidelines now, he just doesn’t appear to know what is going on, or how to adjust to it.
    It looks as though he’s resigned to the fact that the Eagles are just going to lose a lot this year. To subbornly dismiss talk of benching Vick smacks of either bravado or apathy, it’s hard to tell.
    If he wants any shot of staying in Philly, he needs to start shaking things up. His team is defeated before they even take the field. This team really needs a leader, and right now, Andy Reid just isn’t it.

  5. all you morons calling for foles are ridiculous. why would you want to put your supposed savior behind that God awful line? Andy is not making the switch because he knows Foles will get destroyed back there.

  6. scrp2 says:
    Nov 6, 2012 12:48 PM
    This ain’t rocket science. You need an offensive line if you want to get to the playoffs.


    A QB who could make pre-snap reads and hit the hot receiver would take alot of pressure off of the offensive line. That would also be helpful in making the playoffs.

  7. “Eagles talk with Howard Eskin”

    That Headline makes it sound like Eskin is being offered the job of Head Coach. Might be an improvement… does he feel about undersized Linemen ??

  8. And now we see the complete folly of the Juan Castillo appointment to Defensive Coordinator. Not only was he unqualified to be the DC and had to be removed, but he was a good OL Coach. Now that he is gone, the OL has completely collapsed and even the lowly DL of the Saints had no trouble getting to Vick. The problem is not Vick, it is that porous OL that leaves him almost no chance to complete a pass. When Vick has the time, he does a good job.

  9. bleedgreen11 says:
    Nov 6, 2012 1:22 PM
    all you morons calling for foles are ridiculous. why would you want to put your supposed savior behind that God awful line? Andy is not making the switch because he knows Foles will get destroyed back there.


    Relax. I haven’t heard anyone call Foles the “savior” except for you so tone down the rhetoric. People who want to see Foles play want to see him play so there’s some sort of basis for making a decision on QB for next year, whether it’s Foles or someone else. We don’t expect him to be the “savior” you claim.

    If you go into next year with a new coach and a QB who hasn’t played a single snap, odds are they will go with a veteren QB rather than giving the kid a chance. At least with some game tape the new coach can make an informed decision.

    Second, a QB who can make pre-snap reads and hit a hot receiver will take some pressure off of the offensive line. Mike Vick hasn’t made anyone pay for blitzing all year because he can’t tell where the pressure is coming from , nor where the ball should go quickly enough.

  10. LOL I’ve heard it all..Files and the word Savior don’t belong together..if y’all believe that you really don’t know football

  11. Its over for Andy,his team has quit on him,and they do not like Vick to be their QB.The meltdown has begun and it will get ugly.

  12. As a lifelong Eagles fan, I want a coach in here who spits blood, benches his defensive players for not being willing to HURT the opposition, and pounds the ball on offense.

    I’m SO DONE with Andy’s finesse approach to offense. SO TIRED of watching our defense get trucked.

    Let’s go back to being mean on defense, and running the ball a lot more on offense. PLEASE!!!

  13. I think Andy has just lost the handle on this team, for whatever reasons. The only reason to play Foles at this point is to evaluate whether he has a future with the Eagles and in what role. Everyone thought that Vick would be injured by now, but somehow he’s survived the pounding so far. So my guess is that he’ll stay in there until he really does get hurt or he stinks the place up so badly that Reid doesn’t have a choice but to bench him. No point in firing Reid mid season. Who are you going to replace him with? Marty? I don’t think so. Let Andy ride it out till the end and then make a clean sweep of the coaching staff.

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