Saints hand Eagles fourth straight loss

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The downward spiral continues for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Quarterback Michael Vick was sacked seven times and had an interception returned 99 yards for a touchdown as the Eagles lost their fourth straight game, 28-13, to the New Orleans Saints on Monday night.

The Eagles struggled to protect Vick against what had been one of the more ineffective pass rushing units in the league entering the game. Heading into Monday night’s game, the Saints had only managed 13 sacks for the season. New Orleans got six on Monday night alone. Cameron Jordan had three sacks, Will Smith added a pair and Martez Wilson and Broderick Bunkley each got to Vick once as well.

Meanwhile, quarterback Drew Brees was 21 of 27 for 239 yards and two touchdowns as the Saints continue to try and turn their season around. New Orleans has won three of their last four games after an 0-4 start to the season.

Vick was just 22 of 41 for 272 yards, a touchdown and an interception.

Philadelphia had a chance to take the lead early. A 40-yard run by running back Bryce Brown moved the Eagles into the red zone with a chance to take the lead late in the first quarter. But two plays later, the turnover bug ailing Vick struck again. A pass to tight end Brent Celek was deflected into the air and intercepted by Saints cornerback Patrick Robinson, who returned it 99 yards to give the Saints a 7-0 lead.

Alex Henery got the Eagles on the board with a 22-yard field goal early in the second quarter when a drive stalled at the Saints 4-yard line.

Running back Chris Ivory scored on a 22-yard touchdown run and Brees connected with Marques Colston for a 1-yard score to give the Saints a 21-3 halftime lead.

Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham forced a key turnover when he stripped Brees on a sack early in the third quarter with the Saints threatening again inside the Philadelphia 10-yard line. Graham ducked past Saints right tackle Zach Streif, stripped Brees and recovered the fumble to keep the Saints from blowing the game wide open.

Vick then connected with a wide open DeSean Jackson for a 77-yard touchdown just two plays later. Saints kick returner Travaris Cadet was striped by Chris Polk on the ensuing kickoff and the Eagles recovered to set up another scoring opportunity. A Will Smith sack of Vick pushed the Eagles backward. Philadelphia had to settle for a 37-yard Henery field goal to pull with eight at 21-13.

Brees and the Saints calmly answered. Brees led New Orleans on a 10-play, 70-yard scoring drive culminating in a 6-yard touchdown pass to Jimmy Graham to extend the Saints lead to 28-13.

Philadelphia nearly answered right back when Brandon Boykin fielded the ensuing kickoff and threw a cross-field lateral to Riley Cooper that was returned for a 94-yard touchdown. However, Boykin’s lateral was deemed to be a forward pass nullifying the score.

Both teams saw their right tackles leave the game due to injury. Eagles tackle Todd Herremans landed awkwardly on his right foot last in the first quarter and left the game. He was taken to the locker room for X-rays and did not return. Saints tackle Zach Streif suffered a groin injury in the fourth quarter and also did not return.

31 responses to “Saints hand Eagles fourth straight loss

  1. Drew Brees is the corniest guy I’ve ever seen.

    And, please, stop the pre-game chants. They are embarrassing to you and your teammates.

  2. It might be too late for the saints to make the playoffs but they’re gonna be one heck of a spoiler the rest of the year.

  3. Drew Brees should be involved more in the MVP discussion.

    I suspect the team’s record is hurting him. Can you imagine the Saints without him though? On paper, they don’t win one game. That defense might be even worse than the Bills.

  4. Also, I’d like to congratulate Mark Ingram on averaging over four yards a carry for the FOURTH time in his career! Really living up to his draft status!

  5. This Eagles team has given up. It’s going to be a rough last 8 weeks of the season, but at least it will be a fresh start next year. I’d be surprised if this team goes 6-10. The team has quit on the coaching staff

    Even if they didn’t, the o-line is so bad, it doesn’t matter

  6. In other news the Chiefs are 1-7 and no one says anything… Please cover them so they will fire the GM! I’d kill to experience 3 wins out of 7. Sorry, I shouldn’t say kill, I know the pu$$ification of sports is a growing problem. Right Eric Winston?

  7. A few thoughts..
    If Reid gets the axe Jerrah will scoop him up as he needs someone who knows the pointy part of the ball goes first.
    Vick needs a few extra seconds to read the defense and his o-line fails at that epically. Time to get the practice squad involved in the games, they couldn’t be worse.
    If a ball is tipped by the receiver it should count as a fumble not an interception. Just saying…

  8. This isn’t Vick’s fault either. He’s getting killed behind this offensive line and still keeps his cool. I have incredible respect for this guy, he doesn’t call anybody out and he’s not even close to the biggest problem with this team.

  9. What’s up with the Eagles offensive line? Vick was getting creamed out there. He is one tough dude and gets my respect tonight. How can he get out of bed tomorrow morning?

  10. Although its not entirely vick fault, he’ll get all the blame. If he gets traded to a team with no qb, and a solid o line, watch him explode again, although not as much as his MVP push in 2010( was it 2010? Seems so long ago)

  11. Eagles are missing four offensive lineman, including their best 3. That is tough. That said, I don’t think Michael Vick is the QB to lead this team in the future. And the decision to fire Castillo..the defense actually looks even worse under Bowles. With four conference losses already season is near over.

  12. Andrew Luck is a better MVP candidate than Drew Brees, no bias involved. Michael Vick is better than Nick Foles, but he has absolutely no line. Nick Foles is going to get his chance after this season, but don’t write Vick off. The Eagles really found a way to make a mess of an awesome situation/ group of players, starting with their defense. It was Reid’s call to put Castillo there in the first place, so all in all it’s time for him to go. They have too much talent to be wasting years!!

  13. The Eagles are 27 million dollars under the salary cap so if Jeffrey Luria wants the Eagles to win, he should spend some money on the offensive line.
    At 3-5, the Eagles and Cowboys have the same record so if the media is going to talk about benching Michael Vick then they should also talk about benching Tony Romo. Both have turned the ball over causing their team a few wins. Just saying, lets be fair to both quarterbacks.
    Outside of skin color and the hand each throws the football with, neither are playing at a high level so it cannot be bench Vick yet give Romo a contract extension.
    Just saying.

  14. The NFC East sucks. Pittsburgh tried to do you bums a favor. But no, just let the Giants run away with the division.

  15. After Hurricane Isaac hit us with 13 foot tidal waves (Katrina only had 15 ft waves) and wind storm and flood damage left so many homeless and jobless and now still trying to dry out, repair, and get back to normal life, if the Saints keep playing that way, we will have a good reprieve from all the work.

    I was thinking during the game, “Where was this defense earlier in the season?” but I know it is a new defense and maybe they are getting it now. The defense did its job and more! The offense did its job and like Brees said, it was a team effort and a team win.

    I would not be surprised if Mettenberger of LSU spent some time with Brees over the past several weeks.

    Payton is coming back and with a couple of more draft and trades we can have a team next season that can compete and be in the playoffs.

    Geaux Saints!

  16. “The Eagles struggled to protect Vick against what had been one of the more ineffective pass rushing units in the league entering the game.”

    Every OL Vick has played with has looked bad, it’s never his fault though. SMH.

  17. hines86for6 says:
    Nov 6, 2012 1:34 AM
    The NFC East sucks. Pittsburgh tried to do you bums a favor. But no, just let the Giants run away with the division.

    Right. The AFC North is so dominant.

    You almost lost to both the Eagles and Giants, you play the Browns and Bengals twice a year. I’d rather play them than RG3, Romo, and Vick.

    I’d hardly say we suck, considering your ass got Tebowed last year. HAHAHAHA.

  18. It finally took a nationally televised game for
    America to witness the real reason of the Eagles offensive struggles, the OFFENSIVE LINE. If you still need to scapegoat everything on Vick for the Eagles problems then your clueless and watch too much ESPN.

  19. There are a few of us still alive that remember the days when the Eagle crowd (one hesitates to call them fans) hung an effigy of Joe Kuharich in the stands at Franklin Field (Univ of Pennsylvania).

    I’m thinking somewhere in the “City of Brotherly Love” some new effigies are being constructed as I write this.

    And the Linc has better places to hang them from than Franklin Field ever did.

    Stay tuned…

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