Poison pill in Payton’s contract may have been a buffer against LeBlanc

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Lost in the fact that the contract extension signed by Saints coach Sean Payton was rejected by the league office due to a term that would have invalidated the deal upon the departure of G.M. Mickey Loomis is the question of why that language was in the contract in the first place.

A league source tells PFT that Payton wanted to be sure that Loomis would be present to serve as a buffer between the coach and Rita Benson LeBlanc.

Officially listed as owner/executive vice president of the team, LeBlanc is expected to have more, not less, power during the term of Payton’s next contract.  So Payton prefers not to have to deal with LeBlanc.  To ensure that Payton won’t have to, Loomis needs to be there.

Maybe, then, if that term can’t be included, Payton really won’t want to stay in New Orleans.

15 responses to “Poison pill in Payton’s contract may have been a buffer against LeBlanc

  1. Uh, how about a little information as to WHY Payton doesn’t want to have to work with LeBlanc?

  2. Since drew is not locked long term I really don’t think Payton cared about the language any longer. He’s not leaving Drew and he’s not leaving Mickey. He certainly prefers to share the same loyalty to mr. Benson that Mr Benson has showed Sean.

  3. If Garrett doesnt turn it around in Dallas this season and Payton is truly a fa at end of this season then he’s coaching the Cowboys…It makes too much sense, its a fresh start for him the Saints will be linked to the whole bounty deal for years. Not to mention thats where his family is which counts more than people think. Also there is a reason why he put out clauses in his contract which tells me he isnt entiey happy there. Who knows the Saints may want a new staff anyway so they cab rid themselves of all parties involved in the scandal. Should be interesting thats for sure.

  4. Actually, it’s a good point. No offense to LeBlanc, but she’s more of a business person and not a football person. Payton would rather discuss football related matters to Loomis.

  5. mazblast says:
    Nov 6, 2012 4:01 PM
    Uh, how about a little information as to WHY Payton doesn’t want to have to work with LeBlanc?


    There are articles out there describing her as “abrasive”, “uncommitted” and “lazy”. It’s hard to blame Payton for not wanting to work with a little girl who has been groomed to take over a small sports empire and has done nothing else in life.

  6. I don’t see Payton working for Jerry Jones. Payton’s made of the same cloth as Jimmy Johnson and he well knows how the Jones and Johnson marriage ended.

    Now, if Jerry could give up being GM and focus on selling Jerry World stuff and thinking up promotions to increase his bottom line and leave football up to people who knew football, then… interesting but not going to happen, given Jerry’s ego.

  7. It’s simple, he doesn’t want to deal with trying to explain football to an old billionaire who’s only interested in making more money. That’s Loomis’ job. PR. Payton’s a coach.

  8. I posted already, but it didn’t take. Sean Payton has already commented on this, so I don’t know why the media keeps on speculating. PFT even posted an article about Paytons desire to stay in New Orleans where he re-built the team from the ground up to champions. Why would he want to leave that.

  9. I think far too much is being made of Lee Harvey. Let’s not forget he is damaged good, a man who didn’t have the morals to put a stop to the hit squad mentality on his team.

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